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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....



Entries close for this weeks Alphabet image at midnight Sunday 22nd September ... Post a pic taken this week  ...  How  unusual a subject beginning with 'L' can you come up with eh? .;)



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  1. That old hard drive has come up trumps again.... Found these from 2013... Funny that I hadn't processed most of these... Funny how your eye for a pic changes over time..... From crosby beach and the another place statues.... Handy I was only living about few miles away in Liverpool so it was a local haunt for me... If I remember rightly it was my first outing with my Sony 11-18 DT lens.... Its now my go-to lens
  2. still searching that old hard drive ...found my favorite image ...i got this as a canvas on my wall ..was at the malpas yesteryear rally back in 2010 and found this car in the autojumble ...quick chat to the vendor and he let my put mr jones in the car..i had to hit photoshop hard to remove the stall in the backgound ....which i am crap at so it probably stands out a mile ..we had a pair of dog sunglasses which i'd left in our car...i so wish i'd had them and put them on him ..it would have made the pic even better
  3. Was looking through a old hard drive this evening.... I found this... Taken way back in Feb 2010...i my opinion its the best pic I've ever taken... It was a once in a lifetime moment... I think I was on a meet with the talk photography forum... The tiger walked through the Bush and looked straight at me... I had my old sony a200 up against the chain link fence... I'll never forget checking the screen and seeing what I got... A moment in time captured forever
  4. Revisited the elan valley today... My friend said she'd drive and wanted to test out her new camera and lens..... Canon 6dmk2 and 24-105 L series lens... She's only been using a dslr since July... Gotta say I was a bit envious... But im happy with my Sony a68 and have no plans to upgrade... So onto the pics.... The colours up there this week we're amazing.... Much better than last week... Shame there was no reflections so tried to be a little different
  5. A friend that I've been helping learn photography wanted a trip out today so we went to mumbles for the sunrise..... And later in the day we went to the elan valley.. It was happy accident day today... Put the tripod on the floor on its lowest setting.. Put the camera on it ... It wasn't pointed in the direction I was gonna take pics... Switched it on and glanced at the screen..... Wow... A composition I hadn't seen was on the screen... Had to take it didnt I took a few others as well
  6. Just had to try and take a pic this morning... It was an amazing sunrise
  7. Here are some more from yesterday
  8. Well it was a 3am wake to get to the elan valley for sunrise... Had a few pics in mind..which didn't pan out ....but it was so still that the lakes were like mirrors... So it turned into a cracking day... Gonna do another thread as I got too many for one thread
  9. I'd still be in bed too .... But I'm getting up at 3 tomorrow morning to go to the elan Valley for sunrise
  10. Why is it that I'm stuck in work and there's a sunrise like this...... Aaaaaagggghhhh
  11. Well had to try a selfie... It was a lovely view
  12. Decided last minute to go out and try and catch the sunset...so drove a few miles down to Llangennith... I pass this spot every week as I visit my mum in the nursing home in the village and wondered what I could get at sunset... I was quite surprised
  13. Decided to head down to landimore today... Wanted to revisit the boat that took a few months ago... But I deliberately didn't take that pic again... I wanted to see what else I could get.... Plus an idea for an image popped into my head a few days ago... So I tried today and was happy with the results at the gate.... And then nipped over to llamadoc to finish off
  14. Visited waterfall country near pontneddfechan and got a few pics
  15. Decided to get up early and got to mumbles for the sunrise.... Looks like I went to the wrong part as when I looked at bracelet bay after sunrise I would have got much more wave movement.... Funny how one side of the headland was calm and the other was much more dramatic
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