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  1. Paul

    POTW - w/e 10.6.18

    Beautifully idyllic.
  2. Paul

    Speckled Wood

    Thanks all Paul.
  3. Paul

    Speckled Wood

    First speckled wood butterfly in the garden this year, on the apple tree. Paul.
  4. Paul

    Big eyes

    Wonderful. Paul.
  5. Paul

    Todays Bug Hunt 04/06/2018

    Super #2 & #3 - like them a lot. Paul.
  6. Paul

    Ermine moth

    Cheers m8 Paul.
  7. Paul

    Ermine moth

    No... Then I'd look like Dennis the Menace or Freddie Kruger!
  8. Paul

    Ermine moth

    Thank you all. @John2 it was here at home - very late at night (neighbours must think I'm a nutter cos I go into the garden so late - sometimes with a torch! Paul.
  9. Paul

    Ermine moth

    Found a wonderful white ermine moth on Tuesday night. Paul.
  10. Paul


    It's a 70d with the LAOWA Venus 60mm 2:1 macro lens Paul.
  11. Paul


    I dunno m8 - it never really leaves, but... While Mojo is there, there'll be the odd snap or two Phil : )
  12. Paul


    Thanks gents
  13. Paul


    Not seen one of these in the garden for I think 3 years now. Commonly known as the "Sunfly" (Helophilus pendulus). Paul.
  14. Paul

    Bee Fly - Bombylius major

    Excellent find up here. I've still never seen one myself! Paul.
  15. Paul

    POTW - w/e 29/4/2018

    Well I sure wasn't expecting this! Cheers Geoff for making your choice and thanks everyone for your words and encouragement. Paul.