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  1. Last Saturday's Waxing Gibbous Moon.
  2. Congratulations Vanguard. Great image a well worthy winner!
  3. Wow! That's incredible!! I agree about the moon in shade it casts a lot more shadows and the definition of the creators certainly show up better.
  4. Wow! thats some superb zoom there for sure! Great work!
  5. Great shot John. This was shot with a telescope I take it?
  6. Thanks John much appreciated
  7. Thanks FUJ much appreciated my friend
  8. Thank you David and Fogey much appreciated Craig
  9. Last nights full moon. Stacked images using PIPP, RegiStax 6 and Photoshop.
  10. I have used previous versions of Capture One and it does have quite a steep learning curve especially if you are used to using Photoshop. My personal opinion is that it renders skin tones better and is a more accurate Raw processor than Lightroom. (but thats just my own opinion) However... if you tether capture you will struggle to find a faster setup than Capture one. It totally blows Photoshop Lightroom out of the water. After saying all this... I still use Photoshop and Lightroom purely because I am so used to them. But if someone has no experience in either I would certainly gi
  11. Craig

    POTW ending 8th Nov

    Wow thank you Cheryl. and thank you all... All 3 kids are certainly the apples of my eye, but I'm sure you have probably realised that lol Thank you again Craig :)
  12. By order of the Peaky Borders! lol
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