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    Obviously photography and the genre of still life is my favourite. I also love holiday's especially tenerife, where we visit 4 times a year. I love the band Green Day, having a nice glass of wine and chilling with friends.
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  1. Lavender Art Following a trip to a lavender farm, I wanted to try some 'abstract' photography and added some motion blur to the image. Then sharpened it no make the bottom more 'arty'.In early due to time restrictions this week. If I get more time, I might do something different (if thats allowed)
  2. Really..... well I never knew that!
  3. No 3 for me and I didnt like to ask what togging is..
  4. Very moody and gives a true sense of movement in the trees
  5. Thanks Ryewolf. Was about to go do poll. Cheers
  6. Thanks Clicker. I hopeit attra ts lots of entries.
  7. Weekly challenge 191 is FACES - Be it human faces, animal faces, clock faces, rock faces, coal faces, faces one other, faces a challenge.........any image that has to do with FACES. Good luck, enjoy and lets see if we can keep this pace of 14 entries up and running. Entries to be submitted by Midnight on Friday 8th March . Voting will then take place until Midnight on Friday 15th March .
  8. Crikey its been so long since I entered regulatly never mind won. Cheers guys. Theme up tomorrow for thus coming week
  9. Insider trading? Not sure I understand what you mean. This was a long shutter speed of a high tide, water lapping over bathing steps, La Caleta, Tenerife, a few years ago.
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