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  1. In remembrance of my late father - John Victor Brammer - Merchant Seaman/Engineer Like my Grandfather before him, and so many of their friends and relations, he fought for this country of ours during WW2 (Grandad in WW1). He never complained, hardly spoke about the things he must have seen, when it was all over just got on with life and raised my Elder Brother, Sister and me. RIP Dad
  2. I Talk To The Trees

    Cheers both. Me too Kev, it was the way the trees mirrored the curve that caught my eye (not quite sure that comes over well on a small picture).
  3. I Talk To The Trees

    ...don't worry they'll put me back on my Meds soon. If you think the ears look big you should see the teeth Leaning to the left?

    Either for me... although the crop does show the focus is a little soft around the edges. Was this taken with one of your bargain lens Fuji?
  5. Yellow Flower

    I'm a little confused about the yellow tint but, good work really nice effect - more please.
  6. and another one I missed from start to finish, but well done Craig lovely shot.
  7. High Places...

    All very good all very Korky - 3&4 for me
  8. A frosty morning in Peterborough

    Noooooooo keep it in colour, view the large file which shows the warmth of Autumn and the oncoming cold of winter. Cracking pic that is spoilt in BW.
  9. Local History

    Thanks for taking the time to write about these pictures BP, interesting stuff and you might have started something.

    Colour with this shot - although I'm surprised you asked. And the stone is John McEnroe, I hope you took it home and kept him safe?
  11. Big Muscle

    The custom look suits the Chevy, but who would do that to a Thunderbird? Some people have no taste
  12. Nice looking car and whilst I don't think the HDR has worked (makes the white bodywork look rough) it is nice to see a car set in a scene rather than parked amongst others.
  13. Cheers Guys - I only wish Pete ( in the hat) didn't smile so much.
  14. Happy Halloween Best viewed large ... if you dare