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  1. Hi All many thanks for the kind comments Polly - parachuting down might be fun if a little risky but no. I used a 600mm lens for all pictures except the Hurricane photo which was my 300mm lens.Best tip I can give you Polly is try learning 'back button focusing' which helps keep the aircraft in focus.
  2. Hi All Just popped in to say Hi and I hope you are all enjoying the good weather, getting out there and taking a few snaps. As normal I've been out shooting planes, but I will post some other stuff up another night just to show I can do 'other' pictures too :-) Take care speak soon.
  3. Hi All I managed to get a spare couple of hours this morning so headed over to RAF Coningsby to catch the Dakota before it headed off to Sheffield for the Mi Amigo flypast. I thought she might be grounded as the fog had rolled in and was quite thick at times, then a brief gap opened up and she was away... I would have preferred a nice clear morning, but I guess you have to work with what you get :-)
  4. A nice set, personally I prefer the round sun-dial things, gives the pictures something unique.
  5. That river is disgraceful - who is supposed to look after that waterway?
  6. colinb

    Sigma Doc Test

    I noticed my Sigma Art 18/35 was badly front focusing since changing to a D7500 so this afternoon I spend some time using the Doc to recalibrate the lens. It is not a complicated as I thought but it is a little time consuming, I needed something to test the focus point was 'hitting' where it should so it was a quick shoot on my driveway using my car. and finally one of the car on its own from a couple of weeks ago...
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Denis. Hi Polly - we plan to have a dash camera fitted in the new year. Yvonnes Mokka X (as is her replacement) is fitted with a system called OnStar which called the emergency services as soon as the airbags were deployed. She also had 'a voice' in the car with her trying to keep her calm whist informing here the police/ambulance were on their way. I thought this OnStar system might be a waste of money - how wrong was I ?
  8. Thank You Dee, I hope its a good one for you guys down under too :-)
  9. Hello All As Christmas is almost upon us I thought I would drop in and wish you all the best for the season, glad tidings and all that kind of thing. And perhaps I had better account for my absence over the last month or three. Firstly work and as some of you may know I had a change of career and went to work for an old friend of mine. We did expect things to be steady but maybe the word ‘manic’ might have been a better option and things have been going far better than expect, fortunately the Christmas holidays will give us a good break until early 2019. My photography has taken third place for a while and so I haven’t really been out and about with my camera and evenings have been spent mostly at home with my feet up rather than browsing the www. Now you may have already moved on to the photos below so I’d best fill you in on these… Just before 1am one Sunday morning late November I received a phone call to informed my wife had been involved in an accident about 2 miles from our home. Needless to say I was soon on my way over to the scene expecting some minor bump. I arrived to see something that resembled a bomb-site with blue flashing lights everywhere. I had better say that Yvonne is ok (ish) and although her Mokka X was on its roof the front offside wheel was some 15ft from the vehicle along with the ‘complete’ headlight unit, the near side wheel looking to be at a strange angle and debris all over her side of the road she has been one lucky lady. This was about 4 weeks ago (I prefer not to show the pictures until now) Yvonne is now back at work but still feeling the aches and pains that come when someone tries to turn right across the path of an oncoming vehicle. Since the accident we have received a letter from the other car owners insurance and he is now claiming: 1) No Police or emergency services were called (You should always take some pictures on your phone if you can) 2) My wife was inebriated (both drivers were breathalysed, both clear). 3) He was stationary and she hit him (I’m not sure the pictures agree) We have passed this letter onto Yvonne’s insurance company and the police along with the pictures (and a few more of same) below. As he is a Turkish national he also refused to be interviewed on the night stating “no English” funnily enough around 10 of his friends turned up All who spoke no English. Because of this it has been 2 weeks before the police called him in for an interview. We are now waiting to see what happens next. So a very Merry Christmas to everyone on TIPF and may we all have a better 2019.
  10. Cheers guys, nice to read you all like different shots. I'm not quite sure I have the focus quite there in no.5 Denis otherwise it would probably be my fave too.
  11. I had a couple of hours to kill over in Lincoln, so I went for a walk around Hartsholme Park with my camera.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. Sorry and thanks again Polly, I think I had best not enter any of the comps for a while at least until I am able to do my bit if I win any of them .
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