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Half the size of a . (a full stop)!

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You'll hopefully forgive me the lack of detail in this - but it is as small as anything I have ever photographed I reckon...

Size is less than half the full stop on your keyboard!


This is Arachnida ( Acari - Mites ) - Oribatida - .. and at a glance, one of the -> Humerobatidae like Humerobates...

In English, it's a mite, and is very hard to see - they are a part of the soil diversity - Soil organisms are vitally important to sustaining life on land and are fascinating too!




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1 hour ago, Denis said:

I think you have outdone yourself here Paul!......jeez, you must have eyes like an owl to see things like this in the soil !

I didn't think it was a critter to begin with, but I realised after a few minutes that it had moved half about an inch!


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How interesting. I thought of you recently when I caught one of the flies that are living in my compost bin in a vegemite jar. It was a vinegar fly, I believe and I wished I could take a photo of it to see it in macro. It was about 8mm long which is big compared to this mite. 

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