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  1. That's been taken care of, Mike - all will be revealed in the fullness of time. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with what we have planned. Korky
  2. Another shot from my bimble around Knaresborough the other week. I was taken by the strangeness of the two seater and the chimney pots set together. To be honest, when I processed this in colour it just didn't work and I was on the brink of dumping it. 'Twas then I had the brainwave and 'twas then I decided to do a B&W conversion. For me it works, but you may think differently! A Seat at the Water's Edge
  3. Hello Everyone This is just to let you know that after much deliberation, Ryewolf, Clicker and myself have decided that the Weekly Challenge has run its course, it's time for it to be put into mothballs and stored in the old cupboard at the back of the office. From July 1st there'll be two new challenges for you to get your teeth into and we certainly hope that you will. The main challenge will be on a monthly basis and each alternate month will have a theme. The themes will be quite universal so that everyone can enter, but entry photos will need to be taken during the month rather than from the archives. All designed to get you out and about with a camera and then bag a dollop of kudos at the end of the month. We've even got a super-duper, VIP guest judge lined up to cast a beady eye over the entries and pick the top three. The second challenge has been suggested by SRJ (Simon) and will be a weekly challenge that will be based on the letters of the alphabet. We'll start with the letter A and 26 weeks later we'll arrive at Z, when we'll all be posting shots of zebras. This challenge is designed to be fun rather than competitive - just get creative and enjoy. Rywolfe and Clicker will be along in the coming days to let you know the details of how things'll work and then on 1st July, off we go. I hope I've whetted your appetites, so please get involved and please help us to give TIPF a bit of sparkle. Thanks! Korky
  4. I had this one down as POTW as soon as I saw it - Well done, Mike! Korky
  5. Shot 1 really is excellent - I just love that composition. Korky
  6. Gareth - As far as I know, Topaz Studio is still free and comes with a limited set of adjustments. Still, there's a great deal that can be done with it and as all the presets have been created by users, they're free to download, use and modify. Topaz Studio - Once it's up and running, do a search on Chinese Watercolor (US spelling) and away you go! As usual with presets, some images given the watercolour treatment look dreadful. The oil paint filter does give some interesting results, though and your ivy leaves look very good indeed. Nice one! Korky BTW - Welcome to the Photo Weirdo Club!
  7. Thanks, Dee, very much appreciated. I have a couple of images that I haven't posted on TIPF, I'll give 'em a try and see how they go. Korky
  8. Spirals in Deep Space 2 - Attack of the Swirly Things
  9. The spider's web shots are excellent - especially number two! Korky
  10. Yeah, you're right, it is very good and well worth a watch. Mind you, it's nowhere near as good as Breaking Bad and Ozark Korky
  11. That look of wonder on the child's face really makes the shot. Have you tried a bit of colour / black and white twiddling on this one? Korky
  12. Nice one! If the gate had been the normal manky old gate that's seen in the countryside, the image wouldn't have worked half as well. Korky
  13. This started as a little experiment to see what the 'Chines Watercolor' preset can do (it's the one I used for the Karesborough image). I toned it down quite a lot as it was somewhat OTT, but once happy I gave it a vignette and did some dodging and burning to finish it off. I'm pretty sure I added a light texture as well - just to brighten things up and make it bounce a bit. I always see presets as a starting point, and very seldom just click and save. To be honest, I don't have much interest in producing 'straight' images these days, I much prefer exploring the possibilities. Thanks for the kind words. Korky
  14. Excellent! I love how you've separated the starling from its background, makes the bird stand out brilliantly. Korky
  15. One of them being very tightly sealed wallets! Korky
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