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Attingham Park

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I went for a mooch round Attingham Park today.

Some deer shots, some panoramas and a very weird tree.




River 2.jpg




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Ok Fogey ... what have you been doing with that last image !!!  What did you clone out  by the fence  bottom left ...and what on earth is going on with that sky top left and the branches reappearing in mid air !😯..😉 I could go on with  lots of bits in the middle  of the pic  but I think  you've  been getting  mischievous with photoshop ...either that or  you started  before the sun was over the yardarm !😂

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You've missed out the blurred bits, Clicker.  😂

All I had with me was my 150-600mm lens, so to get the entire tree in the frame I had to take a series of images at 150 mm, some 24, and stitch as a panorama.

There was nothing cloned out  bottom left of frame, that was the program trying to infill the empty part of the frame, as it did elsewhere.

The tree was so complex there were branches everywhere, which turned out as  a very weird tree.

It does, however,  give a flavour of what the tree was like.

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