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  1. Well done, Johntwo.
  2. Hope it heals well, Polly. My daughter sufferers with torn ligaments so I know you will be in a lot of pain.
  3. Lovely! I feel like reaching out to touch it.
  4. Al Capone look-a-like. Great shot.
  5. Fantastic detail. Nice one
  6. Thanks all. I am amazed just how well the artist has brought out the sad, pleading expression. you are right, Korky. I think we all feel sadness in what is happening in these present times.
  7. An amazing shot. Well done, John
  8. Great night shots, and amazing colour, BP.
  9. I was there a week last Monday. I'm glad you got over to see it, Fuj. It's an amazing piece of art work, isn't it? I gave a freind my other little Lumix compact and it was lovely to see her getting shots and enjoying it too.
  10. Such detail and so interesting to see in close up.
  11. Looks good in mono.
  12. Got these last week, but a bug laid me up until now. It was nice to get out with my camera. I just took the little Lumix TZ80, as it was nice and easy to carry. The knife Angel seems to be gathering a lot of attention. I really hope that it gives people the initiative to hand in weapons like this before they are used to maim or kill other people. I live in hope that it will save some lives. Hope the quality and size are ok as just edited and re-sized on my tablet.
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