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  1. Yellow Peril

    Brilliant. Paul.
  2. You lookin at me?

    He has a really furry face! Nice job. Paul.
  3. Face to face

    Superb detail. Paul.
  4. I'll see what I can rustle up Polly, lol...
  5. Thank you kindly Polly : ) Paul.
  6. Cheers Geoff - I suppose once upon a time I would go and look for them but less so nowadays. Paul.
  7. Turns out this may be the large white not small... They look so alike to me, lol.. Paul.
  8. Bilbo Baggins cat catches them before I can even spot them - the only ones I have seen other than 2 or 3 outside flying, have been the ones he has caught and eaten! Paul.
  9. I've seen so few this summer (and so few insects etc tbh this year) so rushed to grab this - but it left the garden twice before I got anywhere near it. When I was able to do so, it was a couple of feet into the flower bed which meant leaning across a few flowers to get this near... A small white, I do believe. Paul.
  10. Legs are too long...

    Insects do have a habit of staying hidden when they need to - and old houses I'm certain will remain as favorite haunts... Paul.
  11. Legs are too long...

    Cheers Geoff : ) Paul.
  12. Conjoined and Colouful

    Cheers m8 : ) Paul.