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  1. Thank you, Fuji I'm so glad you've got another cat - having once lived with one, it's awful without the company and amusement they give. I couldn't imagine life without one. And they keep you young - instead of being a pensioner, sitting on the settee, watching day time television, you're kept active and fit by chasing after your cat. I'd recommend to anyone - sell your television and buy a cat! Far healthier for you than plastic surgery and botox! PS.Don't forget to house train it, will you?
  2. Having worked in cat rescue for years, I'm fairly adept at handling them and knowing their likely behaviour and reactions. But I still have many failures, even with my own boy!
  3. No - it's on a different layer. The original toy was on a piece of string, but there's a MF in-joke in the family. He paid an awful lot of money for the Lego MF, spent ages building it, then his wife knocked it off the table with her vacuum cleaner! Accidentally, she insists! The old boy on the left is twelve and his favourite hobby is sleeping. It wasn't an easy photoshoot! I got some cracking shots of each individual cat, but trying to get three of them together wasn't easy - being a pet photographer isn't quite as easy as it may sound!
  4. "Let's tell Dad - he'll know what to do!"
  5. I had a go at doing a 'night time' portrait in afternoon sun in my garden. With flash! Copied the method of the photographer Glyn Dewis. Line up subject, then chose small aperture so that you can see nothing, only darkness. Flash in small soft box to right of subject. Shoot. The small aperture/fast speed cuts out ambient light so that subject is lit only by the flash. I was quite impressed that it worked.
  6. No - not that sort! Rescue cat with naughty kitten.
  7. Yes, these are mute swans - according to my sister, who has become an 'expert'. The first picture is Dad and the last one is Mum - she is a Polish mute swan, apparently, as she has pink feet and something else - I forget what - to distinguish her Found another one - not sure if this is Mum or Dad. I like to get down to their level, though it meant sitting on the boat ramp and getting my feet wet!
  8. A very belated thank you.
  9. It may amaze and surprise you to learn that I do occasionally take pictures of creatures that aren't cats! My sister and her partner regularly feed swans on a local reservoir and they have become quite tame. So a good opportunity to take some photos. If only there weren't quite so many of them squabbling over the food.
  10. She's got a lot of meezer (Siamese) blood in her, so no doubt will lead you a right merry dance! Then she'll look at you with the big blue eyes and you'll just melt and let her get away with everything and anything. Welcome to the world of cats!
  11. What an absolute beauty she is, Fuji. I am so pleased for you, having another cat, and so pleased for her - after all she's been through, she deserves a really good home and a great big softie like you to spoil her to bits! But a Bengal! They reckon they're even naughtier than Siamese and a real challenge - she'll knock years off your age as you chase round after her, rescuing her from one incident after another! That's a very fancy cat tree you've got her - very handy for leaping up to the top of the curtains.
  12. Very good looking young men. And super lighting
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