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  1. I'm enjoying mixing up the looks a little and playing with some of the vintage simulations available, keeps things fresh when you walk the same paths a few times. My two don't spot faces, it is all bugs, spiders, beetles and dung with them.
  2. Its a genuinely lovely walk, some along roads but they're quiet and the views are typical of the area.
  3. Lovely walk out from Corbridge through the Northumberland countryside to Aydon Castle and back on Saturday afternoon. Slung the X100T over my shoulder them modified a film simulation in Lightroom to give the images an analogue feel.
  4. I was photographing a slug on the wall and he was bored having to wait for me 🤣
  5. My sleep is terrible at the moment so instead of just lying in bed staring at the ceiling I dragged the dog out along the coast this morning. No sunrise but at least the mizzle has stopped.
  6. Still on the XS until September when I'll upgrade to the 12 Pro
  7. We've had three days of grey clouds, mist, mizzle and cool temperatures - I love living on the coast but hate it for the weather. Computational photography is the way forward, just wish the camera brands would get it into their thick heads and start adding it to their systems. If I want to shoot a long exposure with my £1000+ Fujifilm I need to think about the time of day, the conditions, balance apertures, ND filters, ISO, and quite often take a guess at the shutter speed. With the phone I just tell it how long I want the exposure to be and regardless of how bright it is I get a result.
  8. Cold, wet, misty and miserable out there today - long exposure photography it is then...
  9. Cheers, its a great location to explore and unlike Ryewolf we had the falls to ourselves so could bung the cameras anywhere.
  10. We gave those a miss as there was so much water coming down it would have been difficult to get any shot - decided a bacon and sausage butty in the cafe was a better idea
  11. It was a canny morning out and a great spot for photography...particulary comparing three very different cameras
  12. It was is full flow, we could hear it as soon as we got out the car and could barely chat to each other as we got close - very impressive. Knocked the quality down to make the file manageable but you get the idea... Cauldron Falls.mp4
  13. Quite often when I'm out specifically to take photographs with my X-T3 system I'll bung the X100T in my bag for a few behind-the-scene shots as they're good for social media when you want to tag FujiUK in and get a reTweet or share. That said I always have my iPhone with me and as I don't see a proper camera any differently to a phone camera I enjoy using them all seamlessly together.
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