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  1. Wind Stopped Play

    Cheers John
  2. Wind Stopped Play

    Stopped by RAF Coningsby for this mornings practice, sadly the cross-wind prevent any formation flying. I only managed one half decent pic of the Lancaster before she had to land, but the Hurricane was good to see and gave us some fine entertainment.
  3. Stairway to ...............

    the edit was more about the vignette and a 5 min edit before I went over to Lincoln, I wasn't really referring to colour but I have desaturated the image.
  4. USAF V22 osprey

    I've not managed to bag one these myself yet, never have my camera with me when ones around. I have always thought the Osprey to be one of those mad 1950's ideas that got into production by accident.
  5. Teenyboppers

    I'm finding the back wall/clock a little odd to view but its a nice idea and the girls will love it.
  6. Happiness

    Crazy! NO black and white needed here
  7. Boredom

    Not sure about the title but its a cracking picture and begs the question "why a table and no chairs?'
  8. And to get this started ONE CAREFUL OWNER.
  9. ABANDONED - interpret however you wish with Old or new images, post your entries by 23.59 on Friday 20TH APRIL. Voting from Saturday 21st
  10. Thank you everyone, a nice surprise this morning. Sorry can't stop ... gotta go organise a challenge!
  11. Stairway to ...............

    I think you need to push the curves on that second one John I did wonder rather than the light vignette if you pushed the slider the other way you might see more texture, as you have 'yes' ticked on edit I thought I would go, but we all see things different.
  12. Stairway to ...............

    I may make two points 1) loose the vignette lets see it without please, the walls look to be cream, if you need to dodge/burn or clone of marks I think it would look so much better than the vignette. 2) 2nd step is slightly off horizontal, as it is in prime view I wonder if the image might benefit from pulling bottom left with the distort tool in PS or maybe just a slight rotation if you are not using PS. BUT -I realise the vertical is vertical which is why I suggest the distort tool. Also removing the vignette might not make the step so 'in your face' so no.1 might cure no.2. Finally - An interesting image that in general I really like, thanks for showing it.
  13. A Man and his Suitcase

    I thought Yay! a wonderful colour shot ...and then you spoil it by posting a BW version. The colour shows so much more texture, the wood, the suitcase, his tie, it gives interest to a loverly little picture. Whilst the BW is just another bland street shot like so many others - sorry but if I can't be honest there no point in me being here.
  14. Prague

    Always good to learn something new Mr Strav and a good image to use. Next step look at curves and levels and maybe even filter/de-speckle, but well done so far.
  15. Daffs and Ducks