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  1. It's my turn for POTW again...

    Most of the images this week seem to have been Nature/Wildlife or Close up & Macro, although one in the Open/Abstract category did catch my eye.

    Honourable mentions to to:

    Paul for Friday Night's Jaunt - the 5th and final image in the sequence: an incredible close-up of that eye.

    KHM for Studley Royal Deer Park - again, the final image in the sequence: I love the grass on the antlers.

    But my choice for this week is this superb piece of astro-photography the Flame Nebula in Orion, by Les:


    Original post here.


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  2. Thanks, Polly.

    Yes - first holiday for 2 years.
    We were staying in a cottage rather than a hotel so we could keep to ourselves there, and when out & about we stayed outdoors as much as possible.
    Most of the Cornish cafes and restaurants were very good with Covid precautions though.

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  3. We were there on Wednesday - had a very nice meal in the "Sharks Fin" on the dock.  (Probably quite close to where you were standing for the first shot.)

    I really like the night image - the high ISO doesn't really show (at least when displayed at web-size).

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  4. It's my turn to choose the POTW again!

    It's definitely been a week for macro / close-ups.
    Honourable mentions go to:
    Paul for E. Tenax
    JohnP for Geranium Flowers

    But my choice for POTW has to be Paul's 'Grey Dagger Moth Caterpillar':

    If you haven't already done so, please have a look at the full sequence of images here and marvel at how Paul has got in closer and closer and...

    Well done Paul!



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