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Another firewood day.....

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Headed off this morning for our sixth trip of this season - and why not when the weather looks like this - perfect, and not too hot:


Passed a bit of 'road art' on the way - this was created as a tribute to Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, and there is a geo-cache there, which we have done:


Into our designated firewood collection area. Sorry not very good focus, it was a bit bumpy:


Nothing special in the flora - just the usual subjects doing their best to hang in there after our harsh Summer:





We take a 'half way break', which consists of this - and, you'll notice K&B get a treat too!:


The girls absolutely love this activity and are constantly 'on watch':





No wonder they like this area - look at the track sign, we came off Dog Leg Track, on to Little Bulldog track!:


Heading home we can see how dry everywhere looks:


This is what we have collected so far, a triple layer pile, about 6 tons in six visits:


And this is what we like - a nice mix of woods, Ironbark and Yellow Box today:


Guess when our cooler weather does arrive we will happily be 'logon on' all Winter!


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You have been busy again Dee.  That tongue on the tree is unusual.  

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Thank you Kev, Jacqui & Rick - have not been able to reply due to our many hours of power outage. We have been out again and got even more wood - do it while you can is our motto!

Jacqui, the guy who does these weird 'road art' things is very clever, and they always have a fun element, either in the title, or representation of some specific thing, and we always enjoy seeing them.

On ‎4‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 20:25, Rick448 said:

Lovely pictures, I am very envious of your weather! 

Rick, this is what it looked like yesterday, but very welcome - we got a whole 9ml of rain! We only need another 100ml to bring us up to what we normally average by now:



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A great little slice of life in Oz - I just love the tree with the tongue!


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