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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. A lovely moody capture..... Well done Paul. FUJI
  2. I never fail to be amazed at what can pass our front gate in just half an hour..... honestly... Weekends are always good for the unusual and interesting.
  3. I just couldn’t resist this strange juxtaposition spotted on our local market yesterday..... I was using a circa 50 year old vintage lens, set to ....Zone-Focus ...on F8 between 8 feet and infinity... making the camera a literal..... Point-and- `shoot. FUJI
  4. My daily Dawn Walk takes me alongside an Abbey Pool, a lively brook ( Ex Mill-Stream. ) ... around the large site of an Abbey destroyed by Henry VIII....up a beautiful avenue of Lime trees leading to our beautiful Medieval Church, the Churchyard, the Abbey Barn and Gate-House.... then the turn for home, by the swimming pool and children’s playground. Here then, are things spotted and recorded just two hours ago....namely... Beautiful wild flowers...... A baby gull who, seemingly abandoned, now thinks he’s a duck...he never leaves their side.... on the Church car-park... a dumped vacuum cleaner.... on an Abbey footpath... a half burned bollard ...... The other day, it was circa 300 ...of those silver...hippy-crack / nitrous-oxide gas amputee and boxes , plus broken beer bottles. And bins filled to the top with industrial quantities of drinks and take-away food containers. Such is life in our beautiful and historic little town . FUJI
  5. A candid study from my walk into town this morning. FUJI
  6. Captured in passing, this morning. FUJI
  7. FUJI


    Thank you everyone. FUJI
  8. I used to spend literally hours doing exactly that.... having a sun-worshipper wife, was the main reason, she could sit, lay, relax, get wet, get dry for hours and hours on beaches....whilst to me it was, hot, uncomfortable, boring, boring, boring.... Acquiring a metal detector was the answer... I used one, as much as I use a camera today.... in between being an exceptionally busy social worker and spare time scenic artist. The hobby got me new friends, made me very keen on history, archaeology, and artefacts.... created out of me a keen local historian, who was founder member of an anti aircraft gun site preservation group.... led me to an amazing hoard of silver Roman Deneri .... plus other significant finds....all officially recorded....oh, and much, much more.. Sadly...breaking both legs, put paid to the hobby....an amazing one for exercise, interest and for making friends... A great shot, initiating many happy memories Denis.......Thank You ! FUJI
  9. Now that ....Lockdown ....is being somewhat eased, and I feel a little more comfortable to be out and about with camera again; I am slowly recovering my eye for a shot. Two big differences between my pre-lockdown style and now.... Then I always shot in RAW colour.... then; if I wanted monochrome I had to use Photoshop CS6 and Silver Efex... on layers to achieve the results I wanted. Now, my approach, is totally different... as already stated, the LUMIX GX9 camera, has a special dedicated .... D- MONOCHROME-L ....setting, making it as close to a dedicated monochrome Leica Rangefinder camera costing many thousands of pounds. look closely at these, on your large screens please, and you should see what I mean.... the dynamic range.... tonal values, and incredible detail are proof.... the only real difference being that results from a full-frame Leica can be printed over a meter long .... I’m not sure what maximum size my prints would hold up.....perhaps BP or other member can enlighten me?. For this set I used two of my vintage lenses, so focus set to a zone just shy of infinity.... this produces fantastic results across a large range of distances. Study please the incredible detail of all the goods in our.....Open All-Hours....style hardware store....an Aladdin’s cave of jumbled stock, overseen by proprietor Arthur and his ever cheerful assistant Frank... the shot is a crop too. All of the other studies were shot...on the move.... that is the beauty of...zone focussing.... it is set, so no need to faff or for AF to hunt for focus. both camera and vintage lenses a performing beyond my expectations .... the GX9 was a wonderful choice. No apologies if I enthuse or ramble on... I have been, blown away.... by this camera/lens combination. Feedback and observations encouraged and welcome.... FUJI
  10. The only choice this week Rye.... so creative, funny, witty and so well crafted. Congratulations Craig ....and....Sir Dexter. FUJI
  11. A first class mono study Martyn........well thought out, natural looking lighting...... expertly post processed,to produce a wide tonal range... If I could give you an award.... I would. FUJI
  12. FUJI


    Thank you both, your comments and observations much appreciated. FUJI
  13. You deserve an..... OSCAR...... for that Craig...... A sterling effort.... not a bad idea to send to Disney in Hollywood ....? FUJI
  14. Father like Son....... BP it has been a very real privelage to share many of your family moments over many many years now..... THANK YOU! It occurs to me too, that you had a significant hand in the earliest development of this ...old fogey ..... from a crass amateur into a half decent Photographer......Thanks! FUJI
  15. Amazing detail , well caught and presented Paul. FUJI
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