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  1. Before the footprints.

    Brian - leave it alone its a wonderful picture as it is - depth, texture, natural archtecture and colour, everything the 2nd one isn't.
  2. Icelandic waterfalls & rocks

    An impressive set, I would be tempted to pull a little more out of the sky to balance the picture on that first one, but "an afterthought' your kidding? Best of the set for me.
  3. Vintage Cars

    Nothing wrong with your pictures David but I hate this is the sort of museum. Cram em' in, don't let the public get too close, side by side so you can't see the vehicle lines. Fewer cars displayed well would show our motoring heritage as it should be seen not as a car park. Sorry but it's one place I will not be visiting,
  4. Night Night

    Cheers BP - I have saved that for later, looks an interesting if opposite view on iso.
  5. Night Night

    BP - I'm thinking of doing some photos of the night sky whilst in the canaries later this year - any advice? (although I don't expect to see the aurora either)
  6. Colour Me

    No Fuji I made the excuse the paint would smudge looking through my camera view finder
  7. Early Morning Dip

    I have to agree with the above and I also think the guy makes the scale look odd, he just looks 'large' too large. I appreciate that's how he is but maybe because of the blur it all looks wrong.
  8. Colour Me

    Painted Faces at a local fete.
  9. Blue Lagoon

    Two top for me, nice and gritty and a really good excuse for a 2nd body

    First thing that came to my mind was the hairstyles are all 'flat' and maybe they are all on the way to the hairdresser for a 'perm'
  11. Time for a breather ...

    This really is a nice scene, Polly. I much prefer the original but if you are shooting RAW and have Lightroom you could drop a grad over the top 1/3 and pull out some blue from the sky. I tried with your jpg, not quite the result I mean, using a RAW file should reduce the halos. Is this local to you? Just thinking it looks a good location for a sunset or dawn picture.

    Now there's a right bunch of characters ... not a mobile phone between them. I think you need to wait until four 'younger' travellers are queuing for the bus and take another shot
  13. My Last Week And A Half

    I knew the skills learnt taking shots of petrol stations would come in handy. Simply a wonderful set showing the day from start to finish, I will be amazed if they are not blown away by these. Top marks from me Mr.
  14. Little Big Pictures

    Thank you for the encouragement Mr Fuji. I too seldom use flash and all in this set are 'non-flash' photos. I prefer to keep the colour whenever possible but sometimes black and white can save the image and stop the artist looking like Shrek :-) I have always liked the challenge of dark shooting where light is scarce I guess all photography is a fine line between light and no light but sometimes the line can be a little thin. I like your close-up shot of the singer but when a musician is playing an instrument I like to try and include that too, for me the shot below is just missing the whole story.
  15. HellsBells

    You really need to view the full-size images to get the best out of these and what a set! ...but I have to agree the dog looks like it is wishing you had a different hobby