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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. Common Lizard Set 3

    I have these in my garden, but won’t see them unless we disturb or dig a damp corner....we used to have newts and toads but not this year....yet. We had a large KOI tank and the amphibians tended to creep out from cavities around the edges....but that went to be replaced by my Swing Seat....and my son wanted to move his fish. A great set of a very elusive creature Geoff. FUJI
  2. Thank you K ....... Yes ! It was my Street Portraiture that kicked me off into tackling the technicalities of Silverpoint Drawing.....the whole idea of drawing with a sliver of silver or gold wire fascinated me......I just had to ..have a go, especially after being challenged by my pro-Artist pal and Tutor, who claimed it would be too slow and stilted. After tackling the first two, I found my stride, so to speak.....an interesting exercise and one to be returned to one day. What I find fascinating too, is the way I have been influenced and inspired by the work of another...Street Photographer in Kuala Lumpur .....Sawsengee, a very gracious and generous lady, who gave her permissions freely ..... I much appreciate the interest shown by members...... it keeps motivation high....Thank You. FUJI
  3. USAF V22 osprey

    Thanks Van..... We live right under the late landing approach ....or take-off paths depending on wind direction or noise pollution regs.....or they are just switched about.....so Passenger aircraft at 1500 to 3000 ft all day long including the Dubai Airbus A 380 s three times a day....in and out....that is a sight to see and to listen to. The only military aircraft ...sadly once very regular, now occasionally are the Hospital? aircraft bringing service patients in to a Birmingham hospital....a very, very occasional twin rotor Chinook might be on a promotional visit .... The odd air ambulance, private helicopter or plane.....two noisy, dirty Antanovs .... But mostly is regular air traffic on a repeating seasonal timetable.... I do have the....Flight-radar...app....it is always interesting to keep up with what is coming or going.. FUJI
  4. Teenyboppers

    All of this was very real to me....’Tis how my good lady used to dress....our UK Milk-Bars...imitated that...Diner look too.... Sad thing is....instead of a Teddy-Boy Suit and Blue Sued Shoes....I was forced to wear khaki ......then we got married. Memories ! Memories ! FUJI
  5. USAF V22 osprey

    A bit like a propeller powered Harrier in use I think...but much noisier.....I would imagine that pilot training must be pretty special.....just like the guys who flew the Harriers.....so much to think about. Wonderful shots....love aircraft....don’t like flying. FUJI
  6. Dust Storm Wakool

    The tonal qualities of this study are wonderful to study...but I wouldn’t actually like to be there.....very hot weather isn’t my thing. Seeing this and the shots of Kangaroos by Kobione the other day remind us of what conditions are like on the other side of the Globe. It is always wonderful to see how things are. I do like the adjustments done by John....but....also agree somewhat with Jacqui ....somewhere in between perhaps ? FUJI
  7. Portraiture is one of my favourite genres ....especially using Watercolour. Here I have been trying out a set of very beautiful watercolour pigments from S Korea, as y can see they are of superb quality....I have also been learning how to create abstract backgrounds incorporating random textures...this is done by laying Cling-Film over wet paint...or...a sprinkling of salt. Scrapings of watercolour crayon plus picking out highlights with a compass-point help give depth and texture...only the white highlights in gauche aren't Korean pigment. The original reference photograph was taken by an online friend who gave her gracious permission. FUJI
  8. Two ideas besides attempting to get them to work..... 1 .... clean them up at a photo/camera, display ..in a case, or on a shelf, or a deep frame... 2 ..... On one of my other forums a member has placed a totally unusable vintage camera....( early digital I’m Sure ) .....outside in his garden, allowing Mother Nature to cover it with moss and lichen....he takes a picture every few months..........I guess one could be p,aced in an easily accessible stream.....out of sight except to you....or....even buried...at-sea...on an anchor rope? FUJI
  9. Old moss

    Chris......This I really like.....all of the post processing that you have done has worked perfectly into a very pleasing result ...well. Worth all the effort. FUJI
  10. Tic Tock

    Very nicely seen and rendered Chris....a good range of tones and plenty of fine detail... Inwill admit to rather seeing pics minus borders.....but that’s just me. FUJI
  11. What kit do you have?

    A Panasonic GX8 ....my main camera. A SONY RX 100 MK III ......my tiny rainy day camers ‘cos it tucks inside any jacket or pocket. A good selection of dedicated M/4/3 AF Lenses.....plus.... A large drawer filled with far too many Vintage Film-Camera lenses and adapters. Three Tripods, a monopod, a hardly used flash... A large library of Photography related books. All of this kit getsused in a random manner.....depending upon which direction my old creative brain takes me on a particular day. Bags of enthusiasm and motivation are probably the most important things in my bag. FUJI
  12. POTW - w/e 15/4/2018

    Bang, the right choice Dee.... Congratulations Jacqui. FUJI

    Sometimes a subject just shouts out for special treatment and rendering.....here it was for a moody/grainy presentation. Another study from our extremely wet, horribly cold and dark day in Stratford-Upon-Avon. FUJI
  14. Missing the obvious..

    Impressive end result Chris.. I think I get it.... ‘instead of purchasing a dedicated expensive automatic linear macro table, Chris has used the one already existing on his 3D printer....it can be set to move forwards in tiny steps....exactly what a macro table does. I assume that he secured his camera with macro lens on the printer table, and then after focusing the first step....set the mechanism to move a tiny step forward for each exposure, leaving to an all-round focussed macro shot? The results are excellent....I bet TIPF member....Weary-crab ....will be very interested....perhaps you should PM him Chris ? FUJI
  15. Hair Raising

    What a fantastic shot.....very creative and very well executed.. Query.......isn’t there a Pre-Raphaelite painting of a lady with very similar hair ? FUJI