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  1. Thanks John. You'll have seen them, without realising... Move a piece of wood or a piece of masonry from the soil in the garden and you'll spot some I'm sure. 4mm... Look hard - and they'll literally spring away sometimes! Paul.
  2. Lovely jubbly John. Well done. Paul.
  3. Thanks Geoff. Like a muppet, I forgot to put my diffusion sheet on the ringflash hence the halo... Paul.
  4. Looks like some very well set out work done there. Good workers. Paul.
  5. It's a closet monk spider! Flash was directly overHEAD... Paul.
  6. I was explaining to Polly what springtails were - the one I linked to was a globular springtail - but this one is an Orchesella villosa (Elongate Bodied Springtail) I'm shy, stop it Mr Tog... Now you've gone and done it Mr Tog!!! I told you don't look Tog!!! Paul.
  7. This was under a discarded concrete clump - Amaurobius sp. (either similis or fenestralis). Paul.
  8. Paul

    POTW ending 8th Nov

    Congrats Craig - a super doggie pic! Paul.
  9. Body length about half an inch at most...
  10. ...but he didn't want to stay put, and turned away from me, so just a side-on shot, before he scurried behind a bit of space around the top of the door frame...
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