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  1. Took a trip down to St govans Chapel on Sunday... It was lovely down there.. I did go to the green bridge of Wales and the elegug stacks but I'm struggling to remove a colour cast as it was the first time I used my 10 stopper and nd grads at the same time... I'll post them if I can remove it
  2. to be honest the first is just a snapshot from the road across the car park ..was just trying to document it as it was amazing
  3. Been up early on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to do some overtime at work... looked out the window on Thursday morning to this.... Pic 1.... only had time to grab my tz30 for one pic as I was leaving for work ..it was amazing... We had rain on Fri but on Sat there was another lovely sunrise but no time again so a couple of pics with the tz30 again..... And last night we had a lovely sunset so I went to the wreck down the road for the last pic
  4. The exposure was either 15 or 13 seconds.. Iso 6400.... I really struggled to focus last night... It was much easier the other week at broad pool... I'll keep trying as I think I'm getting a little better at it... The only problem is I have to use vintage m42 lenses to get the aperture I need to do astro and its really hard to focus them in the dark... I'll keep trying..
  5. went down three cliffs to have another go at astro photography...only managed a couple of pics before the cloud rolled in but as i got home i was treated to a lovely sunrise
  6. Here are a few more from last night's visit to gower fresh Christmas trees and the reindeer
  7. Went up to my mates farm last night and he let me loose with the camera on his reindeer... Buddy was rejected by his mum and my mate has to bottle feed him every 2 hours.. He's so adorable.. He's Even been on the welsh news with the weather girl.
  8. It is lovely on high tides... But when the tide is out its just a big muddy gutter... But when the high tides and sunset coincide... It's amazing... See lots of people pulling up in the car park taking pics
  9. Decided at the last minute to go out with the camera last night... Didn't have time to go anywhere so outside the house it was... but I was lucky that the tide was in and someone was riding a jetski up and down in front of the house.... Be rude not to take a few pics
  10. Thank you very much... I'm really chuffed I've always struggled to get good images at home on the gower but now as finances are forcing me to stay local... I'm starting to use my knowledge of living here all my life and I'm getting better slowly... Most of my good pics are happy accidents... I didn't see what you saw.. I knew the boat was there and the gutter went off in the distance... I'm a kind of fire and see what I get when I get home photographer.... But saying that I am trying to use lead in lines and symmetry more... We'll I'll have to keep going out more
  11. This local landmark has always been known simply as the lookout.... The Loughor estuary was used as a gunnery range during ww2... They even fired mustard gas and anthrax shells here I've grown up seeing this thing every day and have some great memories as a kid going past this in the middle of the night going out to check the fishing nets sitting on the bonnet of a tractor with no lights holding a torch.... Great memories It's been over 20 years since I was out here last and wasn't looking forward to the 3 mile walk out and back.... Lucky I saw the farmer that owned the access road cutting his lawn so I asked him if I could park the car at the bottom of the very steep hill to save walking back up it on the way back..... Take the car out there he said And a little detour on the way home to landimore pill for the third image
  12. Decided last minute to go out and get the sunset last night... Only had 20 mins before sunset so it had to be close to the house... So I decided on a derelict church on a hill about a mile from the house... I've never got good pics from there before because of the industrial estate and housing estate in the foreground.... But I went armed with my tamron 70-300sp so I was hoping to miss all the foreground... It worked but I should have brought my 35-200 tokina as I could only just get everything in frame... I walked 100 yards from the car park and sat on a park bench by the footpath on the hill and watched the sun go down ... Second pic was with my tz30 when I got back to the car park
  13. a few pics of last night's sunset at broad pool on the gower peninsula
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