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  1. Before I go and buy my train ticket, is this still a goer? Korky
  2. Swirly Water

    Yes, that still image is a real belter of a shot. The large version looks superb. Great work! Korky
  3. Stockport Road

    Tell ya what, Tom, your big, growling Aussie cat has been well and truly chucked among TIPF's sleepy old pigeons. The poor dears have scattered to the four corners of the loft and they're trembling. However...... Now that we know all about you, feel free to ask about us. We just take pictures, too. Go on, be the old softie that I sense you are - have a nosey around, find a photograph you like and leave a comment. A short one, mind - some of us have limited attention spans. Korky
  4. Birminham Velo cycle race...

    So you've still got that thing about Lycra eh, Mrs C? And at your age, too! Needs a few dobs with the clone thingie to remove that, there street light. Korky
  5. That one is a bit good an' all. A real belter of a shot. He looks a bit grumpy, you probably woke him up. I look like that when I'm disturbed in the afternoon. Korky
  6. I think we 're related ....

    I like him (her?) loads - an absolutely lovely image. Owls are a bit special - as I type this I can hear one outside, along with some geese who seem to be complaining about the weather. Soft buggers! Korky
  7. Stockport Road

    Having read all the above, I'm a bit scared to comment on your images, Tom. Just in case I get it wrong. As I see it, TIPF works best when people post their images and then other folk come along and leave comment. Nice comments, not so nice comments, we can take 'em all. I post images here because I enjoy reading other members' opinions on my work. Sometimes I think I've posted a real stonker of a shot then someone makes me see something I didn't see before and makes me rethink my 'genius'. For me, that's good, because they always let me down gently. Oh sod it, I'll lay my cards on the table.............. I like your work, it's interesting and thought provoking and well presented and beautifully processed. Nice to have you aboard, btw, you made me laugh and miserable owd buggers like me don't laugh all that often. And my thoughts don't get provoked other than when I'm watching Eastenders. Korky
  8. POTW - w/e 24/9/17

    Nice one, Kev - a real belter of an image! Korky
  9. G'day

    Hello, Tom - welcome to TIPF. Good to see you've already dived in at the deep end of our pond. Enjoy yourself! Korky
  10. The 52 Project - Week 34

    The Shropshire Union
  11. Oak & Gate

    I'm not really sure how you process your images, James. Am I right to assume you scan your negs and then process in Lightroom or something similar? I don't think you need further crit on this one, I'll simply say that Fooj is spot-on..... it's necessary to be ruthless when it comes to dumping the shots that don't work. Korky

    I've come back to this a few times as I couldn't really make my mind up - but after a few long gawps, yes I think it works. The processing really is excellent. Korky

    Number 1 for me, too - absolutely lovely. After an initial flurry of activity with my vintage lens, I haven't used it for months. Really must make a greater effort! Korky
  14. Around Cromer Pier

    Shot three is the stand-out for me - the composition is very good and those dramatic clouds just make the shot. Have these been processed from three separate images, or are they the result of a HDR preset? Korky
  15. Rock Star Birds

    The first shot works best for me - a simple image beautifully presented. Korky