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  1. Craig

    What Print Labs do you use?

    Thank you all for your recommendations. Very much appreciated. Craig
  2. I'm looking at getting some large scale images printed around the 24"x16" sizes. Can anyone recommend a good printing lab in the UK? I am currently looking at Loxley Colour Labs but open to suggestions of any other? Craig
  3. Thank you David, Much appreciated,
  4. Thank you Polly and Rye, OMG if you could see me taking these lol Honey wouldn't leave him alone all she wanted to do was kiss him. Then she realised... Hang on I can smell treats.... So I had to put her out of the room. By then Dexter was wondering where his big sister had gone and started crying for her. All the time while this was going on I was trying to keep the hat on Dexter's head, trying to keep him sat down and trying to focus the camera....? lol Even the best Carry On Films didn't have such mayhem as it was in our lounge this morning lol I told Kim, next time you are helping me lol
  5. Note to self.... Don't try this alone again.... What an absolute nightmare trying to get some shots of a 6 month old Border Terrier while trying to keep a hat on his head while trying to get him to look at me all the time trying to keep his big sister Honey our 11 year old Border Terrier from nicking his treats. Oh yeah not to mention trying to sort the camera out too...! Never again will I attempt this on my Jack Jones again.... Told the Mrs... she's helping next time lol There are a MILLION of things wrong with the set from focusing to posing to lighting... But.... Seeing how he is normally, not sitting still for more than 5 seconds at a time... I'm pleased (well sort of!) lol Ho...! Ho...! Ho...!
  6. Craig


    Thanks Polly... I'm too scared not too lol Craig
  7. Craig


    Again... My better arf spotted the sunrise this morning and urged me to go and take a photo(s) It was absolutely stunning this morning I have to say... these photos really doesn't do it justice.
  8. Craig

    POTW - w/e 4/11/2018

    Oh WOW!!! Thank you Dee and everyone... I would never expected this to be chosen for POTW? Chuffed to bits Craig
  9. Don't know how I ever missed this thread FUJI....? Not only are you a superb photographer you are an equally superb painter....! Makes me sick.... lol I doff my cap to you sir! Craig
  10. Craig

    Halloween has arrived at our house....

    Thank you Polly and Bill very very kind of you
  11. Craig

    Halloween has arrived at our house....

    The big pumpkin yes absolutely... The little ones are Ornamental and not good for eating.