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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. Great to see someone else is a very keen, vintage lens enthusiast.....I have quite a collection for my Panasonic GX 7 now ... love and use them all. I have learned so much about photography whilst getting to grips with just how they function. Great studies of your grandson James. Hobbo
  2. Just beautiful Rye..... my good old lady will be delighted to see them. FUJI
  3. To say that I am delighted with my very tiny but reassuringly heavy SONY RX 100 MK III camera, is an understatement. I managed to get the hang of it today so put it through its paces. 1: Diesel the super-friendly bear of a GSD full size original uncropped 2: I cant believe the detail in this butterfly...a fierce crop 3: Passing Smile....just a typical Street Photograph, using an advert as part of the whole. 4: My second cousin, messing about...after I asked him if I could shoot a test portrait............. to test of the portrait capabilities of the camera. I'm over the moon!...Money, well spent. All processed fro the huge original RAW colour files.....5472 by 3648 mp FUJI
  4. Thank you both. The resolution from the surprisingly small SONY RX100 III is a revelation to say the least. This makes post-processing much easier, I used CS6 to convert my original colour RAW file, and then Nik Silver Efex to get best mono results, followed by about ten further, gradual tonal adjustment on layers in CS6 followed by very selective ...High-Pass ....sharpening. I will admit to being greatly influenced by a member of my other photo forum' his work receives rave reviews on an almost daily basis. FUJI
  5. Thank you all for your very supportive replies. There was a silver lining to this very sad tale........the skip fee has been waived because the boss wants me to paint a portrait of his daughter and pony...... So as you all said......As one door closes another opens, and saves me £200 too. Seriously though, to see all that work and stock on the skip, did upset me, because it made me realise that my workshops are no more, and that I must move on.....so out with my pencils, paints and brushes....oh....and my new/old camera. FUJI
  6. A brambles patch given the full mono treatment...the full size RAW files are 5472 by 3644 mpx each, o bags of scope for cropping then oodles of fun bringing out all the tones and textures within. Today's offering from my new toy: FUJI
  7. A superb view. FUJI
  8. One for the wall I think? Mind you, they must be covered with your work already? You have truly......Captured.....The Moment. FUJI
  9. What a beautiful little critter, another insect designed in Art Deco fashion ;-)) Beautifully taken Paul. FUJI
  10. Sad to say that my old workshop is looking just a little dusty and unused these days...I do go in there to turn, or to make the odd item, but not on an almost daily basis as I used to...so no dust extractors working, no vacuuming for a year or two, with the spiders having a field day.. The shot processed to suit the subject. My second post from my SONY rx 100 mk III Question? Why is it, that when you get a new camera, the weather closes in? FUJI
  11. YUP!!! Take a look in the mono section. FUJI
  12. Sad thing is.....I remember everything there very well indeed...... Oh Dear!....... I'm ancient Great pics David. FUJI
  13. For the past 5 years on rainy days, I have always relied on my compact...once high spec...LX5 because it was small enough to tuck inside a pocket or under a rain wear collar. Today, things changed because, on Sunday I spotted something n Ebay that everyone seem to have missed....a used 20 mp SONY rx100 MK III,.........I have been following a user on my other forum who produces the goods with a MK I version. The RX 100 series is SONY's flagship pro-user, point and shoot....I won't produce the spec here, but it is worth looking up, or looking at a YouTube review on the MK III ...the series has reached the MK V now. They hold their price across the range.l. Mine arrived in the post just a few minutes ago, so this is the first shot taken, after setting it to shoot RAW only and to check that the RAW file went through my system OK. The reason it was being missed on Ebay? It has a very nasty scratch on one corner, as if the owner had accidentally rubbed it along a stone wall.......nothing else as far as I can tell...to get an £800 plus camera for lot less than half price was a no brainer to me so I took the chance. We will see how I progress n the next few days. My LX5 ? it will be sold to fund new batteries for my new toy. FUJI
  14. A portrait shot in very bright sunlight, as we chatted the other day. FUJI
  15. In the valley, by the waterfall, textin' bro innit! FUJI