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Cute little fellow eh?, Reds are a lot more pleasing to the eye than our Greys !


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13 hours ago, Denis said:

Cute little fellow eh?

Thanks Denis, yes they are, unfortunately they are affected by squirrel pox carried by greys.

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19 minutes ago, Fogey said:

Did you take that from a hide?

No, it was on the Squirrel walk, if you have monkey nuts and rattle them in your hand they will literally come running up to you, in this case someone else had nuts for them. I've had them take nuts from my hand though. The best time to catch them at Formby is after 5-6pm I've found when it's not as busy

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Such  a cute  creature especially compared to his grey cousin.... I've only ever seen them up in Scotland ... Oooh  that 's where you're going later this year aren't you Fogey ...  you may catch some  in between the magnificent landscapes that you're going to capture for us  on your travels ...  I look forward to your pictorial  diary of your adventure ...Maybe you can  do a daily blog for us if you get decent wifi ...that would be  great ! I for one would love to see that  if you get time ......

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