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Good Luck  everyone ...;)

Entries close for this weeks Alphabet image at midnight Sunday 18th Aug ... Post a pic taken this week  ...  How  unusual a subject beginning with G can you come up with eh?.;)

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  1. because i have a bad case of fatb....dosis im starting to have knee problems....ill get down there next time ....i went over to the lighthouse this time ...by the time i got back to the trail down to the beach my knees just werent up to that decent...i was ok at dunraven as it was a nice concrete road down to the rocks..... on a good day i can walk for miles ...on a bad day im in pain every step
  2. Took a drive up to Nash point and dunraven Bay...First ever visit.. Knees were bad so I couldn't get down to the beach at Nash .. I will have to go back as I cocked up a few images
  3. Went for a spin up to the black mountains today.....there were some moody skies.... Got a few pics... Tried to revisit one pic I cocked up a few weeks ago..... Guess what.... I cocked it up again
  4. brilliant shots i've been to gigrin farm and came away with over 700 pics ...................11 were in focus..........4 were keepers.... they are so hard to photograph but its such a spectacle ....its worth going without the camera
  5. My favourite pic from last night... It was just so relaxing sitting there watching the seagulls fly by and a lovely sunset..... Sometimes being a photographer has its moments
  6. Nipped down to Rhossili for the sunset last night... Can't post my favourite that I took on my phone... The file is to big .... I post that after I get home from work
  7. Well after missing the sunflowers at Rhossili last year I thought I'd go out and have a go this year... Need to go back in a couple of weeks as not all of them were out and the wind made it a nightmare as they never stopped moving... Went to port eynon after here.... Bioluminant plankton was spotted here night before last.... I was so tired at midnight after being on the go since six in the morning I went home...... Only to find pics on Facebook of a spectacular display of plankton at port eynon
  8. Rybear

    POTW - w/e 14/7/2109

    Very nice... We'll done
  9. A friend wanted me to teach to use her new dslr so we took a trip out to foxhole cove near Southgate on the gower peninsula.... I only took a few pics as I was trying to explain f-stops to her for ages
  10. As I pulled the car in to the car park outside the house I saw the moon refecting in the tide... Be rude not to take a pic
  11. Trying to decide where to go last night.... Was checking photopills and a saw a little river feeding into the sea at a beach I haven't been to since I was a teenager... So a little walk.... 2 miles in total..more than enough for a f.. B..... Like me.... Was sitting by the river watching the swallows drinking on the wing... Wish I had my little point and shoot as I could of filmed it.... We'll it tured into a lovely sunset.... But I found my sensor was stinking and I keep getting a purple colour cast from my new nd grads Well hope you like the pics
  12. What I'm not happy with is the sky in the first 2... And the tree in no1... I should have taken another image without the 10 stopper to freeze the sky and tree and then try and blend it in post prosessing.... But I've never been successful in doing that so I have to improve my post process skills
  13. Decided to go up into the black mountains yesterday.... Got a few pics but not really happy with them...after I got home i realised I could have done things differently... I need to think more when I'm out and have to improve my lightroom /ps skills
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