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I visited Llangollen today and was very disappointed.  The weather was supposed to be sunny - it was dull, overcast and dank.
The village was supposed to be quaint - it wasn't - there were major roadworks going on in the centre of the village....there wasn't enough room for the pedestrians there to swing a cat.

The only redeeming feature was the river Dee and that was spectacular.


Dee from town bridge red.jpg

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Gotta love Autumn, It just adds to every shot when the tree's show Autumn colours

One thing that grabs the eye, and not in a good way, is the Red Alarm box, as otherwise the image is dateless

Glad you got some time togging mate

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I agree with Steve that the image is almost dateless .. I  would be inclined to just  use the desaturate option take most of the colour out of that  lifebelt Fogey ...My other half uses that CBA option quite often too ....It's such a lovely image ... I had to just desaturate that lifebelt ... and that blue green roof right of the church ... lol 

4005601_Deefromtownbridgered thumb.jpg.12dbcf34fafc594c27d0a04413e60994ed2.jpg

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Thought it was a flood before I read the description!  I can see the light was pretty flat, but I like the image.

I'd be tempted to clone out the life preserver and just lose it all together. 

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A great view all the same, I tend to leave things in as....they are there in the first place like the copper roof that has the green patina.

But, I agree the lifebelt and roof were a little oversaturated.

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Yeah I  don't really like to clone out stuff unless it's something I just can't avoid that spoils the focus of the image  ...sometimes though, it may be the only way.it's usually people that can get in the way and usually  they  walk away eventually ... ... It can require a bit of patience though I must admit !:yes

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