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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. Spotted in a charity shop window the other day. FUJI
  2. It’s time yiu had the top of that post sawn off Dee A great capture of a stunning bird. FUJI
  3. WOW! I missed this one..... A well deserved win Roger.....congratulations! FUJI
  4. Not my videos, but both show what the well known, Kenilworth Ford is like just now, and likely to get worse, as water flows off local farmland.... I acknowledge the originator of these videos, posted on YouTube........FUJI
  5. I think that.....Shooting from the hip..... is very appropriate in this case Polly. Well done Dee, it is GREAT to see you shooting again...... a great pic, by the way. FUJI
  6. FUJI


    Hi, James, to answer your question.... No, it was shot through what is currently my favourite ....Walk-About....lens.... an ultra-sharp Olympus 45 mm -1.8 .... which is a 90 mm equivikant on my M4/3 GX8.... Yes, it is a bit narrow for typical Street shooting, but I love it for its sheer quality, in build and results.....it’s a portrait lens on my camera really. The affect in this shot, is as a result of deliberately shooting into the early morning brightness, and then careful, but not overdone post processing.... the selective sharpening of the nearest figures adds both depth and interest. The original colour shot, is rather dull and uninteresting.... the mono conversion adds atmosphere. FUJI
  7. I really hope that this is how we can all remember Lord Korkington ? Fond memories of enjoying a lunch with him at Warwick Folk Festival, and then during the TIPF Grand Day Out .... in Stratford - Upon - Avon. Admin if you feel this isn’t right, please hold the pics until it is..... I am hoping that others from our wonderful trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon will be able to add more. FUJI
  8. Yesterday's storm wasn't much fun, was it? But even on a day like that, humour can be found. I meet this chap and his lady on a fairly regular basis...if they aren't shooting about on adult scooters, they make a point of looking different. During a huge deluge of rain during the storm yesterday, I caught him in his full Biggles gear..........which he usually he wears at Steam-Punk events. 1: Colour 2: HDR FILM NOIR FUJI
  9. Shooting against the light can be very tricky...but the other morning, I managed to make ours look like something from an old Western movie. FUJI
  10. A truly impressive creation.....congratulations Geoff. FUJI
  11. FUJI

    The Mill

    Hi, Denis A great study of a very picturesque place.... the light on the boat is wonderful.... can we see the same scene with similar light on the building please.... p.s Did Insee a letter by you in my newspaper the other day? FUJI
  12. Yes! Our KORKY...... is a great character, cheeky, funny, witty, creative, to the point, and ..... if you’ve met him..... a great companion and friend.....oh..... and not a bad photographer either. Please pass on this and any messages from other TIPF `members via your special line.... Thanks for the info Polly. FUJI
  13. Very well done Loki.... FUJI
  14. I think that your kitchen needs an upgrade Denis 🤓 Seriously though, an interesting study.... one I would prefer in mono though. FUJI
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