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  1. Legs are too long...

    Cheers Geoff : ) Paul.
  2. Conjoined and Colouful

    Cheers m8 : ) Paul.
  3. POTW - w/e 24/9/17

    Beautiful. Paul.
  4. Hippity Hoppity

    Cheers m8 Paul.
  5. Hippity Hoppity

    Found this rascal blending in with the bark of the apple tree today... Paul.
  6. Wood Ant Blowing a Bubble

    Great find Roger, well spotted. Paul.
  7. Legs are too long...

    Thanks Kate : ) Paul.
  8. They don't fit in, lol.. Paul.
  9. Raven feathers

    Just a touch of sharpness missing too perhaps? Paul.
  10. POTW w/e 17/9/17

    Thanks Polly..: ) Paul.
  11. Some from today

    Thanks Roger m8. Paul.
  12. Some from today

    Cheers Korky Paul
  13. POTW w/e 17/9/17

    Thank you everyone, a nice unexpected surprise for me. Paul.
  14. Some from today

    Thank you very kindly ladies x Paul.