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  1. Love the processing, great feeling of age in this one, Polly. I like it a lot!
  2. Almost an oxymoron! Nice simple composition.
  3. Great capture, Polly. You can almost feel the swirling of the birds. (I must admit I had to Google it.)
  4. Stray kitten handed in to the local Gallery, probably less than 2 weeks old. Trying to hold it with one hand and take photo with the other resulted in very soft focus. So PhotoShop and Topaz filters to the rescue.
  5. Brian

    POTW - w/e 17/03/19

    That's weird, why the strange spacing?
  6. Brian

    POTW - w/e 17/03/19

    Thanks, everyone. Funny thing is that I only took a spur of the moment shot to show Fuji what I've been up to, with no intention of posting it. Then into PhotoShop for a twiddle and I quite liked the result. I now wish I'd cleaned the table before taking it!
  7. I'm working on your fruit bowl now, John.
  8. Hooray! You were right, Rye. Somehow, the .jpg got dropped and it's never happened before. We learn a little something every day.
  9. I thought you might like to see the fruits of my labours. The first thing I've actually made, that wasn't just shavings. It doesn't seem to be uploading properly and you have to double click the attachment. Dunno why! Thanks to Rye, we have cracked it!
  10. Thanks, Richard. Yes it's not the easiest thing in the world, taking a picture of you doing something else. The 10 second timer comes in handy, provided you remember to cancel it , as you can miss the shot of a lifetime waiting the 10 seconds for it to count down.
  11. Thanks, Fuji. Yes, I remember you saying once that you ware an enthusiastic wood turner and thanks for the you tube advice. What you didn't know though, is that the last decade or so before emigrating, was spent in a toymaking factory in Devon making wooden toys. Thanks, John. It is alarming just how much shavings come from a little bit of wood and so far, I've swept up after each session. Don't know how long that will last though. I said that after the tenth attempt, Polly. But oh well, just one more. Then just one more, Then......
  12. #2 and 3 for me. The wet pavement really tells us it was a rotten day and the grass seed is just beautiful.
  13. I inherited this lathe from the Mens Shed, as obsolete equipment. Had a lot of fun and frustration taking this image, chosen from about 50. Hard to set up the focus on an imaginary spot, then whizz round the front to pose for the shot.
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