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  1. Nice reflection - it works well with all the strong vertical lines.
  2. My turn to choose POTW again and in my opinion there was really only one contender this week, so congratulations to Paul for a second consecutive POTW with "The Night Demon": Well done Paul - an incredibly sharp and colourful macro image! Full thread here.
  3. I agree - #2 is really good, Jeff.
  4. Just a few minutes walk from my house...
  5. Thanks, Matt. The Hurlers and The Cheeswring are both very close by, so you can easily do all three in one day.
  6. These are great, Paul - particularly the first two!
  7. I think I've still got some old TDS ones somewhere, Jeff! They can be handy to give out if you get talking to someone about photography when you're out & about.
  8. I took my first photos of 2021 this afternoon - taken on a walk round the village. This line of sheds is in generally good condition, apart from the windows. Canon EOS 60D, Canon 18-135 USM lens, Processed in Digital Photo Professional (plus Nik Silver Efex for the B&W).
  9. Hatter


    It looks like the guy on the pedal-bike is going to overtake him - I bet he wasn't! Nice shot Fuji.
  10. Another great set.
  11. Great detail, as always!
  12. Scary! I hope these "giant" spiders are smaller than you've made this one look.
  13. Another stunning set, Paul!
  14. Nice set - I particularly like the setting sun through the clouds in the first one.
  15. Scary when seen that large! I think the 'other angle' is the best one, because of the errr... angle.
  16. Very nice, Paul - great colours.
  17. Very good, Colin. As I'm sure I've said before, the 'crescent' phase of the moon always looks more dramatic than the more usual 'Full Moon' shots.
  18. Was it followed by a funeral or a cigarette? Great shots, Paul - incredible detail.
  19. Nice sky & tree silhouette - I'm impressed you could tell it was a buzzard from that distance!
  20. They're amazing! Great shots, Paul.
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