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  1. KateW

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    A good choice - well done John!
  2. KateW

    Bank Vole

    Beautifully caught - I love the light on this.
  3. KateW

    POTW - w/e 2/12/18

    Yep, it's me again! Another week, another good selection of pictures to choose from. The one I've decided on this week is Head Shot by NikonMike. It's a great close-up, beautifully sharp, and as was said in the thread, one of Britain's favourite birds. Well done Mike! The original thread is here.
  4. I prefer the colour one. Lovely photo.
  5. KateW

    POTW - Week ending 25/11/2018

    Well done Roger - a stunning photo.
  6. I'm with Hatter and Denis - I prefer the first one with the foreground in focus.
  7. KateW

    I'm Not Fat!!

    If she's anything like our longhair, she's 80% fur and 20% cat! Well taken photo.
  8. KateW

    POTW week ending 18/11/2018

    Beautiful! Well done Cheryl!
  9. KateW

    A few birds

    Love the second one - you caught her in a fantastic pose.
  10. KateW

    POTW w/e 11.11.18

    I'm standing in for BP this week, as he's pretty busy with alterations to BP Towers! I've had to have a really quick scoot through the posts, as I wasn't expecting to have to choose! Anyway, the one I'm going for is Woody Woodpecker, by JohnTwo. These lovely creatures are very hard to spot, let alone photograph (I remember my try at a green woodpecker!), and John's made a great job of it. He described it as 'the quality is not what it might otherwise be', but it looks absolutely fine on my PC! Well done John! The original post is here.
  11. KateW

    POTW - w/e 4/11/2018

    Well done Craig - a lovely seasonal image.
  12. KateW

    POTW - w/e 28/10/18

    Those of you who have been paying attention will know by now that I tend to choose a POTW that makes me smile. So it had to be this one, by Kobione! I don't know what the bird was thinking, but I'd hate to meet it down a dark alley! Well done Dee! The original thread is here.
  13. KateW

    Flower of Thistle

    I like this - very moody.
  14. KateW


    Wow! I love this one!
  15. KateW

    POTW - Week ending 21/10/2018

    A good choice - well done Colin!