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Hi to all our members ... We  would just like to draw your attention to the latest post on the following link... Thank you for your attention .If you have already responded to my note  on Chatbox  about this please ignore this sticky note ... Thanks  folks ....


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From my garden......

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I have a lovely Mountain Laurel bush in flower, just in front of my lounge window so did a wander out with my phone to get a closer picture of the flowers and the distinctive buds.]


Also spotted a nice Ixia flower close to it too.



Then found another small flower which I took inside and put in a vase. It came up through another bush, and I hadn't seen it before, but have identified it as Gladiolus communis, a European species and smaller than the usual Gladioli



Will see what else I can do, but will still be limited.

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Lovely blooms Dee ... that last one looks so exotic ...  I'd be happy to see whatever you are growing in your new garden ...  I  could get some tips  on plants that would be suitable for a a very dry sunny spot I have  where a neighbouring tree  takes most of the water from the soil .... We could  have a  bit of a gardening  theme going here eh ... :lol:

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