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  1. Hello Dolly!

    Was Dolly the cloned sheep? Korky
  2. Wind Stopped Play

    A beltin' set of images, Colin - I'm not really an aircraft buff, but these are superb. Love the Lancaster Bomber. Korky
  3. Strumble Head Lighthouse

    Top stuff yet again, John. Well done! Korky
  4. Pig in a trough

    Excellent! Even brought a smile to my grizzled old visage. Korky
  5. Trip to Edinburgh.

    A great place to bimble with a camera - enjoy your break. Korky
  6. Tic Tock

    Looks good - lots of interesting shapes and a very pleasing composition. Korky

    A superb composition and a superb mono twiddle. It has an air of mystery that I love. Classy stuff, Fooj. Korky
  8. Meerkats in the Snow

    Ya know summat, Jacqui? If I'd have done that I wouldn't have breathed a word about it being a composite. Some secrets are best not shared with anyone. A very nice bit of twiddling - I like it loads. Korky
  9. Frogs hunting

    You have hunting frogs, Dee has a family of kangaroos and Brian (remember Brian?) has cockatoos nesting in his dunny. We have cold, damp, miserable looking people and an army of Traffic Wardens. Funny ol' world innit? Korky BTW - I made that bit up about Brian's dunny.
  10. Happiness

    Excellent! Reminds me of the TIPF Big Day Out in Stratford last year! Korky
  11. A great little slice of life in Oz - I just love the tree with the tongue! Korky
  12. Redcar & Saltburn

    A fine set, as always. Some very well-seen images, I just love the shot of the wire fence. Korky
  13. POTW - w/e 15/4/2018

    Nice one, Jacqui. Well done! Korky
  14. Beaune Derelict

    There's a feeling od sadness and loneliness about the image that I like very much. Korky
  15. Abandoned Village - Cyprus