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  1. Brian

    Wild Things...

    Love it! Love it! All of the comments above.
  2. Brian


    Having ridden motorbikes most of my life.............hard learned lessons................1 Never ride without gloves 2.Never ride without boots. Here endeth the lesson! Btw, nice image but as you say, the shutter could have been slower to blur the wheels and background.
  3. Brian

    Word Association Thread

  4. Very nice James. The detail in the craters is really impressive.
  5. Brian


    The colour one for me. For my tastes, the mono lacks depth and contrast. I've taken it into PShop an had a twiddle with the Camera Raw filter. I hope you don't mind and I would like your opinion on my edit of your photo.
  6. Brian

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 08

    That is a lovely photo, Gareth. Nice soft colouring and good focus.
  7. Brian

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 08

    From a visit to the Solar Research Establishment yesterday.
  8. Brian


    Nice set and I like what you did with the ripples. Well thought out.
  9. Brian

    Harold Hare

    Got to agree with Rye, #2 for me. Looks like he's ready to spring into action. It could be hares that are responsible for the carnage in my garden and blaming the wallabies.
  10. Brian

    Word Association Thread

  11. Very nice, Dee. I can just see this with Polly's Old Masters makeover.
  12. Brian


    Good action shots, but they're a darn sight braver than I!
  13. Brian

    Word Association Thread

  14. Brian

    Word Association Thread

    LACES (I'd forgotten all about "Word association" and used to have a lot of fun here.)
  15. I like that you have put up the original photo , Polly. It gives us the chance to "reverse engineer" your manipulated image and work out how you did it. Or at least something similar. More please.