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  1. Had to work in London today, so took the new Full Frame and 17-40mm f4 L Lens for a run with me, really cold today, but must admit the sky did behave itself and in my opinion lend a hand to my day :-)
  2. The bottom Right of the image looks wrong, the main trunk does not connect to the second branch, also the bottom right looks to be pasted in ?? I understand your stacking different images, but looks false, sorry
  3. Getting all the detail in the trees and not loosing that is amazing, long exposure in the water has flared a bit, hard not too really, Recently got a 10 stop ND, cant wait to take that out for a spin
  4. A colour shot lol The top left colour in the bushes is great
  5. Shooting Astro any sensor gets hot on long exposure, but in out climate being fkin cold, the noise level is ok, Im new to the astro game, but take lots of images with bright dark etc to get the noise and then use stacking software, 5d Mkii 21 Meg Pixel, they say 20 is the threshold for astro, and really at its price, £200 for full frame its a great camera
  6. I went Full Frame in December, only the EOS 5D Mkii, but 21 Meg Pixel, I shoot all Canon L glass, so giving the sensor some good light, as always the Camera only records the image we give it, have not had a chance to get out much to see if full frame on the lenses suffers in any form. I don't know what glass you use, but 5D mkii is only a couple of hundred quid, good glass I would spend the money on
  7. Love the sky in this image
  8. Welcome to the Monochrome Master, Good to see you here mate
  9. The body ( DSLR ) just records the image, the glass projects, the user is the skill, Hope that keeps you togging mate
  10. Hi Mark, Yes reads very well, good use of composition, hope you put some food down lol
  11. Thanks to everyone, been hard getting my mojo back, and blowing the dust off the gear, and going through some images taken in the past, then actually having others like them, does give a warm feeling, and shows others do appreciate what I ( we ) see through the viewfinder. Im still amazed that I even came in the race, as images posted on here are just amazing, so many thanks again
  12. Stunning Landscape, I could spend all day there getting different shadows and colours :-)
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