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  1. I think it might be Epistrophe elegans? It looks like it is defecating in the last image! Paul.
  2. Melanostoma scalare? Plus a lone wolf spider. Paul.
  3. He's a fine stag and the view is wonderful. Paul.
  4. A fine bed of bluebells - looks like a nice place to walk. Paul.
  5. There's a nice patch Geoff. Get the colour right can cause problems for some - but these look spot on. Paul.
  6. Of course one of the secrets to getting a good image in macro photography is getting the lens (or crops) where you want them to make the viewer look in the right place - and it's also important to have a background that doesn't ruin the image but hopefully enhances it. So in the short 7 image series, I have tried to show what I mean. (just to add, I handheld the camera and swapped the background between shots). The first photo is the dandelion clock taken (in the studio if you will, i.e. it's in the kitchen) placed close to a nondescript background, in this instance, the tiled
  7. Thanks for the selection Gareth Cheers too Polly & Geoff. Paul.
  8. The first Walnut Orb Weaver spider inside my garden this year - this male was rappelling down the fence... Paul.
  9. Just one? I swear there are a couple of dozen on the walls of the outhouse alone!
  10. Cheers Geoff. I have to really look hard to find things too yet - apart from slugs and woodlice, of which there are hundreds on the walls and fence! Paul.
  11. They can move quite quickly, but then it does have a lot of legs! 28 pairs I think I counted - and don't they look prehistoric? Paul.
  12. Thank you so much Polly - not sure what is in the bubble (refractions are inverted so hard to say really)... Thank you kindly Fogey Paul.
  13. Must have gotten a tad rained on. Paul.
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