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  1. KateW

    POTW - w/e 17/6/2018

    Brilliant choice! Well done Polly!
  2. KateW

    Beadnell and Beyond.

    I love the second one - it has a solitary and tranquil look about it.
  3. KateW

    Pretty Profile ...

    I love this - high key at its best.
  4. KateW

    The Golden Hour

    Gorgeous light well caught!
  5. KateW

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Welcome Gareth! Good to see you here.
  6. KateW

    POTW - w/e 10.6.18

    There have been some absolute stonkers this week, making it very difficult to choose just one, but the absolute stand-out photo for me is this one, Black Pearl's Poppies. I could see this on a poster or a calendar. I love the colours in it, and with that soft light it's just bursting with atmosphere. There's a great depth in it too, with the clearer poppies in the foreground, the middle band of poppies and trees, and then the distant hills. Well done BP! The original thread is here.
  7. KateW


  8. KateW

    POTW - w/e 03/06/2018

    A very well deserved win!
  9. KateW

    POTW Week ending 26/5/18

    Well done Mike! A good choice, Polly.
  10. I love the little creature peeping out from under her skirt!
  11. Brilliant! I love the motto on the top case - it's definitely the way I live!
  12. KateW

    Cattlemen's Hut

    A good photo - I like your treatment of it, and the explanation is fascinating. It shows how different life is over there, compared to the UK.
  13. KateW

    Eight big drummer boys

    I really like this one.
  14. KateW

    POTW - w/e 22/05/18

    Good choice! Well done Polly!
  15. KateW

    Mixed breed duck

    Sounds like my ex!!