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  1. I have been asked to choose this weeks POTW and I must confess to finding this task difficult. There have been a plethora of macro shots this week that are technically superb, pin sharp with an amazing amount of detail. JohnP's Marmalade Hoverfly in particular took my eye. There was also Ryewolf's Loco 41241, always a firm favourite of mine. However, another photograph really grabbed my attention for its quiet, understated beauty. The author really has a knack of delivering that dreamy look, demonstrated with these Peruvian lilies in her post 'Up Close and Personal'. So congratulations Clicker, on another stunning POTW
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  2. No answers or life at the bottom of a bottle.
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  3. ....With Peruvian lilies... ALSTROEMERIA... never fail to deliver and last for ages .
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