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  1. Hi Hatter, I'm sure that Is the same Lesley Smith who is the resident historian on TV's Most Haunted.
  2. Thank you Clicker for sorting this out for me. It's really appreciated.
  3. Wow thank you. This was a surprise for sure! To reply to sjr's valid comment, I too did sit and think hard about if this image before posting it. But I come to the conclusion that this is a semi hollowed bodied guitar and unlike a pure electric guitar this can be played acoustically without any electric amplification (which I often do). So if played in this fashion I felt that being a stringed instrument which to achieve any sound from it acoustically is purely a mechanical setup and action. The very last thing I would want to do is to not obey any rules of the competition. I would be more than happy to rescind the image.
  4. All great shots but I particularly love the Mono shot as it fits in perfectly with the style of the Autocar. Craig
  5. Wow! Amazing love them both! Craig
  6. Thank you. It's a new (new to me) technique which I feel really adds to this kind of shot. It looks so different (and better) than the original.
  7. Thanks Polly, I find the walking away helps massively as I have a tendency to be over zealous with the effect. So looking at things with fresh eyes works for me as I always have to dial down everything by at least one third lol
  8. Thanks Rye, I have been playing about with this effect for sometime. Not going OTT is quite difficult. I normally have to walk away from the computer for a while then come back to it, then lower the effect. lol Craig
  9. Dexter in Full "Blue Steel" posing mode today Craig
  10. Thank you Hatter. He is a right little poser lol Craig
  11. Thank you Polly and Sjr. Just trying out some new techniques which I have been reading up on. Craig
  12. Playing around with some effects...?
  13. Craig


    Good old Photoshop to the rescue again
  14. Craig


    Yes it was certainly a numbers game. I hate to think how many shots I took that night. Using the luna rule helped a lot.
  15. Craig


    It was just one of A LOT of shots. One I finally managed to get sharp(ish).
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