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  1. Windows old and new

    Nicely spotted. I like this.
  2. POTW - w/e 03/12/17

    Wow! I hadn't seen this one - well done Colin!
  3. Santa Special

    Wow, that's colourful!
  4. Just to say “Hello”

    Hello, and welcome to the forum.
  5. I put mine out a few weeks ago and it hurt like hell, so you've got my sympathy!
  6. POTW - 26/11/2017

    Well done BP! And a good choice, Kobione.
  7. The Telephone Man

    Lovely shot. I'm always amazed at what these steampunk fans come up with!
  8. POTW - 19/11/17

    Well, it's that time again, and there are some good photos to choose from. The one that really made me look this week is this one from Bill Allsop - he's caught a perfect moment with the far swan's wings outstretched, and going by his posture, if I were the other swan, I'd be beating a quick retreat by now. I love the dynamism in this one: Territorial Swans. Well done Bill! The original post is here.
  9. Territorial swans.

    Beautifully caught!
  10. Another Devonian!

    Hiya Mond, welcome to the forum.
  11. Bassenthwaite Lake

    What Ryewolf said. It's got gorgeous colours and some lovely aerial perspective, but a bit of straightening would really help.
  12. POTW - w/e 12 November 2017

    Well done Polly!
  13. A sad day

    Really sorry to hear this, Fuji.
  14. POTW - w/e 05/1/17

    Well done Korky!
  15. POTW - 29/10/2017

    Yep, I liked this one as soon as I saw it as well. Good choice, and well done Ryewolf.