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  1. Up near Corbridge, we discovered a lovely 6m walk there a week or so back and have done it a couple of times now. Its a nice mix of quiet market town, open fields and country lanes - best bit is there's almost no one else around so excellent social distancing. The cloud detail is good condsidering its shot with the iPhone.
  2. I do love to see a field with poppies in
  3. I learned something new about collared doves this week - they're not native and even weirder, they only started breeding in the UK in 1955
  4. The teacup was filled with lard and seeds and I had a twig stuck in it. The birds loved it and it was fun to watch them feeding. I've never had the time to just sit but recently I've enjoyed it, particularly early on when the world is quieter.
  5. Hmmm...my 10 year old Hadley Pro is in better condition so he's like me, just a little rougher around the edges You were a photographer and artist long before I came to know you
  6. A couple of years ago I bagged a bargain, almost brand new and hardly used Billingham Hadley Small when it was traded in with some photo kit - a year or so ago Dylan decided he might like to borrow it and kids being kids thats the last time I got to use it. Now to be fair to him he uses it nearly every day but would you look at the bloody state of it.
  7. I follow the RSPB and SIBirdClub on twitter and have started to spend an hour each morning watching the birds in the garden. Yes I know my bird table is a mess but I knocked it up out of scrap wood as a temp measure but the birds don't mind. Some from the last few days as I've sat with my coffee and camera He didn't want to share These buggers hate to share
  8. Both the kids love nature so Thomas was cocker hoop at finding this fledgling and getting to hold it for a few moments.
  9. Thanks very much - I've told Thomas he has won and he wanted to know what his prize was 🤣 Kids man
  10. Found this little (starling?) fledgling in the middle of a path through a local nature reserve so ofter a couple of quick snaps Thomas popped it into some nearby bushes where it would be a little safer. It was calling to the parents when we walked away so fingers crossed...
  11. Used my X-T3 and 55-200mm though it was so close I had to pull the lens back from the long end a few times and even step back to get focus.
  12. Came across a friendly little chaffinch today that seemed happy enough for Dylan and I to take pictures of without flitting away.
  13. Incredible to see them. Thomas was mesmerised and Dylan got loads of shots he's happy with too.
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