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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. FUJI


    Thank Fuzzy, Predictive text s a real pain sometimes....especially when I’m tired ..... DOH ! THANKS ! FUJI
  2. FUJI

    New macro lens

    Absolutely magical Weary.....you are on a real winner here....the detail and sharpness are spot on...more please. FUJI
  3. My approach to strong Street Portraiture is developing apace...... I am beginning to move in very CLOSE with daring crops...all pretty well... as taken. FUJI
  4. FUJI

    Broadleafed Willowherb

    Very nicely seen and processed ....lovely light and colours. FUJI
  5. FUJI

    POTW - w/e 17/6/2018

    Congratulations Polly.....A fantastic portrait. FUJI
  6. FUJI

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Hi, Gareth, A very warm welcome to the TIPF Community.... FUJI
  7. I have just discovered this on YouTube... I love thus approach, it really works if you are inhibited about asking directly for portraits.... These are all wonderfully seen through a wide angle lens and probably shot from the hip rather than directly through a viewfinder.... Love the music too.. FUJI
  8. FUJI

    Two Trees

    WOW Rye you have excelled yourself here.....one of the best landscapes by you this year....but then of course, I’m biased because my good lady is distantly related to one of those infamous Pendleton witches. FUJI
  9. FUJI

    Pretty Profile ...

    Just wonderful Polly.....if we had awards to give, you would receive one here.. FUJI
  10. Hey Bill.....good to see you back... A beautiful study......was it taken in North Norfolk I wonder ? FUJI
  11. FUJI

    Posting images

    Thanks BP....That surprises me..... Two questions before I begin trying that ...How do I get RAW pics from my cameras into my iPad Pro...and as they and the processed versions are huge where do I store them ....won’t they totally clog or slow down my iPad ? I don’t want to faff with subscribing to mobile Photoshop or Lightroom....so have acquired AFFINITY PHOTO....to see how handling and storing RAW files goes. FUJI
  12. FUJI

    Posting images

    No Van... Everything I Shoot is Shot in RAW, so requires PS CS6 and NIK EFEX ... for this I use my high spec SONY VIAO Laptop connected to a large monitor My iPad Pro....Iuse for browsing, emails, all Office style progs....the news....oh, not forgetting Digital Art and Animstion.... Its the best thing ever for listening to music....four incredible speakers. hobbo
  13. FUJI

    Posting images

    Hi Van..... i have an....Image Resizer ...app on my iPad Pro ..... Simply resize any too-large image to ......1055 mp on the longest size...Save As...then post on TIPF or email etc. FUJI
  15. A very useful lens by the look of these results...keep ‘em coming please. FUJI