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This shot had me fooled the first time I opened it on my iPad, and then on my large monitor…

I just couldn’t recall pointing my camera at someone with such a severe profile, it would have been invasive and cruel……..it was only after looking closely the reality is revealed ……a trick of the light and the merging with the background create the illusion……..all done in a split second, because I liked the bedding plants being carried.



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It took me a second glance to see that a mask was the reason  for the illusion !!  As an aside Fooj... do you take  your mono photos  in black and white or do you usually convert  them during processing ...?

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Thank you both….


polly, since I’ve had my LUMIX GX9 I have used only the dedicated …M-L MONO MODE adjusted in camera to suit my style…. Shooting the highest quality JPEGS. …… Most shots require very little processing all of which  done on my iPad Pro…. Using …PIXELMATOR PHOTO….PIXELMATOR …and….DARKROOM ….the latter allows targeted sharpening and adjustments, the first two… have sliders that adjust very finely..plus enhanced resolution… all. Bang up to date.

I have an ex pro shooting pal, who uses a LEICA M9 ….there is very little difference between our work as far as post processing goes…he uses Lightroom and Photoshop….


I refer to my set-up as a…Poor Man’s Leica….my lens of choice is a very beautiful, immensely sharp OLYMPUS 45mm- A 1.8….it is never..off camera now.

I still use my LUMIX GX8 for all if my colour works, and with my vintage lenses…

A tiny SONY RX100 completes my kit…it I’d used on rainy days, because it tucks under my coat collar…..

All produce more than excellent results…


i really  appreciate your interest.


I have self published four Phot-Books of my best work now……I never go out without a camera….



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Thanks for the info Fooj ... I thought  you probably used  the mono mode adapted to your taste .. It's good to be able to venture out again ... so I look forward to more of your street work ....

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