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  1. Bit Windy Today

    I have a day off work, a dog that needed a walk and an itchy trigger finger so up on the local hills we went.
  2. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    Best time of day - check Great location - check Complimentary long exposures - check Thoughtful compositions - check Eye catching images - check
  3. What are you reading?

    TC has obviously studies the Reacher books and I know Lee Childs was on set but Tom is tiny so the interplay just doesn't work. Reacher is huge so when he squares up to a bunch of ne'er-do-wells you believe he will win. I did enjoy the films as a stand alone though. I finished the latest Reacher book a couple of weeks back and enjoyed it but don't think its one of the better ones. I've read the new Dan Brown book recently which was canny enough if a little predictable and I'm now ploughing through the third book in the The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell which I'm really enjoying.
  4. POTW - 21/01/2018

    Hell Yeah - a brilliant shot. Well done.
  5. Burnished Beach

    Part the way along Seaburn beach is an outlet where water from the nearby fields flows down to the sea...makes for an interesting foreground when the light is right.
  6. Well that looks cold
  7. Alnmouth

    Cheers guys. I've been fiddling with a new (to me) image creation process. I typically try to hold onto highlights when exposing then maul a single file around in LR toe cover the dark areas - works well with the Fuji's sensor but it has its limits. I sometimes use the auto bracket and then crush the three files down in LR then do the same but I've never been happy with that route. I have Nik HDR Pro 2 but that has a tendency to add tone mapping and word exaggerations which I dislike. I was reading on a FB group that someone used a far wider bracket (3/2/1 under - on - 1/2/3 over) then used the Nik but flattened all the sliders so the file looks very dull and flat. That dull and flat file has a huge DR though so once back in LR you can begin to maul it about without loosing the extremes. I need more time to fiddle but it could be my new go-to for scenes where the light is very harsh.
  8. Alnmouth

    Took a drive up to Alnmouth with the dog and the camera this morning. It was cold, windy, it threatened to rain every few minutes and the track down to this part of the dunes would put the willies up a Land Rover Defender but it was nice to get some fresh air, take a bit of time shooting with a tripod and some have an intention not just randomly point at stuff.
  9. POTW - w/e 14.1.18

    Its a crackin' shot that one.
  10. The Seven Sisters.

  11. Sunbathing Nuthatch

    Perfect subject isolation - spot on!
  12. Grey Day

    Thanks guys. The shot you see is actually five frames stacked and blended to give a bit of blur and movement in the water. Its a neat photoshop trick I've used a few times recently....partially because its fun to experiment and partially because I can't find my ND filters
  13. Grey Day

    It is very weird still. Every morning I'm driving into work hunting for a shot to get it out of the way and even sitting having lunch I'm thinking about the OADED even though its gone. Thanks Kev.
  14. Grey Day

    A bit grey on the drive into work but stopped anyway as I haven't taken a photo for a couple of days and I'm getting an itch...
  15. Some stuff. Twiddled a bit.

    I'm not a fan of this sort of processing - but - for its type you have a very good eye for getting just the right amount of jiggedy bits to give the image a bit of life. As ever I am in complete awe of the colour, contrast and the overall look you achieve with your file handling.