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  1. kcbrecks

    Cuckoo Dyke

    The reflections and shadows created a fascinating sight on a walk in the first warm afternoon sunshine of the year. The heavy rain of the days before has stirred up the water so it made a fine mirror and image screen. I have explored adjusting this image but nothing added to it so I just reduced it is size. Even the tiny clump of primroses at the bottom left are, to my eye, necessary.
  2. kcbrecks


    kev7D comment about the York Fire Brigade knocking icicles off buildings as they are a potential hazard gave me a pause for thought so I had a look to see what I could find and all of the statistical tables for UK and the causes deaths do not have any for icicles. I did find there were 15 in USA in 2017 so it would suggest either we don't have so many icicles here or we are perhaps more aware of them. I do have a friend in Germany who was seriously injured when looking over the balcony of a ground floor holiday flat during a skiing holiday a few years ago as a large icicle detached and dropped straight onto his unprotected head. There was actually some doubt he would recover consciousness for several days. He is fine now, if a little vague sometimes.
  3. Church of St Sebastian Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany
  4. kcbrecks

    Weekly challenge #137 - Number 3

    Three over the Forth
  5. kcbrecks

    Serbian Church, Birmingham

    What a fine group of images Stravinsky and such a photographers paradise you found. Brilliant work by the painters! BTW you could actually do this using Dulux, their colour mixing system is excellent and with replicate any color from any of the various colour systems around. It will work on as little as a half litre.
  6. kcbrecks

    Sagrada Familia

    I do like the picture, there is so much of visual interest in it and it demonstrates the curiosity of the construction. It puts me in mind of a concrete cauliflower turned inside out. I suspect it is a building you either love or loathe.
  7. kcbrecks

    Birmingham - 1980's & 2017

    Me and my father actually insulated the ceilings on the club as one of my colleagues was a member of the racing team's pit crew. John Morris of builders Morris and Jacombs was also in the team and probably the money behind it. As I remember the tale was they had already more or less fitted out an old lockside building at Tardebigge then had planning permission refused. The arrangement was you could help build the place and have life membership or get paid for the work. I wasn't bothered about clubbing so got paid. It was a hairy job, and right high up in the apex of the roof on the rather wobbly scaffolding was not funny, now my dad, who had been brought up in a very devout protestant family was singing 'Nearer to God am I' as we were gently swaying 30ft up. Oh Happy Days.
  8. kcbrecks

    A Few Pillars

    I have seen many documentaries about this building, never been to it, but I think kev7d's picture probably tells a very true story - it is very ornate. It is a most interesting picture with so very much to visually explore.
  9. kcbrecks

    New York

    The glass wall buildings really make a statement on the skyline, especially on a sunny day with clouds.
  10. kcbrecks

    Birmingham - 1980's & 2017

    We went on a Sunday school outing for the day around 1954 with us all in a butty boat pulled by a barge all through this and out to Barnt Green. It gave a few of us a 'good' idea so we used to go cycling along the towpaths all over the area including around Birmingham city centre. The canal workers weren't happy as 'Cycling Prohibited' signs were everywhere but there were so few people around we took no notice. We went as far as Dudley the other way from our home town of Smethwick. I did some work on a night club in Gas Street basin which I think was probably the first time anything was done like it in Birmingham, it was the idea of a small group of motor racing enthusiasts call the Opposite Lock Club - a pun in two ways. In two or three years of towpath cycling none of us fell in, but there were always plenty of dead dogs and cats bobbing about - cheaper than the vet. Thanks for the memory, Stravinski.
  11. kcbrecks

    Stonyhurst College

    I prefer the first one as the detailing of the building stands out better. Also the parked cars are much more noticeable in the second one. The lady on the mobility scooter is a nice touch.
  12. kcbrecks

    Photographers block

    Now I come to think about it Paul I must be in the same situation at the moment and the cameras are sitting in a bag on a shelf, not going anywhere. Perhaps if it snows I might get fired up as it is a few years since we had anything worth considering snow. My daughter-in-law didn't help, just before Christmas, when I was up with them in Edinburgh and instead of letting me go off on my own insisted on driving me to the places I wanted to be for some pictures. I have been taking pictures of the various stages of the Queensferry Crossing during it's construction and found 5 places where I could get the views I wanted. After the 4th one, as I got back in the car she was asking if I had got all the pictures I wanted, was I sure, there wasn't another angle I had missed and so on, sarcastic git that she can be. Perhaps she is right, is it an obsession? I didn't go to the 5th and didn't mention it. We do tend to go to the same places when going for a stroll so there are bound to be the same views, even in different lights and so on. Hopefully the composition and lighting effects change though. We are going to Germany, to stay with friends, in the spring so there should be something new then, even if it is the recent additional grandchildren.
  13. Horseshoe Falls, Niagara, Canada from a helicopter at 1000 feet or so, complete with feint rainbow and The Maid of the Mist in the mist.
  14. kcbrecks


    Love the one with the dog.
  15. kcbrecks


    It wasn't too scary Phil and once you were sat down it was fine. The floor went around once every 90 minutes, so there was always a changing view. When I was learning to fly gliders with my Venture Scout Unit, I explained about the acrophobia to the instructor. He reckoned people with a fear of heights know exactly where the ground is as so never make bad landings, the ones who aren't bothered will land 15 ft up or even try to land under the surface because they don't. He also said I would find I would be fine because I would accept the floor of the cockpit as the local ground. I never did make a bad landing. I felt his effect happening up the tower and was ok till I had to stand up. Taking the shot of the baseball stadium was difficult as I was leaning over the edge of the floor with just the window under me, The helicopter ride was scarier than the tower.