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  1. Thank you I had to do a bit of editing in PS, to lighten up my eye area I usually use my 24-70mm for portraits, but used the nifty fifty because the Manfrotto trigger tripod head I use won't support the weight of the camera and bigger lens without drooping, so I used the prime instead. Might not stand up to close scrutiny or in brighter light, as I'm not sure if the focus point was on my eyes. It's a bit hit and miss when you're trying to do it yourself, hence the F11 aperture in the hopes that some of the image would be in focus! Good luck and let's see how you get on in due course
  2. Great character, great portrait
  3. At the retirement apartments where I live, on VE Day anniversary, I took a few pictures of people hanging out of their windows, waving their flags and singing We'll Meet Again. This one is my favourite
  4. Our camera club competition for the end of this month requires a lockdown portrait (all done with Zoom). As I live alone (not counting the cat and the goldfish), I had my first go at shooting a selfie. Not easy - camera on a somewhat shaky tripod head, Magbox softbox to camera right, with another couple of flashes bounced off the ceiling, camera tethered to iMac and me having to reach over to click on the button in Lightroom to take the picture. And the cat zooming around because he expected to be in the picture too (as he usually is). Anyway, got it on the second shot. Not particularly flattering, especially with the lockdown haircut (lack of) and my home made mask, but I like the 'dark' look to it and will probably use similar settings when I can finally get to start portrait shooting with proper people, whenever lockdown ends!
  5. I think the cat's got bored with the lockdown. He appears to have taken up Scottish dancing!
  6. Great editing - I love this picture
  7. Terrific picture - an amazing shot, with everything just right: the position, the exposure, the action, everything Well done.
  8. Thank you for showing those photos, NikonMike, even though they brought a tear to my eye My Dad was a keen fisherman all his life. He always put fish back and never left any line or rubbish During the last year of his life, I used to take him fishing and help him with his kit, and we'd spend hours sitting by the side of the lake, chatting about all sorts of things. We probably had more conversations sitting in the fresh air by the side of the lake than the rest of our time together ever. Seeing those photos has brought it all back to me (he died 16 years ago) and I swear that I can smell that fishy smell that my Golf always used to smell of on fishing days!
  9. Thank you, Ryewolf I live on my own, so Baz is the ideal subject when I want to test a new camera/lens/light/whatever. So much so, Baz has got so used to it in the last five years, whenever I get my camera out, he magically appears and starts posing! Even if I'm taking pictures of friends, or items to put on eBay, he's there, posing away in front of me! The pictures don't always go to plan, though! Although there's not a lot of competitions where cat portraits do well, my experience comes in handy and I photograph cats for two local rescues and also offer cat photoshoots as prizes for raffles, which helps to bring in a respectable amount of funds. He also has his own Facebook page with lots of fans. One American lady is so besotted with him that she bid $125 for a mounted photo of him. So my obsession with cats does help to raise money to help those cats that are less fortunate than Baz. And as a bonus, although I am in isolation, I always have someone to talk to!
  10. Thank you for your kind words, Clicker And it was a wonderful surprise, getting POTW, it really put a smile on my face
  11. No prizes for guessing, really I have most of one lung missing, so although I'm not ill, I have very low capacity. But I'm fine I've descaled the coffee maker, watched Brief Encounter and Zulu and had a gin and tonic. So I thought I'd get my camera out and dust it down ..... There's not a great deal to photograph in a small one-bedroomed flat! Don't know what I'm going to do for the next three and a bit months!
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