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  1. KateW

    POTW - w/e 19.8.18

    A good range of subjects and treatments this week, and yet again, I've gone for a subject that doesn't usually appeal to me at all. I'm not in the least bit interested in any form of competitive sport, but this image really stands out for me. The Cisco Kid, by John2, has been caught at exactly the right moment, with a fantastic motion blur, but the car and its driver pin sharp. I hate to think where you must have been standing to get this front-on view! Well done John - a very professional image. The original thread is here.
  2. KateW

    steve (cat)

    I love the backlighting in this.
  3. KateW

    The Cisco Kid

    Not the sort of thing I usually go for, but I really like this.
  4. KateW


    Love the first one!
  5. KateW

    Arrows over Windermere

    Beautifully caught and composed. I like this.
  6. KateW

    POTW - Week ending 12:08:2018

    Well done Denis, a really lovely image.
  7. KateW

    POTW ~ Week ending 05:08:2018

    Well done Colin - a great shot!
  8. KateW

    POTW - w/e 22/07/18

    Well done Gareth!
  9. KateW


    Lovely pics. They really are quite graceful creatures.
  10. KateW

    Sew Colourful

    I love this one!
  11. KateW

    Howzatt or Zis

    Lovely action shots.
  12. KateW

    POTW - w/e 22/7/2018

    Well done Gareth, and a good choice Kobione!
  13. KateW


    Wow! Great shots!
  14. KateW

    POTW - w/e 15.7.18

    This week's choice is a little different for me, as I don't often choose portraits. But this chap, in Fuji's 'Practicing what I preach' thread, really appeals. He looks a true character, and Fuji has caught his very direct gaze with a lovely sharp photograph. The blurred background puts the focus squarely on the man's face. Well done Fuji, and kudos to you for daring to ask him to pose! The original thread is here.
  15. KateW

    Curious Rob 2