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  1. Tiny little blue dragon flykyushu - fukuoka
  2. Need the best case that provide comfortable grip with SD and battery access. I am not a fan of any metal base half cases , like the Graiz’s I had, just don’t like the handfeel of touching a cold metal surface of my little finger. I checked Lims which is nice but design is not that cool, also the cold metal plate issue. Does any one have any idea on other leather half cases like TP or KAZA’s ?
  3. I'm looking at trading in my XT2 for the GFX50R and am wondering about the lens lineup as I dig deeper into the Fuji system. I definitely want the GF63 mm, may be it is a pretty good kit lens.Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Night and day in Kyushu Japan
  5. My favorite international celebrities in Hong Kong
  6. I guess the image size is an issue, try to resize it , it helps.
  7. Love this powerful train !
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