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  1. A very day this was taking these pics!...
  2. khm

    Old Bedfords

    Thank you and LOL.....they're not in trees! I was walking on a cobbled road through some very old mills and saw these down in a working yard and i asked someone if i could takes a few shots. the corrugated roof was part of 4 work sheds.
  3. khm

    Old Bedfords

    Saw these through some trees while walking just on the outskirts of Halifax...asked permission and fired off a few shots but only had a foot gap to squeeze into!
  4. khm

    Blackstone Edge

    Sunsets soon when the autumn starts...thnx for the comment. When walking i thought i may not get any decent captures but the water and reflections and the way it curved caught my attention!
  5. khm

    Blackstone Edge

    Thank you.....I'm learning to get to grips with Capture one pro 21!
  6. khm

    Blackstone Edge

    I very much agree....a blank sky is no good at all for scapes
  7. khm

    Blackstone Edge

    This is one of a number of water holdings on top of Blackstone Edge above Littleborough...even at 08:30,(Monday 19th July) the heat was terrible!
  8. khm


    Took a bit to try and get this looking right...had to play with the green and yellow sliders to get the leaves balanced with the right tones
  9. khm

    Wind Power

  10. Thanks, yes it sure is moss....with it being so damp all year round moss is everywhere!
  11. Thank you....it was warm in the steep valley!
  12. The small area is known as 'Jumble Hole, very close to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire...There are a number of waterfalls tumbling down the very steel valley where some are impossible to get to. This on was ok but still awkward!
  13. How strange but excellently captured...congrats
  14. Fabulous and congrats
  15. khm

    Wind Power

    Thanks Denis...hit n miss at times to it just right!
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