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Found 3 results

  1. I found this Cranefly sat on the lounge window one year and knowing how easily their legs came off, (you'd think they came from MFI), I carefully slid some photographic paper underneath and carried it into the Annexe. Boyhood experiences told me this fly would sit still for ages, so......... Three sets of stacked images, 79 shots for each stack, stitched together as a panorama.
  2. I was sat in the garden some summers ago, with my camera on my lap, idly watching the midges flitting up and down. I noticed there were two larger midges that repeatedly move from the far end of the garden to where I was sat. As I watched an idea formed.......... I set the camera's focus to just about where the midges flitted to, reset the auto focus and set the camera to beep when locked on. The shutter speed was set to 1/4000th sec, the aperture to f/5.6, (the largest for my 300 mm Nikon lens); the ISO was set to 800. When the midges flew to me I quickly focused and when I
  3. I'm looking to convert a friends watercolour prints into digital files so that he can reproduce then either as prints or postcards. I'm not sure of the legal implications but that will be another subject matter. I'd like recommendations for a suitable lens. I currently use a Canon 350D so it would have to be a Canon fit. I've been told I should get a 1:1 Macro lens to reduce barrelling so confirmation of that would be appreciated. The prints would be anything up to A3 size so I'm not sure about focal length. I'd preferably like to use a camera stand as opposed to a tripod so if anyone out
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