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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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    Hi, Tom, First off ...a huge thank you for taking an interest in my work and how I produce it.....now to answer your questions. The building is just a small corner of my close neighbour Kenilworth Castle, dating back to circa 1126...this corner is Medieval....too long a history to go into here ..Google/YouTube will give you all the answers...we locals get a free pass. Vintage Lenses...since the appearance of M/4/3rds cameras, they have become more than popular, because the Chinese have developed a whole range of adapter rings to fit almost any camera/lens combo....DSLRS take old lenses too. The advantage is that you get a beautiful bit of glass that would have been very expensive in its day, for peanuts...the one used here cost £10.....most cost between £50-£500 depending on model. Once fitted, you have to set to....Shoot W/O Lens to go fully manual, which means focusing by hand as you do with binoculars....you can set to Zone Focus to give you set distances or Hyper focal which gives focus from around 5 ft to infinity....play with aperture wide open, and you get beautiful separation/ DOF. I collect those having the old Leica M39 thread mount....or...the old zenit M 42 thread.....there is a huge range available, especially ...beautiful JUPITER and HELIOS lenses made in post war Russia using tools and machines captured from the ZEISS works in Nazi Germany....the Russians made exact copies of Leica lenses until the KATE 1960s or even later. If you have a full frame sensor camera, they work and feel exactly the same as a contemporary lens.....they also work on M/4/3 rds camera’s But you need to double the focal distance because of the smaller sensor. How do you find out more?.....learn as I do by watching the huge number of informative video tutorials on YouTube ....there are many excellent tutors amongs many who aren’t. Ebay, is the main source with Russia and the Ukraine the favourite places for professional sellers, one in particular is a great guy.....Charity shops and Boot Fairs are other sources...but...buyer beware....fungus and sticky aperture blades lurk in the undergrowth. Many collectors...not me...enjoy dismantling, cleaning and restoring vintage lenses. I love what they have to offer creatively.....I think that they make you a better/thinking photographer, because they enforce a slowing down, giving time to think and to compose. ..... set Hyper-focal distance right and you have an instant-in focus point and shoot. Have a good look at You tube videos on our local Castle....or go on to Google Earth and give me a wave.....then explore the amazing world of the....Vintage Lens....careful, you might get hooked. FUJI

    This little lass just did this without being prompted.....Those eyes? Posted with full permissions: FUJI

    Once again, that tiny vintage PALINAR f 4 - 100 mm showed its mettle. A historic corner a very short distance from our house; shot during a very short walk yesterday afternoon. Converted and processed in P S CS 6 using targeted Contrast Grading, on flattened layers, plus a touch or three in NIK Efex. then a final targeted sharpen. ( Mods.....why does only part of my pic show when I click for the larger version?) FUJI
  4. When I saw this on screen it made me smile...no way was I going to crop it....hence my title. The vintage PALINAR f 4 - 100 mm doing its stuff again. FUJI
  5. You might recall my...Seasonal Branch..of last week? That was shot through a Vintage JUPITER 9 film camera lens. I also have in my growing armoury of vintage lenses a beautiful PALINAR f 4-100 mm Prime...a vintage lens having very mixed reviews...a Marmite lens...in fact...i cost me just £10 on a charity counter. There is nowt wrong with mine............it hasn't quite got the BOKEH and Separation of the JUPITER but just look at that clarity. Both mono shots below were shot through it too. FUJI
  6. "Spiral"

    Just wonderful....almost sends the viewer dizzy. FUJI
  7. The Iphone X

    Looking at this in the cold light of day.... I guess you could get fabulous photographs of a wedding from a smart phone Camera ....and/or exceptionally poor ones from the most expensive DSLR.....it all depends upon the photographer.....a Camera is only a tool. FUJI
  8. Swirly Water

    Swirly Water is a real ....STUNNER of a shot BP. Another for the wall.....I think? FUJI
  9. Rough Greys

    You are developing a good eye for the Abstract Geoff......I like all of these. FUJI
  10. Modern Lines

    A great set Geoff. The third one is a cracker! FUJI

    No! It isn’t me falling down the stairs again......but being, like our Korky, a senior (.in years) member, who has a great love of TIPF I feel the need to speak out, to give you all a little nudge....Nay a bloody BIG NUDGE. With Korky itvwas the recognition of the need to raise awareness of the little mentioned but essential finances...... With me, it is a bit of a gripe about something that could lose us members again.....Look through member posting records, especially for the last year.....far too many photographs are ignored, or dismissed with just a Like, or a half hearted .....That’s nice, kind of comment. Feedback, observations, comments and constructive critism is what is needed by all of us......I look at that page of forums and note that many still have dates going back to last spring. I fully realise that I’m retired so have more time than most.....I also know that I post a fair few pics, and that I’m an artist.....similarly Korky is retired and is a poet and great joker....we can tend to inhibit...but we don’t bite. I’m wondering if the Daily/weekly/monthly shoots and other social media contact means that this is where much of the energy goes? I’m pleased to note, that weve had a recent influx of new members, all posting, but receiving little or no feedback. Please folks.....when you browse through the forum pics, as you enjoy a beverage of choice....don’t just click the LIKE button......Really look at a shot... form an opinion....offer a little feedback; it takes seconds and is so valued by all. I just had to say it.....thanks for listening. FUJI
  12. Face to face with life

    Right up my Street ......more Street Photography please. Good to have another mono nut aboard. FUJI
  13. Stockport Road

    I like this.....it has a ...Classic look. What software do you use for conversion and processing Tom? FUJI
  14. Well done Polly. Mine?....... UGLY MUG.
  15. Cycling Sunrise

    Love this kind of morning.....if my very early TIPF posts were available, you might find very similar shots.....I used to take a newly acquired Bridge Camera out for a three mile walk across fields very every morning. Bresking both legs a few years later, put paid to that. FUJI