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  1. colinb

    Lone Tree - for Fuji

    Have to agree, that is one wonderful image - Bill at his best 10/10 from me.
  2. colinb

    POTW - Week ending 16/09/2018

    I missed the original post but WOW certainly deserves the POTW.
  3. colinb

    A Murmuration of Starlings

    Whilst I dislike the boarder (not sure why some members use them) this really is a nice, well composed image with the addition of the figure and the water run-off into the sea giving balance. A classic - get it printed and on your wall!
  4. colinb

    There's a storm brewing

    A good sky makes all the difference, very nice Bill.
  5. colinb

    An Old Lady.

    Having a play with an image from last year...
  6. colinb

    Painting The Sky

    Thank you Bill, glad you like em'.
  7. colinb

    Mrs Fox

    I think the white vignette looks a little harsh but its a super shot Roger
  8. colinb

    Under a Mackeral Sky

    Nice although I would be tempted to clone off a few of the people?
  9. colinb

    How was this done?

    Polly - What is the lowest f.number on the lens you are buying? Converters are ok but you can find they really need good light to work without dropping at least 2 stops.
  10. colinb

    Dyke Scarecrow Festival

    Polly - Yvonne has a website at www.homemadesweetness.co.uk (bit of a work in progress by me) where you can view all she makes (well most of it). We can post out but by the time you have added the cost of postage it makes it a little costly.
  11. colinb

    How was this done?

    Not sure but I think you need to send it back to the shop, something just ain't right?
  12. colinb

    The Marine Way Bridge Southport.

    John , this looks a little over sharpened on my monitor (or could be the upload?) otherwise its a rather well balanced image
  13. whilst at the Scarecrow thing I spotted this rather clean MG and being a sucker for a nice classic ...
  14. colinb

    Dyke Scarecrow Festival

    Nope, best not mention that in the village :-) Incidentally I tried to advertise my wife stall on her Google page and google removed the listing, no idea why but I do think the 'Dyke' reference might have something to do with it. Thank You for all the comments ladies and gentlemen. And as a quick plug... here is the wife and her stall for the day.
  15. Just a few from today... and such a shame about the weather which spoilt things a little. Autumns on the way and the spiders are looking for a warm place... Don't ask I have no idea... SupercalfragalisticMaryPoppins and a dog that jumped up and sat on a gate post for a picture - and frightened the life out of me!