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  1. I am BACK

    Hello, Dave - Welcome back to TIPF Korky
  2. Rushing Waters - Kaprun, Austria.
  3. POTW - 21/01/2018

    I forgot to comment on this, so......... Very well done - a real cracker of a POTW. Korky
  4. Casa Milà Model 2

    If that's a shot that just 'appeared', then it's very well seen and very well executed. I love the shapes and curves and the blue sky. And then the placement of the figure just finishes it off perfectly. Korky
  5. If it serves as a consolation, Jim, we're in the middle of another wet Winter here in Lancashire - rain, rain, rain and more bloody rain. Then it stops for a bit and we all smile and look less miserable for an hour or two. Then it rains again just out of sheer, old-fashioned spite. Maybe you've watched the US version of 'The KIlling' on Netflix - it"s set in Seattle, it's dark and broody and it's raining in almost every outdoor scene. It could just as easily have been filmed in our street. With me as a grumpy, soggy-looking extra. Korky
  6. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    A fine set all round. Beautifully photographed, beautifully processed and beautifully presented. So difficult to pick a favourite, but I think I'll plump for shot 3 - just because of that superb sky. Top stuff! Korky

    Yes, Fooj, I think you've done him justice - your portrait is superbly strong and a real story teller. Excellent! For me, the face is just a tad dark and would benefit from a gentle wazz with the dodge tool - keeping those fantastic eyebrows just as they are, though. BTW - The song in Russ Elkins' video is traditional and is performed by a favourite artist of mine, Martin Simpson, a great stalwart of the British folk scene. It's called Dives and Lazarus. Korky
  8. Well, by 'eck, we've arrived and here we are at Week 52. Raining as usual here in God's own county, but at least we don't have bloody great wasps battering the windows! Do what ya normally do and then brace yersen as I have an idea that'll be cheekily titled Week 53. Korky
  9. The 52 Project - Week 51

    So if this is the end of Week 51, it must be time for..............
  10. Shots 1 & 2 really are superb, Roger. Great work! Korky
  11. The 52 Project - Week 51

    Best Mates....
  12. LETS DO THE HOP !!!

    Excellent! Very well spotted. You're right, that there serendipity just falls out of the sky some days! Korky

    I think the white blob on the left edge needs a dob with the clone tool, but other than that, this is an excellent example of what you do. Needs the large version to appreciate properly. Korky