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Little engines

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A few more from my visit to the railway centre about a month back (just got the colour scans). Focussing on some of the small engines.

#5, Shannon:

The oldest engine at Didcot (1857), spent most of her career on the Wantage tramway that ran from Wantage Road GWR station (near the current Williams F1 site) to the centre of Wantage:


Unfortunately a major firebox weakness means she can't be restored to traffic.

#1338: Another 19th century survivor, currently on static display awaiting overhaul.


And a few more of 1340 Trojan.

Pulling out of Oxford Road


A liquid lunch


Waiting at the end of the line:


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What smashing little engines James... all reminders of a by gone era... thank  goodness for the people  who help preserve and maintain these relics from the past...what's not to love about a steam engine ...?👍

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