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A new one for me ...

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I've never seen one of these before .... Noticed it yesterday on the feeders outside my kitchen window whilst. photographing the usual suspects ....DSCF9119ed1s brambling fem copy.jpg 



Then  along came her fella !!...Unusually she was much brighter  than the male of the species  ...  I had to go to my  RSPB  handbook to  find out what they were  as I have never seen them before .... SO .... it appears that they are Bramblings... !

 clicking on the images  for the bigger version seems to show their real colour  more accurately Ive noticed ...DSCF9206 brambling ed1s.jpg



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I haven't seen these before either Clicker, although the RSPB list the bird as common and on the green list.

Cracking shots to boot.

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Yes I  saw that they are apparently  pretty common according to RSPB ! How odd eh Fogey ....and they apparently go to Scandanavia in April / May  to breed .....and there was I thinking I’d captured a rare bird in the frame  and it turns out they’re as common  as muck !!!😂😂

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Great captures. They look exotic to me....the top one look like a sparrow glammed up for a special outing with that orange chest.

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