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  1. After spiderlings perhaps?
  2. Good for you - finding some super things to shoot. Stay well. We too are in isolation, even from our daughters.
  3. Fuji X-T2 and 10-24.
  4. Normanton Church was to have been demolished prior to flooding Rutland Water but was saved following a public outcry. It is always a good idea when shooting with the camera partly submerged to make sure that the waterproof housing does not leak. Fortunately I noticed the ingress quickly.
  5. Great first image!
  6. I decided to revise the proportions of the previously posted colour version, thereby making the angle of the corner seem more of a right angle and less acute, and to convert to mono.
  7. I have been to Gloucester twice recently; made this on the second trip but was not able to get a shot completely free of people. This is two shots (without moving the camera). One when the left side was as empty as it got, then one for the right and blended the two in PS.
  8. Excellent shot. I saw a few in Rutland but did not have the lens for the job; went back with the long lens and not a sign of them!
  9. Bill

    60163 Tornado

    I have never seen the Tornado so good to see this image.
  10. Hope you had a great Christmas. Sorry to miss you.
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