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  1. KateW

    POTW - w/e 17/02/19

    A good choice Gareth. The low viewpoint really makes this one. Well done John!
  2. KateW

    ad infinitum

    Works well for me!
  3. KateW

    POTW - w/e 10/02/19

    Well done Leon!
  4. KateW

    POTW week ending 3 /2/2019

    Well done Denis - a stonker of a picture!
  5. KateW

    POTW - Week ending 27/01/2019

    Good choice! Well done Brian!
  6. KateW

    POTW - w/e 20/1/2018

    Well done Roger!
  7. The fact that there's limited colour in this, with her black and white clothes and the warm face and background colour being similar, makes the earring really stand out. I like this.
  8. KateW

    Sunday Morning Music.....

    Good taste, Korky, good taste!
  9. KateW

    POTW - Week ending 30/12/2018

    A beautiful image - well done!
  10. KateW

    POTW Week Ending 23/12/2018

    Well done Rye!
  11. KateW

    POTW - 16/12/18

    Bit of a strange POTW arrangement this week. BP was supposed to do it, but it looks as if he hasn't got access to the computer at the moment (or can't find it under all the building materials!), so Clicker has volunteered to step in. She's not available today, so she's given me her choice and why she chose it, and I'm posting on her behalf. If you're still with me, here goes! Her choice is The Blues Looking Sharp, by Fuji, and I quote Clicker: I think it's a superb portrait and as it's a new lens he's using, shows he's mastering it already ... So here it is .... Well done Fuji! The original post is here.
  12. KateW

    Conwy Castle

  13. KateW

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    A good choice - well done John!
  14. KateW

    Bank Vole

    Beautifully caught - I love the light on this.