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Hi to all our members ... We  would just like to draw your attention to the latest post on the following link... Thank you for your attention .If you have already responded to my note  on Chatbox  about this please ignore this sticky note ... Thanks  folks ....


Clicker and Ryewolf   ADMIN TEAM 

The Weekly Challenge - How It Works - Revised

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The Weekly Challenge is intended as a fun competition and will actually take place over a period of 2 weeks. Saturday morning until Friday evening to post your image, the next Saturday to Friday voting will take place, when the winner will be declared. Entries submitted after voting begins will be removed. One entry per member.

The theme is open to your own interpretation, all images accepted, old or new.

In the event of a tie a new poll will be created for a period of 24 hours to determine the outright winner.

It will then become the winner's responsibility to start a new topic and specify a theme for the next challenge, the winner will also take charge of creating the poll once entries have been submitted, and declaring the winner as close to Saturday morning as possible. Should a member be unable to start the poll for any reason please contact a member of staff so we can help out.

Although Themes are open to your personal interpretation staff reserve the right to remove any image they feel contravenes TIPF rules.

Winners will have their entry displayed on our Home page for a limited time.

All times shown will be GMT.

A final note. Can we kindly ask that the results are monitored and, should you be lucky enough to win, the new challenge be started in a timely manner.

Creating A Poll

Click Edit on the first post in the topic (this should only be done by the topic starter).
Please remember to add the words 'Now Voting' to the topic title, this will make it easier for members to find the active poll. This can be removed when voting has finished.


Click the Poll tab. Give the poll a title and add a question, these can both be the same i.e. Weekly Challenge #3.
It is your decision if you would like to make the voters name public, although I do like to check this box.
Begin entering the Choices, these are the entrants names. Once the first 2 have been entered click Add Choice to create a new box.
Please do not select Multiple choice question, members should be restricted to one vote only.
Once all the entrants have been added click Edit Topic.


And that's all there is to it :yes

We hope all members will take the time to get creative and participate in the challenges!  :14_relaxed:

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