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  1. Eureka!!! The Wallaby fence is finished, so here it is in all it's splendour at sunset. The only picture I've had the chance to take so far this week.
  2. Trying to make something out of nothing. Pity you chose this week as a mono challenge. This is the only photo I've taken this week and I was quite pleased with the outcome. But that was a sunset in colour and when converted into mono was distinctly lacking. So I got to work with Nik,Topaz and Photoshop filters trying to make something out of it. Essentially, it is a photo of our Wallaby fence, which is now finished (at last!) at sunset, as can be seen in A Slice of Life.
  3. Brian

    Two Trees

    Very nice idyllic shot of the English countryside as I remember it. I thought I'd heard the name Pendle Hill before, so I Googled it and it seems that they used to have more than their fair share of witches and their accompanying executions. I can just imagine a gibbet on top of that hill.
  4. Brian

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 03

    From a visit to my mate's garden. Sydney the snake.
  5. It doesn't get much spikeyer than this. A decorative wall in my friend's garden.
  6. Brian

    nice but no idea

    I think Chris is right. I've just done a bit of Googling and the wheels, front and rear 'guards, lights, and boot are all Austin 10 Lichfield circa 1935. Even the door looks like a modified rear door. But heaven alone knows what's under the bonnet!
  7. Brian

    Beadnell and Beyond.

    Lovely set but the mono is the standout for me. Brings back all sorts of memories of my prior life in Devon. One of the things I yearn for is the little coastal villages with the stone walled harbours. Another thing I've not seen since emigrating is a clinker built rowboat. I imagine they've all gone to the bottom and replaced by aluminium runabouts. I really enjoy your jaunts with your mates, BP. Keep 'em coming.
  8. Brian

    nice but no idea

    Good shot of a very pretty car, but I reckon it's been "chopped".
  9. Brian

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 02

    As posted in the week, Cheryl, myself and a group of friends had an evening session in Bendigo on Monday. I spent much of the time, shoulder to shoulder with Cheryl, almost taking the same photo and it's amazing the different result that each individual achieves. This is almost a duplicate of the one Cheryl posted earlier in the week, with my own interpretation.
  10. Brian

    a foggy Wells next the sea.

    Very nicely captured atmosphere. That's how I remember our summer holidays to Herne Bay as a kid.
  11. Brian

    Colour Running

    It's hard to work out what's going on, but it looks like fun. You'd need to put your camera in a plastic bag or something.
  12. Brian

    Bendigo Law Courts

    Could be en editing glitch, Chris. I'm looking after Deirdre's dogs (Kobione) for a few days and am using a small laptop for editing.
  13. Went for a Night Shoot around Bendigo on Monday night with Cheryl and a few friends from our local Photo Group. Spent quite a lot of time on this lovely old Victorian street light and the frontage of the Law Courts. I particularly like this one as with a bit of jiggling I almost got the result I was aiming for; ........a rare occurance indeed. It is a composite (not HDR) of 3 exposures of differing settings.
  14. Brian

    Yellow fly

    Help! Why can I see nothing?
  15. It's been nearly 50 years since I last walked through it, Denis, but could this be the foot tunnel at Woolwich? Cancel that Denis, I've just re read your top introduction.