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  1. Craig

    POTW ending 8th Nov

    Wow thank you Cheryl. and thank you all... All 3 kids are certainly the apples of my eye, but I'm sure you have probably realised that lol Thank you again Craig :)
  2. By order of the Peaky Borders! lol
  3. When I was young pup down pits.....!
  4. We have just the three.... Dexter on the left, Honey in the middle ( who has just had life saving surgery, hence the t-shirt) and Dexters true brother Flynn (7 months old) on the right. Honey is certainly the boss... she keeps and eye on them both and lets them know when they are getting out of hand... lol
  5. On these ones because i couldn't be bothered (lazy i know) to get the backdrops out I shot them on a blank background (a wall) and composited in a digital background. (a mixture of three backgrounds i think it was...)
  6. thank you all For some reason they look really over sharpened on here...? I dont know why? especially the three of them. Honey in the red t-shirt has just come out of life saving surgery on the photo.
  7. A few of our dogs.... Dexter, Honey & Flynn
  8. The Brenizer effect is amazing have used it a couple of times myself... just cant change the focus at all which isnt always easy if your not careful. Great example here Fogey 👍 Craig :)
  9. Oh yes absolutely... Mind you Dexter plays with him 24/7 so its not too bad lol
  10. Thank you Polly, I THINK it was my f1.8 50mm if memory serves...
  11. Another superb shot Polly! A very well deserved winning image! Craig :)
  12. This is Flynn our Border Terrier Puppy. As usual into absolutely everything...!
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