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  1. Anyone have a treadmill I can borrow
  2. Thank you Rye - just a 'lockdown' challenge to myself, I found some angles work better than others.
  3. Thank you John. I used Photoshop and also tried Lightroom. Found I had to delete various areas from each picture to show the next stacked image, thought I was doing it all wrong, looking at a couple of videos on the www it seems that's the way to do it. Because of this Photoshop was the easier option as you can see which layer to work on.
  4. Something new to me, as I had never tried focus stacking before. Not as easy as I thought but 12 images stacked into one using a 1/18th scale Ferrari 2001
  5. Me neither Martin but next time I see one I might give this a go - top work there fella .
  6. Nice shot John, very pretty engine.
  7. Sorry but that looks awful, the interior is an improvement but the exterior ... what were they thinking. next time you go John take a picture or two of St.Walburge's and show them how it should be done
  8. A nice sunny set but I'm sorry that sculpture looks awful. What were they thinking? It looks like something rehashed from a 1960's outdoor swimming pool
  9. colinb

    Happy Birthday

    50 years ... must be worth free membership of the 'Bonnet Up Club'
  10. Hi Martyn - thank you very much for you comment, much appriciated. I can report that Tattersall Castle is still there although not open due to the current situation. On the up side they do seem to be making more of the place these days with quite a few events during the year (well maybe not this year). If you head over this way again let me know
  11. Looking through a few old photos that I shot way back on August 13th 2014 of the last two remaining airworthy Avro Lancaster aircraft that I had not previously shown. Whilst I like the picture it was rather bland with no sky detail. So with time to spare I searched for a suitable backdrop and with a little blending, blurring, dodging and burning I thought the outcome didn't look too bad?
  12. Well it caught my eye and made me look so I think that's a winner
  13. Despite its moniker, the Pink Moon isn't actually Pink . The name "Pink Moon" comes from the bloom of ground phlox, a pink flower common in North America. It has also been called the Sprouting Grass Moon the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon.
  14. Not entirely sure about the yellow tint but I love the shot Denis, nice and sharp throughout. Regarding the transmitter towers - there used to be a campsite underneath the near one, spent a few summer weeks based there camped among a wealth of nationalities.
  15. Would I use such a cheap joke as that . . . . . . damm never thought of 'ewe'
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