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    Obviously photography and the genre of still life is my favourite. I also love holiday's especially tenerife, where we visit 4 times a year. I love the band Green Day, having a nice glass of wine and chilling with friends.
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  1. Clicker...and blue!!!!! They are all in blue! We were watching progress of cricket and tennis. 2 amazing finals. Longest mens wimbledon final evet. And Lewis Hamilton winning British Grand Prix. Good day for sport.
  2. You put ya webbed foot in, ya webbed foot out, dip in ya beak then ya shake it all about, ya do the hokey kokey and ya turn around...thats what its all about!
  3. BALCONY VIEW - its so beautiful in this Eco hotel. Finca Vista Bonita, San Miguel De Abona, Tenerife. Would you believe the airport is only10 miles below us. Im having a G&T.....the nudist beach is beside that pointy rock to the right.. if you zoom right in...haha!
  4. What happens now? Should we be taking B images now?
  5. I make natural pot pourri and bought these for my christmas fragrance but they are too beautiful so keeping them
  6. U tried photographing the smoke? U get fabulous effects
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