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  1. I don't even walk through it during the day.
  2. The boys (me) made this for Angela who is celebrating (suffering a nervous breakdown) her 40th this weekend.
  3. Its a wrench tp part with stuff you've had/done for years but rather satisfying the you start something new.
  4. Another grim day up't North...
  5. One from last nights dog walk...
  6. Love all the negative space - top shot.
  7. Thats an odd looking thing, cool captures though.
  8. Fly

    Thanks guys, chasing these things is fun though frustrating.
  9. Thats should prove to be a fantastic camera with a BIG bump in sensor performance over your LX and a super sharp lens.
  10. The little'un and I were spinning these off one of the bridges in Durham the other weekend - great shot with lovely tones.
  11. Hells teeth they're good.
  12. Fantastic colours and tones on these.
  13. Fly

    I had to shoot at f5.6 and 1600iso even with my macro lights running as it was getting dark and shutter speeds were dropping - the DoF was ridiculously slim so these are the best (?) of a good few dozen frames. I can see how your shutter count is huge if this is what you chase every day