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  1. POTW - 18/2/2018

    A great choice - well done Roger!
  2. when the wind blows

    I love this image. I'm not usually a fan of mono, but this really suits it.
  3. POTW - w/e 11.2.18

    I had a few images lined up for potential POTW - there have been some good ones this week. But this is the one I've picked, both for its subject matter and the skill of the photographer. You've got down to his level, which is paramount in my opinion, and given a lovely depth of field to the image. And those eyes, with his head just a little on one side - who could resist him? I give you Black Pearl, with Jasper. Well done Beepy! The original thread is here.
  4. Robin Portrait

    Lovely sharp images.
  5. Beachy Head

    A lovely image from an unusual viewpoint.
  6. Jasper

    Lovely picture of a lovely dog!
  7. S'mae from North Wales

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. POTW w/e 4 Feb 2018

    Well done Rick!
  9. POTW - w/e 28/01/18

    Great choice and a well-deserved win - well done Stravinsky!
  10. Vixen

    A beautiful image!
  11. Bath by night

    My home city! I love the misty shot of Abbey Green with the Crystal Palace.
  12. POTW - 21/01/2018

    A good choice, well done!
  13. Tree Creeper

    I'd say the quality is pretty good! You've got great sharpness, especially on the eye where it matters, and a nice composition.
  14. POTW - w/e 14.1.18

    It's been a quiet week for images, but I've been taking a lot of notice of JHFoto's bird images, at which he's rather good! I like his swan one, but I particularly like this one - Sunbathing Nuthatch, which stands out nicely from its background, and the moss on the branch adds that extra bit of interest. Well done JHFoto! Original thread is here.
  15. Following Swan

    Beautifully taken. You're really good at this bird malarkey!