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  1. Korky


    A superb bit of mono processing there - two great shots. Korky
  2. Korky

    A View Through A Window

    I like that one very much - great perspective. Not been to Whalley Abbey for donkey's yonks. Korky
  3. Korky

    Broadleafed Willowherb

    Beautifully photographed and processed - Top stuff! Korky
  4. Korky

    POTW - w/e 17/6/2018

    And a big congrats from me, too. Well done! Korky
  5. OK, toglets, here we go with Week 04 and we have a theme that's been set by Rye. The theme is 'A Mono Conversion' and in view of that here are clear instructions...... Click, twiddle, post. Korky
  6. Korky


    I agree with Phil (my God, that's two agreements and I've not had my porridge yet!) the sky could do with a bit of work to give it a dark, brooding feel. A very interesting subject, though. Korky
  7. Korky

    Artist at Work

    A lovely tranquil scene - I agree with Phil, the composition is spot-on. It looks a very nice place, is it National Trust? Korky
  8. Just to bring this week's slice of life to a close......... At sick squid a bottle, Jam Shed is a very pleasant Sunday evening guzzler. I know, I've guzzled half a bottle while watching just about the worst Nicolas Cage film it's ever been my misfortune to view. Nighty-night everyone, don't forget to share the mad, the mediocre and the mundane slices of your life in week five! Korky
  9. Is that Craster? Korky
  10. Korky

    My YouTube Channel

    Just watched ep 3 and overall, yeah, I like it. The opening clip of the car pulling up and then you reaching into the car for your hat is brilliant. It leads in nicely to the intro. The 'ow do' works really well. The individual clips are just about the right length and the shot of the dandelion clock and the spider are superbly done. The fade transitions are nice too - nowt so off-putting as a fancy dancy transition sliding in from the right then the left then a swirl then a picture in picture etc etc. I love the 'tour' around the reserve, but all the while I was wishing you'd stop and give us a bit of info about what we were looking at. It looks a very interesting place and some information would have made it so much better. For me the video was just too long - I reckon 5 minutes tops would've been about right. A big thumbs-up from me, though - things can only get better as you do more vids. Korky
  11. OK, thanks for the advice - four flags it is. Off out this afters to get the flags, the stickers, the deely boppers, the baseball cap and the tattoo. Korky
  12. Korky

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Hello, Gareth and welcome to TIPF. Jump straight in and enjoy the place. Korky
  13. Up at 7, had a pee, had a stretch, threw a soup tin at next door's cat, got back in bed till half-past- eight. Now..... I have a dilemma...... do I go for two England flags on the X-Trail? Or would the full monty four flag look be seen as a touch tacky? BP - How many flags are you putting on the new set of wheels? Korky
  14. Well done, Denis - I've enjoyed seeing this one again. Bet you're glad you didn't bin it! Korky And......... for anyone not familiar, left to right is Phil, Korky, Black Pearl and Ryewolf. Now ya know!