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Great Southern Ocean No 2

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  • CMunzel changed the title to Great Southern Ocean No 2
5 hours ago, Clicker said:

Divine proportions to this composition..... plus my favourite element in action ... Very nice ....

Thank you Polly. I hadn’t thought about the proportions: something for me to think about.......🧐

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You have a good eye  Cheryl,  in my opinion, for  balanced proportions that  makes  an image really pleasing ...this can be possible, often no matter what the  content  is. Sometimes you can learn that  skill , often it is innate or intuitive  in my experience  but when you know an image feels like  it is the best way it can be seen, it often hard  to try  to  analyse what it actually is that  has made it feel right but you just know when it is ...or at least  you usually know when it isn't ...   😉   Does that make sense to anyone else ?🤔

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I think I understand what you’re saying. It has me wondering about whether the skill you are describing is learned or innate or an interplay between both. 

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 That's exactly  my point ...I think it can be just an innate skill that some people have  thus  they rarely need to   work out what actually makes it so ... but  I think it can be a learned skill too . Sometimes  one nearly gets it right  in camera  and sometime  one just knows a certain  crop will enhance the composition ....😉

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