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    Obviously photography and the genre of still life is my favourite. I also love holiday's especially tenerife, where we visit 4 times a year. I love the band Green Day, having a nice glass of wine and chilling with friends.
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  1. Rye, its so weird.....You just expect to see cavemen and dinosaurs. Terrain is so different from Tenerife, flatter, more lava fields, more desolate, less commercialised.
  2. Too busy making wedding favour chocolates, decorating and decluttering this week to even enter an oldie let alone get camera out. Good luck guys, some lovely images. Re the voting, I struggled in the end with 2 but made my choice in the end.
  3. I think its time to declare a draw haha . Joint winners, decide together for next theme?
  4. An oldies as cant find card reader for my macro work done today! SELFIE - a series of 4 selfies (taken with camera not mobile) made to look like the old photo booth images. Just for fun.
  5. Maybe this years get together could be a red squirrel location? These are fab.
  6. Lavender Art Following a trip to a lavender farm, I wanted to try some 'abstract' photography and added some motion blur to the image. Then sharpened it no make the bottom more 'arty'.In early due to time restrictions this week. If I get more time, I might do something different (if thats allowed)
  7. Really..... well I never knew that!
  8. No 3 for me and I didnt like to ask what togging is..
  9. Very moody and gives a true sense of movement in the trees
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