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  1. Llyn Trawsfynydd

    ...and they say romance is dead
  2. Caught Robin Red Brested

    Spotted! very nice Mr SR
  3. POTW w/e 17/9/17

    Nice choice Kev, cracking shot Paul.

    And we thought the potholes around here were bad!
  5. Sigma update

    Plus a shot using Back Button Focus...
  6. Sigma update

    So today I used the AF Fine Tune facility on my Nikon D7000 to improve the focus/sharpness on my Sigma Art, please to say so far so good. If the weather improves I should be out on Sunday at a local 'Bikers' event where I will use the Sigma. Two of my favourite Authors in one pic... Some "Locals"
  7. Done by well dressers in Chesterfield

    I'm sure they meant well, but please don't let them do it again.
  8. Coffee Morning

    Superb photo and a bit of a design icon? Not sure I would enjoy sitting in the centre seating for me it would feel claustrophobic. BP your photo works really well with the 'one' person, whilst I have no idea where this is I think we may see many similar pictures across the photography web forums, can't see how they will top this one!
  9. A Gritty Post

    Catches your eye does that
  10. A trial run in our 'new toy'.......

    You are very lucky Deee, I gave up researching and driving the green lanes of England and Wales in the late 90's there was around 1700 miles of legal umetalled roads in England and 30,000 miles of footpaths (non drivable) but it all become to political for me and others. Sadley now many of the green lanes are overgrown and unusable by almost anyone. Drive them while you can.
  11. A trial run in our 'new toy'.......

    All good points but then again here in the UK if you do dare to travel a legal unmetalled by-way in a 4x4 you might be surprised by how violent and aggressive Ramblers can be.
  12. TVR - designed to thrill?

    Good idea Polly must remember that next time But it is a no to photoshop I don't think the picture is worth the time and effort. My Sister always thought the Ford Capri was driven by men called Kevin.
  13. The Halo Panopticon

    So that will be an early evening visit at some point? An interesting structure which I've neither seen or heard of it before Rye, when was it built?
  14. TVR - designed to thrill?

    TVR design - this car is a really good advert for British design as it looked great from every angle. Only wish I could have found the owner to ask about shooting it away from the other cars.
  15. Photo bombing bee...

    Ok so the Bee is a little OOF ... but who cares? The Lilly is strong enough to pull the eye to it, great shot Polly