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  1. CanonChrissy

    Tenerife Street Art

    Denis...r u in Tenerife now? Im flying there later today. Have u been to the deserted sanatorium in Abades?
  2. CanonChrissy

    A Slice Of Your Life 29/10/18 - 04/11/18

    Daughters wedding day xxx
  3. CanonChrissy

    A Slice Of Your Life 29/10/18 - 04/11/18

    Looks like a massive job. Will be fab when done. After photos required!
  4. Rye.....thats my sexiest, selfie pout!
  5. Illuminating My Face (not from the archives - can't remember the last time I entered a fresh image)!
  6. Sorry no entry from me... daughter gets wed 3 Nov so up to eyes in hen party arrangements (its today) and weddi g stuff. Good luck all.
  7. This weeks challenge is to take a photo of food. Something for example, that would look good on a restaurant menu, on a food brochure, on an advertisement board. Make it into a menu, or a poster, or just post the shot as it is. Have fun.....andenjoy eating it afterwards..... As usual, old or new images allowed however, if you choose an old image, you cant eat it after haha! The challenge closes at midnight on Friday September 21st.
  8. Well done Korky. Fab
  9. CanonChrissy


    The effect is somewhat like Dragan. Very nice
  10. When The Earth Erupts With Fire! This combines most of the elements in one... Fire, earth, ice, air, light. I give you Mount Teide, still active, still causing seismic activity...still a worry to Tenerife residents.
  11. Nice broad subject. Goigle says on of the 7 elements of the earth is spirit....does gin or vodka count? Haha
  12. Thanks ryewolf. Was just going to do it .
  13. Thanks guys for the votes.... sadly with my Mums health issues and my business I didnt get an entry in this week but I have a couple of ideas for next weeks theme. Will post later this morning. Cheers.
  14. Wrll done, you scalped me in the vote off. A lovely seaside image
  15. Here, in the peace and quiet, I write......
  16. Messing About on the Beach. This is my hubby, on La Caletta Beach, Tenerife, testing his balancing skills. Stone piles are a tradition in the Canaries, you see them everywhere.
  17. CanonChrissy

    Weekly Challenge #163 - Music - Voting Closed

    Well done Korky. You beat Ramon and his 2 hats haha.
  18. CanonChrissy

    A Slice Of Your Life 13/08/18 - 19/08/18

    Wedding Fair Prep with my Truffles.....
  19. CanonChrissy

    Weekly Challenge #163 - Music - Voting Closed

    Ramon - 2 Hats and an Accordian
  20. Ribblehead Viaduct
  21. After deliberating and messaging a moderator, I have taken the plunge to enter this.....if found offensive, I will remove it and either bow out this weeks challenge or enter a back up. It's purely for fun, and no mating was being undertaken at the time haha! Getting us (me and hubby) into position whilst my timer bleeped down and tossing over the duvet was hilarious! 'Mating Season'
  22. Maybe aussie is corre t and we are upside down! Lovely theme.