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3rd August 2016

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The Scarecrows of Whitburn and Cleadon Junior Football Club

The local kids football club fields are under threat by the council who have earmarked them for future house builds - housing for families the village can't offer school places to and can't offer spaces at the doctors practice.

Football 1400.jpg

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Ooh dont get me started  on  Speculative Planning applications  Beepy!... There are lots of  regulations  to quote  to try and stop building a silly amount  of houses that will change the whole character of a village ... If  there aren't enough schoolplaces or  doctors  it  can be  considered unsustainable ..  You may need to mobilise people to  object  when the application goes in ...preparation is important   cos you often only have 21 days to put your case and I can tell you from experience it takes weeks to study the planning laws that  you'll need to quote to fight it ... .oops  sorry ...went off on one there...so ...

It rained on and off all day  so I did some gardening,  washed and waxed two cars ...then it rained again ..of course ..(.I'd just cleaned two cars so it was bound to ...silly me). De iced the freezer with the hairdryer .. threw out a turkey I forgot I'd bought last year ...Cooked the supper  and sat down with a very large   gin and tonic ... I only grabbed a couple of pics  all day  so  it's either this  or  the view from my kitchen window.. It's a job to tell which is the most boring!  ...

pollys   garden  1s.jpg

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7 hours ago, Korky said:

Bloody hell...... You never said it had a Spar AND a Costa as well as the slickest pumps in Yorkshire. No wonder you all but live there.


:lol: You read my mind Korks ...and took the words right out .....etc  Do you think maybe BP ( NOT our Beepy) is sponsoring Phil on the qt ....?  ..I digress...


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