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Me and Denis are meeting up for the Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Rally and Historic and Commercial Vehicle Society Trans Pennine Run on Sunday 5th Aug 2018 .

If anyone else would like to join us, we're planning to arrive in Hebden Bridge by 9am and leave by 5pm at the latest...

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  1. colinb

    Our Garden Friend

    Who said Robin pictures without snow don't work? Not me, super!
  2. colinb


    Not for me John. I think an original strong photograph shows the skill of a Photographer, an original painting in watercolours or oils etc shows the skill of an Artist. I'm not sure what this kind of thing shows other than the skill of the computer programmer?
  3. I'll take the 'Old Masters' style Polly but it does look a little dark on my screen.
  4. colinb

    Severn on the Kent at Arnside

    A nice scene John, but forgive me I am curious as to why black and white? Are you shooting film?
  5. Stained Glass - Lincoln Cathedral
  6. colinb

    Hovver Bovver

    Cheers All - There seems to a very few Bees around this year, probably due to the odd weather earlier this year.
  7. Class imagery - did they make a poster? Bet it would have sold in 1000's. Good spot Denis thanks for showing us
  8. colinb

    Hovver Bovver

    Quietly waiting for a Bee (which never appeared) to land on our Clematis, snapped this Hover Fly, I guess life is like that!
  9. colinb

    A weir on the Wear

    Outstanding work that makes you stop and look... a photograph you should be proud of BP certainly gets a 10/10 from me.
  10. colinb


    Chrissy I don't really see the point of HDR with a scene like this and would have thought a single RAW file would give as good if not better result. On the up side its not 'over cooked' and the tree edges don't have the usual giveaway edges.
  11. colinb

    Frost sunrise Australia

    Nice shot, and I guess Ryan Air are cutting back to the bone to save money again?
  12. colinb

    Royal Scot 46100

    Nice pic Rye, but your boarders are starting to get bigger than the image?
  13. colinb

    Nikon D7500

    Not quite BP, I bought via Amazon Warehouse £880, UK version including Nikon UK warranty, 50 on the shutter count ( I checked it myself). Reduced price due to slight box damage, look as it someone had opened the box ripping the print off the front of the box. Camera, battery, strap etc were still sealed up in unopened bags. I thought it worth a punt, if the box looked as if it had been dropped or kicked about I would have sent it back. So far all good. Anyone looking for a D7000? body only 31,000 shutter count (20% of the cameras life apparently). Including grip and other stuff?
  14. Treated myself to a Nikon D7500 this week and snapped a few test shots yesterday to see how it handled light and dark. This first shot taken at iso 2000 seems to handle noise well. and 3 odds from the local wednesday night Hot Rod meeting. Don't blame the camera I missed my focus point on this one...