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  1. Just an update - he's back to normal, out every day for two or three good long walks and happy with his lot in life again.
  2. Something a little different.
  3. Thanks all. I was super lucky with the sun and the boat and the spot...honestly didn't think I would ever see one on a 'normal' photo without specialist filters.
  4. Just catching up Cheers for the comments guys, been out more with the camera recently but it all goes on social media so don't get a chance to call on the forum much.
  5. Suffering from a fair bit of insomnia of late but it does mean I'm out early in the morning when the sun comes up. ...and it also means I was lucky enough to get a photo of a sun spot...
  6. Jasper is mended and back out in the countryside where he belongs...
  7. Out for an hour last night with a mate and our cameras...
  8. Cheers all Togging is taking pictures, should have explained A weird observation - I hardly ever take upright/portrait orientation shots, like less than one in a hundred. Not sure why but I've been trying to more lately and the third shot of the falls was a conscience effort to get a composition I like. As it turns out its my favourite from the day - typically
  9. From a morning out at High Force Waterfall with fellow togging friends a few weeks back...
  10. For me the £10 a month subscription for Lr and Ps is more than worth it. I know there are other apps about but none of them offer the total end-to-end workflow that Adobe do and none of them are updated, supported and have such a large online resource available.
  11. From a recent wander through town before work. X100T
  12. So Jasper has been in to have his dressing renewed and everything looks fine though he's still not allowed to walk further than the garden to do his business as the tendons need time to knit properly. He doesn't seem to be in as much pain but he is not a happy dog as usually he walks 5-7 miles every day - just going to have yo put up with it though. @Clicker the vets was about 15 miles away which isn't bad but the route was through Newcastle on a Saturday afternoon which was frustrating to say the least.
  13. I would imagine so Dennis, didn't get a chance to look as the blood was pouring out - frightened the hell out of us and left pools on the patio, kitchen and car
  14. Jasper was chasing rabbits yesterday and came out of the bushed limping, pouring blood out of his paw and gave us a near heart attack. A visit to the emergency vets for an operation to sew the nicked artery, repair the tendons and sort the cut out resulted in a very unhappy dog who can't go out for at least a week...
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