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Possibly a parting gift, a new toy I just bought from someone on the UK 5x4 forum. A Shen-Hao field camera, it's a little heavier than the Intrepid, but much more precise when set up.





Why toys? the lens that I was using on the 70D is also "new" as I had damaged the only normal length EF mount lens that I had and so didn't have a lens for the EOS-3.

Hope I'll have time to get some pictures from it processed before we shut down for good.

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Nice. From a brief inspection years ago in Ffords, I got the impression that they were well made. You won't really find anything lighter than an Intrepid (although cameras were made that weighed less), but the Shen Haos are at the bottom end of the heaviness scale.

The lens looks like a convertible Symmar.

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Not sure if it's convertible, but it would be too long for the bed (of either Shen Hao or Intrepid) as the full lens is a 240mm, and both have a max extension of about 300mm.

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If it's a "straight" Symmar as opposed to Apo Symmar, Symmar S etc., it's convertible. I was going by the green lettering I could see, which is the dual focal length/aperture identification. 

The second focal length is usually just less than double the primary one. My 1500mm becomes a 265mm for example. You're supposed to unscrew the front part of the lens from the shutter, and just use the rear section (the part you'd unscrew to remove the retaining ring when swapping lens boards).

Symmars are basically symmetrical lenses with the shutter and aperture in the between the two halves. This type of construction is convenient for lens designers because 3 aberrations are automatically cancelled by the two halves balancing out. The downside is that using only one half puts them back..

Specifically, if using black and white film, use a yellow filter if you can to reduce chromatic aberration, and focus at the taking aperture as the focus can shift as you stop down.

All academic with your camera, given the max bellows. But if you change cameras down the line, or get a 5x7, you might be able to make use of it converted.

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