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  1. Not sure if this is better? Taken from almost the same spot, but with the camera pointing a bit higher.
  2. Thanks, both. The "milky water" effect seems to be a bit like Marmite! I like it, but you both prefer the faster shutter. Settings were 0.5s at F22 and 1/80 at F3.5. (ISO 100, 18mm focal length.)
  3. Golitha Falls, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. Two versions with different shutter speeds...
  4. Nothing wrong with a bit of creative under-exposure! I think #3 is my favourite too, Ryland.
  5. More macro-excellence! That ladybird has the more familiar markings.
  6. Congratulations, Vanguard!
  7. Excellent, Paul. It seems to have larger "spots" than I'm used to seeing - I guess there must be different species.
  8. Hatter

    Orton Flower

    I really like that, Paul.
  9. Nice shot, Fuji. I wonder how much the percentage of men with beards has increased over lockdown...
  10. Thanks, David. I can vaguely remember using something like that at school to measure the length of the playground - it made a clicking noise once per revolution and we had to count the clicks.
  11. Well-spotted, Fuji. Is it some kind of gizmo for measuring distance?
  12. Wow! I've never seen one of those - it's an amazing subject for macro photography. I wonder if Tesco have them.....
  13. A very impressive structure. As Fogey says, the people in the second image give a good sense of how massive it actually is.
  14. It's that time of the week again and my turn to pick POTW. As usual there are plenty of good images to pick from but my choices for the week are: Honourable mentions to Lanzarote January 2006 by JohnP - the first one really looks like it was taken on Mars (apart from the road perhaps!) Lake Hawea Again by Stravinski - great reflections in the lake! But my pick for this week is this one: Mumbles Sunrise and Broad Pool by Rybear - I was very torn between #3 and #4 in this set but I decided I liked #4 best. I see from the comments on the original thread that Polly preferred #3 though! There's something about the shape of the trees that reminds me of one of Roger Dean's "Yes" album covers. Gareth
  15. Welcome aboard, Eran!
  16. #1 definitely looks like Mars!
  17. Yes - as photographers, we wouldn't be happy if someone used our images without permission, so it's important not to do the same with musicians' work. (YouTube are pretty hot on identifying copyright infringements too!) My current "go to" sites for music are Eric Matyas's soundimage.org and Kevin MacLeod's incompetech.com.
  18. I like that - very well presented in the white frame too.
  19. Seeing John's video of Powis castle has prompted me to post this. As I haven't had the opportunity to take (m)any new photos for around a year I've been revisiting some of my older ones and with PTE AV Studio finally appearing for the Mac, I've been looking at doing some new AVs. I'm not sure whether this one is finished yet! Stowe Landscape Gardens is a National Trust property just outside Buckingham. The photos were taken on two separate visits in 2011 and 2018. The music is by Eric Matyas.
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