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  1. nipped down to rhossili after work for the sunset..knees were really bad but i wanted to get out ..so a 50 yrd walk down the path to the beach i found a couple of rocks by the side of the the path ...that will do so me and the dog plonked our bums by them and waited for the sunset ..i worked the area and found a couple of compositions i was happy with
  2. I got soaked taking that pic
  3. spotted this tree a while back and wondered if i could separate it .....but me being me i never got around to it ...passed it over 100 times but couldn't be bothered.....then the other morning it was misty..i only had the point and shoot and was on the way to work but i had to take an image :)..it was ok but i needed to go back with my dslr.... sunday afternoon as the storm died down i went back and i m really glad i did ..the tree is only 50 ft from the main road so had to get down low to avoid it in the image but i just loved the moody sky
  4. i drove down to met a mate at wisemans bridge near saundersfoot at 2:30 am on sunday morning hoping to get a few astro shots and then wait for the sunrise....well the astro just didn't work so we had a coffee by his camper and waited for the sunrise
  5. Congratulations... Well done
  6. if you love gower and your on facebook you should try this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovegower/?multi_permalinks=1253951801606359&notif_id=1600285489660427&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif one of the moderators is an amazing photographer with a certain style ...shes brilliant ..i'm trying to get her to post here...she said she has joined but i've yet to see a post from her
  7. callie is all i have left now ...used to have 3 cavvies but lost 2 a few months ago ...shes an old girl at nearly ten but she cant handle being left on her own ...luckily my boss lest me take her to work with me and i take her everywhere with me ...she loves our little adventures out with the camera...shes brilliant, she'll stay by my side while i take pics
  8. drove all the way down to fishguard and started exploring found an awesome looking place but i couldn't park so i came back the weekend after and had a good look around...what a place...found an old lookout post on top of the peak...up to date now so i'll leave someone else post
  9. a few pics from the local marsh ..wish i'd taken the last with my 150-500..had to use my 300 and a large crop as i couldn't get back to the car in time
  10. lazy photography ....nip across the road to the boat...take a few pics ...walk the 100 feet back to my front door ...i love where i live ....chuffed with the last pic as it was taken on my phone
  11. at the end of a hectic photography day we walked up rhosilli down( the easy way ) not the best sunset and it looked like i missed the best of the heather ...i actually put my camera away but caught a few with my point and shoot tz30
  12. stopped off at cenarth falls on the way back from cilgerran .....callie liked the bridge
  13. well i'm making the most of it because it looks like another lockdown is on the way .. i'm out this evening for a sunset and then a 3am meet up at wisemans bridge beach for a try at astro and wait for the sunrise..and you know me .....i got a thing for a portrait landscape
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