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  1. Thought I'd go for an open theme for this weeks challenge. Two reasons....... 1 - I'm a bit rubbish at coming up with themes and I've spent all morning trying to think o' summat and failed miserably. 2 - I thought a free-for-all might encourage more people to join in by having a week when you can post owt ya got. Go for it and show us yer finest! All entries to be posted by midnight GMT on Friday 22nd February and then we'll have a vote to pick a winner. Images can be shot for the contest or be from your archives. Entirely up to you! Korky
  2. Korky

    Orb Spider...

    That is one scary spider - it looks to be quite a size. I wouldn't say I was scared of spiders, just very, very wary of the little blighters. Much prefer kangaroos! Korky
  3. Korky


    Good stuff! I particularly like the last image as it feels more abstract than the others. Korky
  4. A definite step up from graffiti - this one crosses the line into street art. Great stuff! Korky
  5. Korky

    Missed ...again

    The focus might be a bit off, but the composition is great. Is it actually 'composed' or did the pheasant move a bit? They do, don't they? Buggers! Korky
  6. Korky

    Phil the Pheasant ...

    Yeah! Like that one - very stupid birds though. The Scottish ones in particular. Can't help thinking that the image could handle a fair bit of texture twiddling. Korky
  7. Korky

    trip to manor park zoo

    The Lemur and the Peacock are the winners for me, too. Excellent! Korky
  8. Korky

    Not Another Bum Note

    Judging by that very stern expression, the fiddle and the accordion, this is a Scottish Country Dance Band. Scottish bands can be very strict and I assume that here, someone has stepped out of line. The expression makes the shot for me. And I really do like that presentation. Korky
  9. Korky

    first try at astro

    That really is a super image - I love the fact that it's been created with a nine-quid eBay lens. Great work! Korky
  10. Korky


    That really works for me - again, a great example of seeing rather than looking. Korky
  11. Korky

    An Old Chuffer

    When I read the thread title I thought you'd been over to Chorley and taken some shots of me wandering around the market! A very nice set of images - 'Filling Up' is my favourite, it has a real timeless look about it. Korky
  12. Korky

    Rain, thats all i need

    I really like how you've composed this - fully agree with Polly re the negative space. Korky
  13. Korky

    I can see you .......

    The edits really have made it a real winner - to be honest, I'm quite amazed at the difference that John & Mike's twiddles have made. Korky
  14. Korky

    Thames Barrier Visit.....

    An excellent set - I particularly like shot 5. Korky