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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. Hi Bill - nice to see you . I too have browsed your website and see you (like me) have gone down the Adobe Portfolio route, although I think your layout looks far better. With that in mind and time off over Christmas I may well give mine a work over. Keep shooting and seasons greetings to you.
  2. A well composed dramatic image which should make for a good 'hallway' picture.
  3. Nice postcard feel Polly, but I've never really fancied skiing - unless its water skiing somewhere warm!
  4. To be fair it came through at one hell of a pace probably faster than the diesel, maybe had his foot down trying to catch up some of the time they lost.
  5. It'll have to be the razor wire Bill, its pitch black with no lighting just before the platform which is why I headed off to the other end - next time I'll stand on the yellow area.
  6. Both very nice Rye, is this moving at speed or just setting off?
  7. Pick a really cold night and make sure you get to your chosen location early. Hopefully you will get the chance to shoot a previously scheduled train to practise and check your settings:- Once you are happy wait for the feature loco. ...wait a bit longer in the freezing cold. If the scheduled train does not appear ask a helpful railway worker who might tell you the train has been delayed by 30 minutes :-( ...Wait a bit longer in the freezing weather wondering if the camera battery will be ok. At last you can hear the train :-) so get ready to pan the camera as before and hey presto a great night shot of a steam train ... er oh oops. Remember next time to prepare for the unexpected such as elderly gentlemen stepping out onto the yellow zone - buggerit !!!!! Still there is always next weekends Christmas Special to try again :-/
  8. Tim I'm not sure if you are aware but the numbers on the lens usually refer to the widest figure eg f/4.5 I think you will find most (apart from some primes) will narrow done to f/22. Having said that I'm curious to know why as I don't think I have ever set the aperture to anything near f/22, it must restrict light and shutter speed?
  9. colinb

    Sand Men

    I think that is pretty much my 'shot of the day' too John - thanks for commenting and taking a look at my website.
  10. Most camera manufacturers stick a basic kit lens in the box which usually opens up to 4.5 at widest. I have a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G lens which you can often find a used version. I am assuming you are aware you can/maybe able to use older film camera lenses on digital cameras? Although you may find auto focus does not work - a member by the name of Fuji . On the other hand I find using my 'cheap' 55/300mm f/4.5 -5.6 can give a nice short depth.
  11. Beach Racing at Skegness you can view more at my website https://colinbrammer.co.uk/sand-racing Jump Coming / Going a lucky shot with his team mate travelling in the opposite direction Sandy
  12. A nice set John - I particularly like your editing on 'The Pack' :-)
  13. £200 is not a great budget to work with but you will find something out there. I can't speak for Canon as I have always had Nikon but in your price range you should be able to find D80 D90 D7000 DX bodies. I would avoid the likes of eBay unless the seller is close by and you can view and test the camera before buying. London Camera Exchange have shops all over the UK that sell used and are trusted https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/Secondhand-Search/?Order=Price&View=Grid&SHMake=&SHModel=&SHType=Digital+SLR+Cameras&Location=&Results=12
  14. Not really my thing but a really nice set and the crowd line works it well. On the negative side I really don't like the watermark (sorry)
  15. A really nice composisiton Denis, are you shooting in raw? Just wondering if you could pull some detail and colour back into the sky?
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