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  1. storm bella hit us last night but the forecast said there might be a chance of a sunrise so i went down this morning and had a cracking time
  2. took a trip down to bracelet bay for the sunrise on sunday
  3. met up with a few friends on Sunday morning for a sunrise shoot at porthcawl pier.. i wanted to recreate a pic i saw last week,,it was a good image i thought but it needed a bit more so i thought a sunrise would be perfect and how right i was..plus the sun was rising in the right position ... i wish the fishermen would stand still as they ruined the first image but i love it so i'm sharing it anyway
  4. well last weekend clear outside said 100% cloud cover for sunday morning so decided to have a lie in ......forgot to switch off the alarm ..aghhhhhh..so it went off at 6am but switched it off and went back to sleep but the dog woke me up at 7am ...let her out and couldn't believe what i was seeing ...lots of mist and the sky was on fire.....aaaagggghhhhhhhh . no time to get anywhere so i decided to have some breakfast and then head out with the camera as there was no way i could have caught the amazing sunrise on camera...so headed out down gower searching for some misty shots and to try out a
  5. wow thank you ...oh i wish i had mastered my camera ..your right polly i do like taking portrait images of landscapes .i cant explain it, its just my style thanks again for picking my image
  6. took a trip with a friend out west for the day ..took a load of pics so might make this a 2 part post
  7. so after a cracking morning at amroth we headed about an hour down the road to st brides bay in pembrokeshire ... i've been wanting to do some long exposure seascapes but the sea has been like i millpond every time i've tried lately but today it was nice and wild so i plonked my fat ass on the rocks and had some fun
  8. thank you for the comments ... polly ..hope to see you in the new year then
  9. so first trip out after our lockdown ended..met up at amroth with a mate for a day of photography. we were dodging cannonball sized rocks being flung up off the beach by the waves and they were all over the road along the sea front...luckily the tide was on its way out so by sunrise it had calmed down considerably and it turned out to be a cracking morning...after amroth we drove over to st brides bay for the afternoon ..ill put them in another post tomorrow
  10. not sure about the new lens yet..my old lens was a sony 11-18 f4-5.6 and the problem i was getting the af seems to clunk ..its really sharp close up but i cant get much sharpness with distant objects when focused on infinity...the new lens seems almost as sharp close up but is much better at distant objects..its about the same with lens flare..which both are bad at but the f2.8 aperture is much better then the f4 of the sony so it should be much better at astro
  11. just had enough time to get down to rhosilli again ...wasn't planning on going there but just seemed to end up there..but i didn't have enough time to get to the helvitia wreck and my knees gave out on the way down to the beach so i was limping everywhere so i just plonked my butt on the dunes and worked the area to see what i could get with my new lens (tokina 11-16 f2.8) ...it was so much fun climbing back up to the carpark ..not
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