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  1. NannyFerret

    A Little Night Walk.

    A lovely set. The have a magical look with the lighting.
  2. NannyFerret

    POTW - Week ending 21/10/2018

    Congratulations, Colin.
  3. NannyFerret

    And Another One.....

    I hadn’t noticed that they were shadows, Dee, but the detail on his skin is still lovely.
  4. NannyFerret

    Galaxy Wrap

  5. NannyFerret

    And Another One.....

    Lovely captures, Dee. I’m glad you got both shots as the lower one shows the lovely lines on his head.
  6. NannyFerret


    They are quality and beautiful Fuji. I still haven't got to the museum on Abbey Fields yet. I need to put that on my list of "to do's"
  7. NannyFerret

    Snowdonia National Park....

    Beautiful shot of my favourite Country.
  8. NannyFerret


    I’m interested in your hands theme as I really like the editing and am looking forward to what you will come up with next.
  9. NannyFerret

    Flesh Fly on Corriander

    Love the detail and sharpness, John. Nice one
  10. NannyFerret

    Red Stag feeding

    What a pose! Lovely capture , JF.
  11. NannyFerret

    POTW - w/e 23/9/18

    Well done, Bill. I thought this would be a winner.
  12. NannyFerret

    There's a storm brewing

    I bet it was a lovely walk along that path. beautiful golden colour again the dark sky.
  13. NannyFerret

    All in White

    Lovely set. I wish they did more fun stuff like this in Coventry.
  14. NannyFerret

    Painting The Sky

    Just amazing.
  15. NannyFerret

    Emily Pankhurst

    It was high up, which was why there was more shadow at the top, Korky, but it was quite a bit bigger than life size as far as I could tell from where I was standing. I think the creator was clever to get it to look so good with all of the bits and pieces.