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  1. Brian

    Weekly Challenge #177 TIME ...

    A very long TIME ago! We don't seem to get many of these round our way any more.
  2. Brian

    Bottoms up!

    Bottoms up! One of our ducks on the dam, fishing for Yabbies, (a kind of small freshwater cray).
  3. Brian

    Autumn Time

    Very cleverly put together, Colin. #1 grabs your attention and makes you want to see more. Beautiful set. You should be pleased.
  4. I think your revised version works much better, John. As you said, the barrow is a bit of a distraction. Especially the little yellow thingo. Very nice image.
  5. Sure will Clicker! Got to see if I can remember how!
  6. I had to Google it to see what Basson was. I immediately thought of Bassoon. Nearly right!
  7. Brian

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 25

    First image taken on my home made focus stacking rig. Do you find the fake reflection convincing?
  8. As in the UK, Armistice Day is close to most Australian hearts. Cheryl and I went in to Bendigo last night for a White Light presentation, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice of 1918. I've never seen one of these displays before and was absolutely blown away by it all. It was probably 15 minutes of continually changing moving images and film, of the lead up to and conclusion of the 1914-18 War. This was fittingly projected onto the Soldiers Memorial Institute building. Almost everyone was moved by it, to the point that the whole audience applauded at the finish. As with many events, these images do not do it justice.
  9. This week's Challenge is "Something Musical". This should give everyone a chance to delve into their archives to find something with a Musical theme. Or even better, to get out there into the World and conjure up something new. You have until Midnight UK time on 16th November to submit your entries.
  10. Thanks, everyone. I'm out for the rest of the day, but will do the next Challenge tomorrow.
  11. Hope I'm not too late! Nostalgic for me , as shortly after this beauty was made, I started work as a 16 year old, in Woolwich, where this was made.
  12. Brian

    The Cuckoo Trail

    I don't seem to have a picture!
  13. Brian

    Classic Ford figure removal

    I watched the tutorial, John, and realised that this is a much quicker and more accurate method than mine. The only problem is that (for me) it just wouldn't work. I spent all evening trying to make it work, ending up with the same result every time. My result from two perfectly merged images, had both figures still present, but at about 50% opacity. Absolutely no idea why! I would be interested to see if it worked properly on one of your railway platform images.