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  1. Leon


    like above, needs a little more black?? I promised myself I'd go and photograph that boat one night after the moon cycle has passed to get star trails.. maybe the milkyway?
  2. Leon

    A couple of Ferrari's

    the Ferrari club attend Harewood where I go most months, I usually get the feeling they don't really push them? great shots
  3. Leon

    Dovecote at Rivington

    I have pictures from almost the exact same position. you know I'm not into editing, quite like this though....
  4. Leon

    Bridge at Portimao

    think you may have placed this in the wrong section love the photo though
  5. Leon

    steve (cat)

    Steve was sat on the back of the settee watching out of the window.
  6. Leon

    Who's a Pretty Boy Then?

    love the look of them, so striking. we should meet up one day, I'll show you where there's literally thousands of them. a farm on a public footpath
  7. Leon

    I was lucky today!!

    good job you can take piccies.... you'll never make it as a comedian!!!!
  8. Leon

    I was lucky today!!

    I need to get upto Flamborough point, apparently if you are lucky you may see Whales there!!
  9. Leon

    Hemsby Coastline

    nothing attached?
  10. Today I went to photograph a lighthouse on Anglesey, the shots were shocking, howling wind, sideways rain and flat grey miserable skies... I was heading back to the car where all the rest of the family were waiting for me as they had already got wet before (except Megan who is as crazy as I am) I turned to look if I could see any seals as I had seen before.... saw a little dorsel fin.... then another.. then two!!! I didnt put the extender on as you never know where they are going to pop up, these photo's will never win any awards but I'm sooooo chuffed I saw them
  11. Leon

    gutted :(

    in a bird hide about 20-30 feet away.
  12. Leon

    BIKES testing a old/new Vintage Lens

    Hi Fuji. maybe slow the shutter speed a little to keep movement in the wheels?
  13. Leon

    gutted :(

    excuse the shakiness, trying to hover over a bench wile videoing, tripod next time
  14. Leon

    gutted :(

    yeh, my local ish place to see them is Pennington flash about 6 miles away..... need to sort the back focusing out though before I go back.
  15. Leon

    gutted :(

    after my post the other day saying the images with the 1.4x were sharp, yesterday I discovered it back focuses. soooo lucky to have a kingfisher land 20 feet infront of me then to find they were out of focus!! but, the branch 6" behind it was perfect.... you will have to trust me the single focus point was over his head