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  1. And a great big thumbs-up from me, too. I love these little photo essays of life down under. Korky
  2. Korky

    Great White Egret

    Very nice - the reflection in the first image looks great. Korky BTW - I've put a bit of space between the two images - my tidy mind made me do it!
  3. Here we go again, same but slightly different. Korky
  4. Korky

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 21

    And another week draws to a close. Some great stuff posted this week, so a small spoonful of kudos to you all. Dip your spoon in the kudos bucket on your way out and NO squabbling! Korky
  5. Korky

    POTW - Week ending 21/10/2018

    That one was the winner from the second it was posted. Great stuff! Korky
  6. A late entry posted from the billiards room at Korkington Manor. Taken with a borrowed point 'n' shoot on yesterday's walk on the West Pennines. Six miles of Autumnal sunshine, lovely views and a great butty stop. Korky Above Wayoh Reservoir
  7. Korky

    Mojave update...

    Any of you Mac bods upgraded to the Mojave OS? If so, is there owt I might find useful or is it just a mainly cosmetic upgrade? And........ any problems with Adobe apps? Korky
  8. Korky

    Ponte Luis 1

    That's got to be right up there with your best work, John. Excellent! Korky
  9. Korky

    Celestial Skies No #4

    I can't help but feel that this would appeal more (to me, anyways) if the colour saturation was dialled down a couple of nodgers. I like the image and the way it's presented, but I feel the colour is over-saturated. But......... I see colour VERY differently from others, so perhaps I'm not the best person to comment. Korky
  10. Korky

    The Duchess Part II

    Even though I'm far from being a steam enthusiast, I can really appreciate the power and beauty of these machines. A beltin' set of pics, Rye - number 3 is my favourite. Korky
  11. Korky

    A Little Night Walk.

    A fine set of images, Colin - the last one is outstanding, brilliantly composed. Korky
  12. Korky

    Locos 2857 and 34092

    What a brilliant POV - the cropped version works better for me, too. Korky
  13. Korky


    For me, the stand-out is shot two - yes, it is gritty, but, as John says, this time the grittiness seems to suit the image so much better. What a great character! Korky
  14. Cheryl - What are you trying to do to us oldies? Don't you think we're confused enough? What's it to be? Steam Trains or Urban Wildlife? Korky
  15. Congrats, Cheryl - very nice work! Korky