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July 17th 2016

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The dawn of a fresh day. The lull before the frantic time ahead. A time for reflection and a time to take stock of ourselves and the world at large. A time to ask questions, but also a time to revel in God's glorious creation.

A photograph that whispers joy and beauty and a fantastic lust for life. An image I could seriously hang on a wall. Somewhere.


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Hmmmmmm I'm seriously  worried about  the effect the sudden  heatwave is having on some us ......

"HAL9000's  country cousin ...."


( I can hear  a benign voice in the background saying , " I'm sorry Robin ... I'm afraid I can't do that..."

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Another object from my house. Well I best get the case packed. Birmingham airport next stop. Back Friday 22 July so will catch up with the one a day hopefully next weekend. I will certainly have an image for each day no problem whatsoever.


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Just a suggestion Kev  If you have access to post text on here  whilst you are away ..., just  post a few words to reserve a space on each day and  you can add the photo later,  on the edit option without  getting the dates out of order  on the  list in the challenge ... I realised this  just a week or two ago as I am trying to catch up posting images still from 3 weeks  on holiday in May  and a week in June .  I was randomly  posting them as I found them in my files and of course i have messed up the order  ..I  hope to put it right eventually ... If Phil and Beepy haven't beaten me  to a pulp by then ....arghhh  I usually have such a tidy nature  too ...:rolleyes:


If You can't ... no worries ..it was just a suggestion ...

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I wish I had realised  6 weeks ago that I could have done that when I was on holiday ... I could have saved a space using my iphone and avoided  a lot of work .. So now I am editing all the missing pics from May  ( jeez it takes time just finding  them all ..) and once they are ALL done, I hope to post  them in order to bring  the list back up to running in chronological order again ...

Have a good trip anyway .... stay safe  too ...

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Now, I'm never one to put a spanner in the works but..
Saving yourself a space and editing it at a later date means we don't get to see the image unless we physically go back through the topics and look-see which is likely to be time consuming, it matters not a jot to me if the topics get out of kilter.

Just a thought :happy:

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I was aware of that ... but thought it was a price I had to pay for being late in posting ( better than wearing a horse hair shirt ) . :lol:  though I have only missed taking an actual photo once all year so far ... If you're ok with it I'l do it  your way then ... Just didn't want to  upset anyone ....cheers Phil

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1 hour ago, Clicker said:

If you're ok with it I'l do it  your way then ... Just didn't want to  upset anyone 

It really doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do it :yes

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