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  1. I think I missed a gem. Thanks for the photos.
  2. A fitting post and a wonderful poem which I take to be your own composition?
  3. Bill

    I got looked at again...

    Great pictures! Amazing body adaptation - reminds me of a mantis so I had to look them up - I see there is an Australian mantis.
  4. Bill

    Halloween has arrived at our house....

    Cracking work!
  5. Make my day why don't you!
  6. Bill

    Mallard Drakes.

    As I am not a wildlifer I didn't see the need, the standard lens gives me an effective 600mm and I rarely need that much. Indeed out of a batch of 10 keepers from this shoot only two are at max zoom.
  7. Bill

    It's Halloween

    Very well done!
  8. Bill

    Mallard Drakes.

    It's a great lens and not too heavy for it's power. These were hand held while sitting down with the camera between my ankles so as to get as low viewpoint at possible.
  9. What a great set. Looks like you had a good day.
  10. Quack. my local res' 10 days ago and a 100-400 Fuji lens.
  11. Bill

    Devils Coach Horse

    Another excellent image. I haven't seen may of these beetles recently, they seemed to be fairly common when I was a lad (100 years ago).
  12. Bill

    POTW - w/e 23/9/18

    Ooh, just had a few minutes to look around - thanks for this!