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Potholes and Parking ....

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What's not to like?
An exceptionally interesting foreground, the subject placed exactly on the rule of thirds, a panoramic view, a full range of tones from black through to white and a sky to die for.

I love it!

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 Thanks  Fogey ... those are kind comments and are appreciated.. I actually have to confess, I only went out that day to chase a dramatic sky I saw from home and the challenge was to find as many places and subjects as I could to  use the drama of it ... I am often inspired suddenly by a stormy sky to dash out in the car to find anything that, no matter how ordinary, can look so different with a back cloth that only Mother Nature creates .  I was sat in my car with the window open as I took this pic  and about a couple of dozen others over the next hour ... and then it was all over...

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Appreciate  your feedback MM..... I did originally process it in  colour  as the sky had dramatic colours  but  I  like the impact of the  mono version....I'll maybe have to go and find the colour version for comparison ....

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