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  1. Trawling through the archives last night, I found an image which had potential I hadn't noticed before. I'm pretty sure that it's Llandudno Pier. Korky The Pier
  2. The composition and the processing are super - the image works brilliantly for me. Ya know summat? Eh? You often go for the self-deprecating remarks, but you're a pretty bloody good photographer. Honest! Korky
  3. That's a great image, John - the softer, quieter end of street photography that works just as effectively as the gritty, mono stuff. Yes, the flower works a treat. Korky
  4. Thanks, chums, appreciated as always. The plant was photographed during the scorching hot Summer of 2018 - it was seriously wilted. John - The bokeh is from the camera, but it's had a light texture added to make it fizz a little.
  5. As an old geezer, I'm not really attracted to the drone, but they have the potential to produce some stunning video. Our great and glorious founder - Phil - has produced some good vid sequences with his drone, but I'm not sure if he still does them. Perhaps someone else can shed some light....... Korky
  6. I was quite taken with the images accompanied with words posted by John and Rye over the last few days, so I thought I'd add one of my own. Some months ago I was editing an image and I had lyrics from one of my favourite songwriters - Richard Thompson - whizzing around in my head and the words and the image just sort of gelled together in a loose sort of way. A spot of serendipity that's led to a short series of images. Here's #4. ------------ This cruel country has driven me down Teased me and lied, teased me and lied Now I've only sad stories to tell to this town My dreams have withered and died Withered and Died #4
  7. Just thought I'd bump this one last time. Korky
  8. I just love that one, Rye - the character studying the engine just lifts the image a good few notches. Goos stuff! Korky
  9. Very nice indeed - bluebells are so photogenic. Korky
  10. That 'Angry Birds' expression is just brilliant! Korky
  11. I love people agreeing with me - especially when I've said nowt! Korky
  12. Korky

    POTW - w/e 21/04/19

    Another great week for images and another week when it's been so flippin' difficult to choose a POTW. Top toggers for me this week were........ Fuji with his superb 'You Are Invited' - Street photography at its best. ChorleyJeff with 'Buttermere Trees' - A beautifully simple landscape. Ryewolf with 'Church Steeple' - A lovely painterly image that shows off Rye's Topaz skills. All these could have been winners were it not for Johntwo's superb photograph 'Scotsman at Speed'. Great technique, great processing, great presentation and then a great dollop of nostalgia to boot. Congrats, John, that really is a belter. Korky
  13. Great work, John, I really like what you've done here and the words suit perfectly. Clicks - Good idea, I'd be up for a bit of that. Maybe once a month? Korky
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