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June 10th 2016

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1 hour ago, Ron said:

That's a lovely back garden BP and a nice roomy tent, you will have some fun with that. The boys are gonna love weekends away.


The tent is a bit bigger than we had imagined - its just short of 7m long and over 2m high though it will give us all plenty of room. Went up fairly easily though the porch bit (thats an extra) is a bit unruly but will give us space for boots, wet clothes and the cooking gear outside of the main section....which has a carpet by the way. Not quite clamping but we do have a mains hook-up connection, a proper kettle/toaster and a fridge on its way :lol:

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As it was a fairly dull and wet day mostly, I thought I'd continue my experiments with a ring flash when it did stop raining, I got a spider building a web, a couple of mCinnabar Moths, then about 8pm thought I'd give it another go and see what I could see in my yard... So I was watching this micro moth flying about thinking 'I hope it lands somewhere I can see it' and it flew into a spiders web... Spiders 1 - Micro Moths 0

The moth was myabe 4-5mm and the spider not much bigger...


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