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  1. The lens creates a lovely soft bokeh too. Paul.
  2. Thank you - they are not as noticeable as our traditional green lacewings and are a lot smaller too, so probably often overlooked. Paul.
  3. Thank you Dee x Paul.
  4. Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, the opilione has what appears to be about 14 legs!!! Here is why - it was feasting too... ...and closer... Paul.
  5. Unpleasant weather in the North West of England - but still something to be found. Best of all probably the brown lacewing - I don't often have these in the garden, and add to that a couple of other shots of an opilione (nice legs, but take up a lot of space!) and a flat bodied springtail that I think is eating something. Paul.
  6. They do have a striking appearance for sure Fuji. Cheers m8. Paul.
  7. Cheers Rye - they are common but blend in well.... Paul.
  8. Thanks Kev m8. Paul.
  9. Chasing this flighty insect around the garden was bloody hard work - managed just three shots - the first two OK but not quite there, and the third in the hardest position to reach of all (ground level with the camera resting on 2 plastic containers, the top one being an upside down plant pot) and with the impending storm on its way in causing the foliage to move in short sharp gusts of wind. Still came out just about OK with a fair crop and some adjustments in LR. This is I think a male green leaf hopper, Cicadella viridis. Taken on the 70D, LAWOA Venus 60mm lens, @ ISO125, f/11, 1/250sec, ringflash at -1/2EV. Paul.
  10. +1 on the scarcity this year. Good to see you found a lovely specimen. Paul.
  11. I walk around the garden like a zombie sometimes just slowly ambling around in the hunt for a camera victim lol... Paul.
  12. A bit of a novelty in the hover world from what I have read... Paul.
  13. Thanks Dee. Paul