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A Street Photography Bonanza...

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We are free to wander away from the confines of home.... ..A photographer pal and I had a GREAT day out in the sunshine yesterday.... the Parade in Leamington Spa, has been pedestrianised so almost no traffic except for access .....

A lovely relaxed atmosphere....almost Holiday-Like...

The sun seems to have given people smiley faces too, yiu can see here, just how many were happy to allow me to shoot portraits..

Even the security guard  at the Shopping Arcade, was sent out by his bosses to ask what we were doing... all very pleasant...he told us his boss is a photographer, so we gave him cards, and my mini portfolio... ...

So very different to those nasty security guards in Coventry a couple of years ago...when I was escorted out of one of the open to the sky shopping arcades by a pair of beefy blokes....








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1 hour ago, CanonChrissy said:

Its grand to be out again isn't it? Lovely set of images. 1 is my favourite, your model in 2 seems a bit stiff haha!

I was going to say that #2 could go in the funny signs thread—there are two ways to read it.

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#1  is the most arresting..... crisp ( extreme contrast just about at the limit for me )  and provocative  with a bit of a  disturbing narrative  Fooj ... Judging a book by it's cover   can sometimes   feel  prejudicial and sometimes that can be exactly what is purposely being provoked ... It 's a really good photo... doing what a street photo should do ... start a conversation ... An interesting set altogether . Glad you had a great day out too.

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