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  1. Another visit to gigrin farm today... Not as many red kites as last time but I had much better luck today
  2. Well done... Cracking image
  3. I went to the one in the Brecon beacons a few weeks ago as its closer to me.. It's ok but nothing like gigrin there must have been over 200 birds there.. It's an awesome spectacle.. Next time I go I'm gonna pay extra and try a photography hide and see if that makes it easier
  4. That's what I did.. Manual.. 1250of a second.. F6. 3 and auto iso.... And let the Camera sort it... It's the focusing I have a problem with as they are so fast and unpredictable.. My new camera is a lot faster focusing than my old one but it's still not fast enough for these birds
  5. I love going to gigrin farm to see the kites but I really struggle to get sharp pics 650 images... Only a couple are useable Wish I had the money for a lens upgrade but I don't so my Sony a68 and tamron 70-300sp will have to do
  6. that boat is about 100 feet from my front door ...i had a week off work this week and ive been out a lot more than i would normally ...i am enjoying my photography again ..it's getting me out of the house which i need to do more of as i'm fat and unfit i needed to go out today to take my mind off things as its the 5th anniversary of my wife passing away . i love going to gigrin farm but its so hard to focus on the bloody things...a full 16gb sd card..650 images ..not one is pin sharp but i got a few which are ok which i'll put up soon
  7. After a trip to Rhayader to see the red kites being fed, I get home just in time for the sunset.... Didn't have time to go anywhere so walked across the road from the house and took these
  8. i know what you mean ...i remember about in 2010 that a pic taken on little compact camera won the countryfile calender comp ...im sure it was a little tz ..thats why i bought one a few months later though it blew up just before christmas after a visit to the beach but i got a replacment for 45 quid and it was an upgrade on my old one .....the best camera is the one you have on you http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/features/countryfile2010/competition_results_2010.shtml
  9. thank you ..the first one and the last one is taken with my little panasonic tz30 ...saves me changing lenses
  10. Well i've been out again...must be a record .. Took a walk up to the trig point on rhosilli down... Was hoping for a bit more colour in the sky but it wasn't to be..
  11. its been a while since ive been to lancashire..lived in liverpool from 2007 till 2014 so i did a bit of photography around the area
  12. took a walk over to blue pool bay ..haven't been there in over 20 years..it was nice to see the three chimneys ( gower's answer to durdle door)..it was freezing though..i almost give up and went back to the car ..glad i did'nt thought because it turned into a cracker last pic was taken with my tz30
  13. I seem to prefer taking pics in portrait...dont know why..... Seems to be my style.... Need to be more consistent with my prosessing though as I'm noticing a colour cast on no 2
  14. Took a walk down to worms head this evening to see if there would be a good sunset.. It wasn't too bad
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