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  1. Through work I have gotten friendly with a local Music promoter, I was invited to a small Venue in Manchester, this is my favorite shot so far. even managed to get the drumsticks in motion, I think i was down to about 60th/sec, and about 1200ISO. opinions please.
  2. Leon


    possibly, but i'm not that skilled
  3. love the Nuthatch ones, very hard to capture...
  4. sat in the hide waiting for the kingfisher when I noticed this little fella peeking in.
  5. Leon

    Studio Hire.

    Hi Guys. not sure how many of you know about my change of jobs (again) in August? I simply had enough of sales, had been treated like poo too many times so I quit. I'm now the site manager (caretaker) at a local community center here in westhoughton, STRESS FREE!!! my latest project it to convert one of the old rooms (100+ year old school classroom) into a photography studio to hire out by the hour, or day etc... the room is around 25 feet square with 20 foot ceilings, being painted all white with either a matt white or grey floor. we will be putting up black/white and grey paper backdrops. we will also be supplying basic lighting too. my question is what in the way of furniture or props would you expect to find when hiring a studio? I have a couple of old farmhouse style chairs, was thinking of trying to get hold of an old weathered Chaise Lounge? room rates are going to be about £15 per hour. we also have a cafe on site during the day too!!
  6. thanks guys.. he does spend a lot of time just sat chilling on the sofa so he's an easy target
  7. just playing with my new Nifty 50.
  8. Leon


    like them Fuji, no2 would be the pick of them for me.
  9. Leon

    Nearly There

    guess I'm outvoted there then ?
  10. he is an odd looking thing, yes cute but also quite ugly
  11. Leon

    Nearly There

    Usually a person adds to a picture, to tell a story or add scale, in this one I personally think it would have been better without?
  12. to me the dog's face says..." the f*** you doing?"
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