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  1. Black Pearl

    A Slice Of Your Life 15/10/18 - 21/10/18

    Quick stop on the way to work
  2. Black Pearl

    POTW W/E 14 October 2018.

    Thank you Polly - its a fantastic location and lends itself to a canny photograph.
  3. Black Pearl

    W41 14-10-18 Black Pearl

  4. Black Pearl

    Galaxy Wrap

    Raw files tweaked and pushed...
  5. Black Pearl

    Sycamore Gap

    I think its all the profiles they have to build, particularly for the T3 as its has more monochrome options, the Chrome and the Warm/Cool slider.
  6. Black Pearl

    Galaxy Wrap

    Adobe have just updated the DNG converter so you can now flip the RAF files to DNG which is a start
  7. Black Pearl

    Galaxy Wrap

    It’s like the tree is bending the galactic core around itself - just to make the photographs even better.
  8. Black Pearl

    Sycamore Gap

    It was a good night out and happy (sort of) with these. I say sort of as Adobe still haven't updated ACR so I can't access the raw files - there is so much more detail to come out of these once I do.
  9. Black Pearl

    Sycamore Gap

    No aurora tonight but still a good trip out with friends hunting stars...
  10. Black Pearl

    A Slice Of Your Life 08/10/18 - 14/10/18

    Quick stop on the way to work this morning...