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  1. Brian

    Home Brew

    Thanks, Fooj. You're right. This is getting beyond a joke and to think there are still people who don't accept Global Warming. Idiots! Fear not! The home brew is never far away. And there are 7 brews of 30 bottles each sitting in the shed beckoning!
  2. Brian

    Home Brew

    My mate enjoying a home brew. It's so hot, that I'm staying indoors belatedly going through my old photos putting keywords on then.
  3. Brian

    Kinver Edge

    Love those patchwork fields. It's the softness that I like and as Kobione says, you can sit and look at it for a long time.
  4. Brian


    Gandalf's brother !
  5. Brian


    For gratuitous sex, violence and profanity, you should try "Deadwood". That'll make your hair curl. When I watched the first episode I only got halfway through it and turned it off. But I persevered and after a while you just seem to get de-sensitised. Eventually I found it was one of the most addictive series I've seen and watched the whole 4 series twice so far. Same with Game of Thrones. Bambi it Aint!' It makes you wonder if this sort of "Entertainment" isn't contributory to the violence in society today. Bring back Bambi and Snow White.
  6. Brian

    Bokeh bugs and berries

    Love those berries, Polly. I can imagine them in a big bowl with dollops of ice cream. I hope they are edible! edit......btw, super photos. Very nice oof background.
  7. Local junk yard, tractor wheels, helped on with Topaz
  8. Brian


    Thanks for the link, Fuji. It gave me a few ideas to try. The nutrient I use is the stuff they use for marijuana and even has a picture of a marijuana plant on the label. I hope it gives you the inspiration to grow some, Nanny. One of my favourite breakfasts is fried tomatoes on toast. That's the reason for the tomatoes, Korky. To stop the breeze whisking the froth off my home brew! Incidentally, I've just started to re-read Game of Thrones on my Samsung tablet.
  9. Brian

    I'm big, I'm mean, so stay away......

    Imagine him tied up outside the Pub. No one would bother you! Nice shot Dee.
  10. Brian

    Nearly There

    Lovely image and nice stories to compliment it. Just a tad over darkened for my taste but still a nice image.
  11. Brian

    Male Marsh Harriers

    Great images, Roger. I'm really jealous!
  12. Brian

    When you're finished

    That's the look of true affection.
  13. Brian


    Thanks, Fuji.........hard to keep cool in this weather. They've threatened us with over 40 degrees for most of this week. It makes it very hard to get motivated to do almost anything. Your tomato growing recipe sounds great, I think I might give it a try. Stay tuned!
  14. Brian


    Thanks, Poly. Yes they do indeed use a fair bit of water, but the results are worth it. I had some plants left over when I set the system up and I'll do a comparison of some toms growing in potting mix compared to the hydroponics. Theres quite a difference. The Mac is going well, although I do miss the outright speed of my old pc, which was an i7 with ssd and 16 gig of ram. But nothing compares to the resolution of Retina 5K display especially with 27 inch screen. I would add that normally I would trim most of the foliage off the plants. They use less water and more nutrient goes into the fruit. But as I said, this is to cut down the breeze, and seems to be working. Thanks, Cheryl. They do look nice, don't they. I've got to the stage now where we can't give them away fast enough. 46 deg. is a bit much. Even with hydroponics, the plant can't take up the moisture as fast as it looses it and they wilt. But they come good overnight.
  15. Brian


    It's been too hot to do much for a while now. So I thought I'd show you my hydroponic tomatoes. This is in the carport, where sometimes it's nice to just sit and lounge about and enjoy the bush. The problem is that on some days you get a howling gale through here. So I thought I'd set up my hydroponic tomatoes here this year and train them up some wire mesh as a wind break........and it works......to a degree!