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  1. A shot of the pack bridge over the river Keer at Capernwray with the railway arches in the background. I remember playing here as a kid of 6 or 7 years old and was told by my mum never to play there again because it was dangerous. I never gave any thought to the fast moving river, railway, the canal or mill race; I thought it was dangerous because trolls lived under bridges.
  2. To be fair John, Barrow isn't the most inviting place to approach even when the sun is shining! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Some of theses vessels will never again make the voyage along the Walney Estuary to the open sea
  4. I believe it's a gas drilling rig
  5. Thanks Clicker. I saw the guy drinking from the bottle and I thought "what are the chances of it being Corona, and what are the chances of him putting it down with the label facing the right way?" ........I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!
  6. A brief respite from the worries of the virus!
  7. Resting my aching legs watching the horses on the beach , then I suddenly realised there were three colours in perfect thirds!
  8. ..... a little walk along the prom at Fleetwood
  9. Managed to find time to get out for a walk with my camera on Tuesday evening. I was exploring some of the back streets of Morecambe when I passed a watering hole I hadn't been in for many years. A man stood in the doorway with a cigarette in hand, I quickly raised my X100T and took a shot. As I walked on I heard a shout, "have you just taken my f...... picture?" I ignored it at first but he shouted louder and the abuse became stronger. I thought it best to stop and talk to the man and explain what I'd just done. I turned to the man and waved and told him I'd taken a picture of the oldest pub i
  10. Beautiful! But then I have to admit to being just a little biased, I have to look at this every day! I would have invited you in for a brew if I'd known you were here John!
  11. Congratulations Van, well deserved!
  12. Martyn


    It's funny you should say that, I thought about her as I was taking the shot!
  13. Martyn


    Spotted this guy in a charity shop while walking around with my camera after closing time!
  14. Stunning pictures all. You certainly have a good eye for composition and a knack when it comes to post processing!
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