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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. FUJI

    Common Plantain seed heads..

    Absolutely spot on Polly......here I am circa 10 years old just post-war ...... short trousers, scabby knees....a telescope I acquired through Swaps.......Heaven ! PS.....My new Avatar was shot yesterday....... TEMPUS FUGIT..... FUJI
  2. FUJI


    If you go down to the Woods today.... FUJI
  3. FUJI


    A pair of shots for my ongoing...HANDS...project. FUJI
  4. FUJI


    Christmas Happenings ...spotted in town. FUJI
  5. FUJI

    THE BLUES looking sharp

    Thank you all.... FUJI
  6. FUJI

    Common Plantain seed heads..

    Love this Polly.....because those seed heads have fascinated me since I was a wartime brat who, with a regular group of pals were sent to wander at will through local fields and hedgerows....like savages we were. FUJI
  7. My Blues singer busker, was quite happy for me to shoot this portrait with my beautful, newly acquire ...Panasonic/Leica Summilux 1.7-15 lens....a little cracker.... I got lucky on E bay. It was just on test for its first outing this morning...I have lots to learn in this upwards photographic step. FUJI
  8. FUJI

    YAY !

    YAY ! Im very happy tonight, because ai have just won a beautiful ...Panasonic/Leica 15-1.7 lens ....on eBay......not cheap, but a third off new price.....I did lots of research before committing myself ....the lens has fantastic reviews and a good following.... anyone on TIPF use one ? FUJI
  9. FUJI

    Violin Maker

    An extremely interesting post James....thank you ! Always try to do the things that you love....or...at least.....give you the least stress. FUJI
  10. FUJI

    Just One Cornetto

    That’s all it takes ! FUJI
  11. FUJI


    I thought that this looked like a scene from a ...Harry Potter....film. FUJI
  12. FUJI

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    Congratulations john....great choice Dee. FUJI
  13. FUJI


    For the past three weeks, our regular Blues Singer/Guitarist has been back in town....a remarkable ...Man-of-the-Road.....he wanders from town to town and city to city, choosing to live in his tent or in any temporary shelter. He never begs or scrounges, and because of that he is well supported locally ....he plays a mean guitar and sings the Blues, in a very distinctive manner. I treat him tomthe odd pasty or hot drink, and I have managed to persuade a local cafe to offer him food at closing time....the Hot-Potato man helps to fill his larder too.... He is great to chat to. FUJI
  14. FUJI


    A welcome bit of strong winter sun makes all the difference ...... 1: WALKIES ! 2: HE'S BEHIND YOU ! FUJI
  15. I have just given up at this point.......because there was a point in time, in a small town...when a bank branch ( one of three or more, complete with an efficient staff plus a manager, would be there for you.....I received huge help when I was acquiring our first house, first car and then setting up and maintaining a small business.....they went out of their way to steer me along the right financial pathways. When the Midland became HSBC.....I changed to Nat-West....who at our once main branch gave a better than average service across the board.....but....it vanished from our high street almost two years ago. Now, if I have cheques to pay in, or other business (as for this complaint) I have a bus journey of five miles, to go to a dark corner of a shopping arcade, where there are three paying in machines, a counter plus three, or at the most four staff... one stands by the machines to assist those who are uncertain...the other man’s the tills..cash in cash out.....the third sits behind a large computer screen, awaiting people like me. i have spotted a fourth person, but she seems to hide in an office to one side........they just aren’t interested in a pensioner who had had £3 taken from his account....the clerk who dealt with me...said he could have just given me my £3 from petty cash .....but I stood my ground to end sure that my complaint went further up the chain of command I was promised a response within 48 hours.....nothing yet. On the other hand, and on a very positive note...the local rep for the bus company couldn’t have been more pleasant or efficient....she showed true concern, gave me lots of her time, ensuring that my paperwork went to head office pronto..... I await results with great interest.....but not much hope..... Thank you all for you kind words and concerns, I am just spreading the word.....that no one cares, if cash is stolen from your contactless cards. FUJI