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  1. stevedevil

    Hemsby Coastline

    Hi Gang, Long time since I posted, Got a drone now so new toy to play with Anyway Hemsby Coastline Cheers Gang
  2. stevedevil

    Morroch Bay

    Thanks Gang
  3. stevedevil

    TIPF Big Day Out 2018?

    Yes I'm up for a meet, will need to plan ahead early as if a fair distance will, as most, use the whole weekend to tog :-)
  4. stevedevil

    Morroch Bay

    Hi Gang Took a well earned holiday in Scotland late last year, and this was where we stayed on the Coast, literally on the shores in a lovely Cottage near Port Patrick, and this was a timed image I took one day of the Coastline
  5. stevedevil


    First Image does it for me, great capture, just at the perfect time, also the colours are great too
  6. stevedevil


    This is the same icicle taken at f32, and a bit colder in the day too :-)
  7. stevedevil


    Hi Gang Well with the weather today, had a day off and blew the dust off the camera, done a couple of Macro shots in the garden, and this is one of the water droplet on the bottom of an icicle
  8. stevedevil

    A hardy fly

    Detail is amazing, they always fly off just as I focus in, so know how hard it is to get these images
  9. stevedevil

    A thank you and a bit more besides...

    A forum should be a place where good and bad feedback should be free to express, the main reason(s) that I ( Others ) may have stopped is that some ( Including admin and long posters ) get a little tetchy when a fair question is asked regarding posts and photo’s, and a forum should have good and fair responses to threads to attract others who may float in and have a read, as it helps us all learn more, and not be afraid to air a valid opinion, Anyway that said, I Know how tough it is to moderate a forum, so take my hat off to those involved in attempting to keep it running.. Will post a few images and see how it goes
  10. stevedevil

    Steam locomotive

    Like the angles and detail, would possibly convert to B&W to hide the little green grass bits
  11. stevedevil

    Popping in

    Thanks gang, went to Scotland late last year and obviously took camera, will post a few
  12. stevedevil

    Popping in

    Hi gang, popping in to say hi and have a look around
  13. stevedevil

    Screen Calibration

    Hi Gang, Had a few discussions with a few mates that all tog lol, and screen calibration came up, so rather than say about the differences, I posted the Spyder Pro to each of them, still waiting for it back lol So had a thought if anyone bothers to still calibrate, or use the Calibration in Photoshop etc etc.. Also I could always post it to members on here if they wanted to try it and see if it makes any difference to their Screens ?? Cheers Steve
  14. stevedevil

    Fog At Sunset

    Yes Hello.. Love the image, but the diagonal sky image train really catches the eye, stops you looking into a fantastic image.. I would crop it out, as the rest of the image is so strong Steve
  15. stevedevil

    Testing a "new" toy.

    Hi.. Not sure if its the website, or scanner you use, but for my screen its very white, 2nd image much better, and for composition.. I Calibrate Screen Monthly, so maybe I am seeing the Whites a lot harsher ???? I love the imperfections in both shots, it really adds to the depth Cheers Steve