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  1. I was gifted a Skink Pinhole kit for my Fuji this week and got a chance to try it this morning. Its the equivalent of a 24mm f110 (yes one hundred and ten) lens though you can narrow the FoV with extension tubes. Unfortunately using a pinhole on a small(ish) sensor isn't ideal as you are dealing with catastrophic levels of diffraction that really requires large format film. However that isn't going to stop me experimenting and while I would like sharper results its not really about sharpness with such a basic imaging tool so I'll just have to be creative.
  2. Took at bit of shuffling about and under-the-breath curses to get everything lined up but got there in the end...
  3. Not all landscapes are sweeping and vast...
  4. In from work, change of shoes, camera and dog in the car then off to the cliffs by Camels Island to catch the surf swirling around it at high tide. These have had a bit of a fiddle but fundamentally they are as I hoped the scene would be and what I got in camera with Fuji's Classic Chrome sim giving the colours some drama.
  5. I’d say 80% of my editing is done within Lightroom with some work done with the Nik filters and an occasional finish in Photoshop. The thing to note is Lr and the raw editor (ARC) in Ps are basically the same thing. The difference is when you’re finished with the raw data and in Ps start working with layers and the more advanced tools. Something I just don’t enjoy doing but I would never dismiss.
  6. He's really got the photographic bit between his teeth, takes his camera out with him every day and asks to come out with me. He took a portfolio of his work to his interview at Northumberland College and with that and his projected grades has been given a conditional offer of a place at Kirkley Hall on a three year animal management/zoological course. I'm not old, I'm older 🤣
  7. The eldest has been getting more and more into his photography this last year or two having taken it as a GCSE subject. Currently he is on track for a top grade (I should hope so too) wowing his teacher with shots like this. Taken with his (remarkably decent for its age) Panasonic GH2 + 14-42mm and a 10mm extension tube. The wasp was on a pin which he photoshopped out and the background is crumpled up tinfoil. I'm going to have to up my game 🤣
  8. They are converted though the scene was virtually monochrome as it was very dull this morning. First one was an experiment with a dark/light split running horizontally through the scene - something of a theme I have in mind for a series of shots.
  9. Grey, dull start to the day but the dog needs a walk and the camera is always over my shoulder.
  10. Total fluke the eyes and only there for a fleeting second.
  11. When I looked into the lake, the lake looked back...
  12. Gotta love a bit of behind the scenes shooting
  13. Original Equipment - basically the Nikon/canon stuff. Some things they do are still (just about) worth the money but if Sigma have an ART version don't pay the extra for the Nikon and with the likes of Godox etc you don't need your eyeballs ripped out for Nikon Speedlights ad if to comes to general accessories then the branded stuff is just overpriced because they're arrogant and think they can get away with charging a fortune for a (fading) badge.
  14. No reason at all to pay the daft prices for the Nikon - the Sigma is equally sharp, just as well made, as fast and far better value. With the likes of Sigma's ART line the OE kit is pretty much redundant theses days.
  15. Had an hour to kill up in Northumberland yesterday afternoon so took a mooch around Bolam Lake with the X-T3 and X100T Samyang 12mm f2 + 10 stop + Variable ND BTS 10-24mm BTS
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