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Video - Loco 78022 at Oxenhope

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Thanks Clicker. I decided to do a few steam engine videos for a change as I've photographed them so much over the years, plus my Canon 90D does 4k videos. Whilst I still take still images, you obviously miss the sounds of the train in steam. I think I'm going to invest in a decent Pan/Tilt head for my tripod as all the ones I've done have been handheld, also maybe a proper mike.

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One thing I have noticed is that switching to Video Mode activates the Live View screen so it takes me a second or so to locate the subject, obviously I edit that out in post. I do have a pan and tilt tripod but it's not heavy enough to hold the camera and lens combo I'm using as it was only a cheap £25 tripod.

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What sort of weight are you talking about as far as camera and lens goes ...You certainly need something that  isn't  going to topple over... It can get quite expensive for a heavyweight  tripod  too  but better safe than sorry....  

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18 minutes ago, Clicker said:

What sort of weight are you talking about as far as camera and lens goes

About 3.5 kilo for both, so certainly wouldn't want to trust £3500 of camera equipment to a £25 tripod. I already have a heavyweight tripod (cost £300) that will support upto 12 kilo but only has a ball head...

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