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  1. Leon

    Sparky Bikes

    More Bike racing today!!
  2. last two for me, shows the Power of a Jet engine. I used to have a job where I could spend an hour at the Air Force base in Anglesey, sadly though my timing was pretty crap.
  3. this could end up being a controversial subject Fuji... A few years ago I attended a photography club. I had noticed a guy, long hair and a massive beard, leather jacket and what I thought was a dayglo pink leotard. then as he was leaving it turned out to be a skin tight pink dress... I have no problem with identifying as whatever you choose to be, but sometimes it takes me by surprise for a second or two.
  4. great shot, if you google the "Kingfisher trail" in Bolton you will see these, Dippers and surprisingly Kingy's. if you go though let me know and i'll show you a secret place or two
  5. Leon

    Think Bike

    I met this guy at the same time as the other bike Racer . He has a spinal injury that sometimes means he needs help getting off the bike, his dad was a racer and tried to discourage the dangerous lifestyle, Dave then opened his own business dealing in bikes and eqyipment to fund the racing, he now employs his dad!
  6. Leon

    Track day

    like many others we have had some issues at home with Covid, mrs's nan has alzheimer's, so , both in laws and her nan have sold thier houses for a big one so they can all live together, my mrs is now caring for "nan" full time.
  7. Leon

    Track day

    thanks Denis. i always make sure my shutter seed is slow enough to capture some movement in the wheels, I hate shots where the car/bike looks parked!
  8. Leon

    Track day

    last weekend I was asked by another photographer to cover a track day for her as she was away with her mum. you are all used to me posting motorsport but not usually the TWO wheeled variety. I walked away with 3000 Images, this one is nt technically perfect but I really like this one, you can see where he is aiming his bike by following his eyes.
  9. yeah, I like that. thanks
  10. another from my 1st day with the Sigma 105MM Marco
  11. Blue point Ragdoll. she's 14 now!
  12. 1st one taken on the Sigma 17-50. 2nd one on the Sigma 105 Macro
  13. Wifey bought me the Sigma 105 Macro for my Birthday last week, it's amazing!! we have a small pond in the garden where this Hover fly spends a great deal of time hanging around n the pond plants.
  14. great shots! I have only ever seen a Lizard once in the wild in the uk, Beacon fell of all places!
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