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  1. bfb1150gs

    st govans chapel and manorbier sunset

    I didn't see the footprints until I uploaded them on my computer
  2. after buying the fotovue book photograping south wales i found out the st govans chapel was in west wales ...always thought it was in cornwall ...so last december i had a day off so took a drive down there to take a few pics..I went at the wrong time of day so i was stuggling with shadows but was lucky enough that a few clouds got rid of the shadows just long enough to take some pics and after that i was lucky enough to catch a cracing sunset at manorbier beach on the way home c+cwelcome
  3. bfb1150gs

    trip to manor park zoo

    thats fine ...the reason i go by that moniker is i used to have a bmw r1150gs ...it was my dream bike and i loved it but i sold it in 2007.....as for the bfb .....big fat b.....d
  4. last september i had a day out at manor park zoo
  5. bfb1150gs

    first try at astro

    this was my first try at astro photography...ive had this image in my mind for years and after getting a new camera i thought id have a go ...so up to king arthurs stone to give it a try....i tried with my wide angle 11-18mm f4.5-5.6 lens but it just didnt seem to work...so i thought i try a lens i bought off ebay for £9 ... an old m42 manual lens...28mm f2.8 ....i finally got to see the milky way...its not very clear but it is there ..just ...and this was the only image without the cows walking slowly though the background in the dark
  6. bfb1150gs

    buzzards fighting

    on a visit to gigrin farm last september i was lucky enough to catch these two buzzards having a scrap
  7. bfb1150gs

    robin redbreast

    after getting back into photography in august i quickly upgraded my camera from a sony A550 to an A68 ..i put on my tamron 70-300 sp lens and went for a walk around some rough ground behind where i work and got this little fellow im not sure if its the same one that has recently taken to coming in our canteen ..while we are there... the cheeky little bugger hovered outside the door so we would open it and he could come in under our feet to inspect the floor for crumbs
  8. bfb1150gs

    lone tree memories

    nice sunset tonight ...took a little stroll up to cilifor top on the gower peninsula ...havent been up there for over 30 years...brought back a lot of memories as i only lived 100 yards away as a child
  9. bfb1150gs

    waterfall country

    Oh I'm back... It's cost me a fortune... Camera upgrade... New tripods... Filters... Remotes... I've found my mojo again and really enjoy going out with the camera now.. Another very recent circumstance change means I can no longer go on the long range trips to North Wales... But I live on the gower peninsula so there's plenty of places in the local area to photograph .... I've always struggled taking pics on gower though... I think growing up with all these spectacular views has made me take it for granted and I struggle to find compositions... But that's something to work on isn't it... I got 5 months worth of photo trips to share so you'll see a lot of posts over the next few weeks
  10. bfb1150gs

    waterfall country

    after having a break from photography since 2014 i've recently got back into it ...did take a few pics in 2016 and put them on here but that was a false start....since august i've been bitten by the bug again and i go out as often as i can now ...i vowed when i started back up that i would try and go places i've never been before and i've been pretty good at keeping to it ...i have a few months worth of pics so i will put them slowly up over the next few weeks. i had never been to waterfall country , even though i only live about 20 miles away....it was on my bucket list so last august i got off me fat behind and took a walk up the valley...i was blown away by the place .... . i'll put the other images up over the next few weeks
  11. bfb1150gs

    arthur's stone sunset

    sorry that i broke the rules of the site..like i said it's been over 2 years since i last posted on here so i've forgotten how to do things .i've changed the links so it should be ok now
  12. bfb1150gs

    arthur's stone sunset

    this is the first time in over 2 years that i have been out with dslr .. lost interest after my wife died but today i got my butt in gear and finally went out to a local spot to take some pics . i've forgotten most of the stuff i learned over the years so it was a learning experience tonight....gonna have to learn quick because i've booked a chalet in fort william in august for a week and all i am going to do that week is take pics
  13. bfb1150gs

    help with removing items in background

    thanks for the advice i will have another go when i finish work in the morning