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Me and Denis are meeting up for the Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Rally and Historic and Commercial Vehicle Society Trans Pennine Run on Sunday 5th Aug 2018 .

If anyone else would like to join us, we're planning to arrive in Hebden Bridge by 9am and leave by 5pm at the latest...

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  1. Bill

    Severn on the Kent at Arnside

    A very pretty yacht for her time. More pics here for those who are interested http://www.woodenships.co.uk/small-craft/rivers-class-gaff-cutter/
  2. The lily is super.
  3. Bill


    Well done Fuji. The third one is a cracker; the oof background makes it stand out.
  4. Very Nicely seen. The lamp is a nice touch.
  5. Bill

    Under the pier

    Thanks John, single exposure of 70 seconds, f/13, iso200, (10 stop ND filter if I remember correctly but may have been 15) edited in Lightroom. I took quite a few, long exposures and short to get the best combination of movement and position of waves especially at normal exposures. One really paid off and I may post that later. With the height of the tide I would have been quite deep in the waves to get the tunnel head on and not have the two centre posts blocking the view down the tunnel.
  6. Bill

    Under the pier

    I struggled to decide if this was landscape and scenic or architecture but my emotion in this was definitely not based on the architecture so it is here.
  7. Bill

    POTW - w/e 08/07/2018

    Thank you all! I am most surprised.
  8. Bill

    Plumed Basilisk

    I assure you it is. Shot through glass too.
  9. I had a couple of hours at World of Crocodiles yesterday and made a few images of the inmates of which this is the best.
  10. Bill


    Me too.
  11. Bill

    Summer glow ...

    Another lovely image.
  12. Bill

    Lathyrus in vitro

    Thank you both.
  13. Bill

    Lathyrus in vitro

    Well I jiggered and I poked so........ wysiwyg
  14. Bill

    Little things in a summer haze....

    Delicious, I use my 90mm around the garden.