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  1. Otherwise known as 'is that a Ford?" Not a clue about the people I just waited around a while until someone came along. And in case your'e interest Kirkby Green is a very small village just up the road from us here in Lincolnshire.
  2. Me ... I just prefer to use a 10mm wide lens saves a lot of faffing about.
  3. Wouldn't that be a 'vertorama' not a panorama?
  4. All correct - and thanks for taking the time to reply ?
  5. 4 pictures of Transport But can you guess which is which? 1 x Ambulance 2 x HGV 1 x Tractor
  6. I had the pleasure (not sure if that's the right word) of driving an E-Type and a 70's Mustang - neither went to well around the back lanes of Lincolnshire ?
  7. colinb

    VJ 75

    Hi Polly - thanks for the info on the Railway Man, not a film I've seen so I'll hunt it down for a viewing. The BBMF are always a pleasure to capture. I think with the lack of airshows this year they decided to try a performance take off, I've never seen them all come down the runway so close to each other. They caught me out I missed two Spitfires and didn't get chance to alter the shutter speed after the Lanc lifted away (hence not as sharp as the Lancaster). Thank You
  8. colinb

    VJ 75

    Taken last Saturday (15/08) as the BBMF headed off to the National Arboretum as part of the Victory in Japan Remembrance. Sadly due to the bad weather the London fly through had to be cancelled. And my apologies for not posting last weekend.
  9. A very nice set Fuji, and good luck to your grandson in these strange times.
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