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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....



Entries close for this weeks Alphabet image at midnight Sunday 22nd September ... Post a pic taken this week  ...  How  unusual a subject beginning with 'L' can you come up with eh? .;)



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  1. Ladies & Gentlemen - For this week only. I give you..... summat beginning with the letter P PEGZ
  2. Doesn't this do the same thing? We registered a couple of years ago and it's worked a treat. It's free, btw. Telephone Preference Service Korky
  3. Sadly, this thread tends to get neglected and that's a pity. However, here's my contribution for 2019. Korky
  4. That's very good, so cleverly done. Fred and Ginger were a bit good eh? Korky
  5. Overall, I like the image, the texture(s) you've used work well and give an air of mystery. I'd no idea that onyx is supposed to have protective powers. Because I can't see colours like most people, I can't read the text very well so I can't comment on that. I assume it's quite clear to someone with normal colour vision. Good to see more arty twiddles being posted on TIPF. Korky
  6. Excellent! I thought this might make POTW as soon as it was posted. Korky
  7. A shot from a day in the Lake District earlier this year. It was a typical Summer day and the shot was taken looking across Windermere from Wray Castle. I'm not sure what the buildings are - perhaps a hotel or a boating club. Korky
  8. Yes, some stills helped out by Ken Burns. I think the effect works well. I did this with a 'borrowed' copy of Final Cut Pro, but I found it a bit too difficult to get to grips with. It'll be back to iMovie for my next attempt. Korky
  9. I love the processing, it's rendered the hops and the rusty metal fence beautifully. I think the large highlighted patch at bottom left could benefit from toning down, it's a bit eye catching. Korky
  10. Again, thank you everyone. Positive comments always warm my cockles. And, just in case someone's interested, here's some video I shot on our first visit to the island. It's hardly gone viral, but I like it. Korky
  11. I'm sorry this is so late, the task of choosing the winners was only passed to me yesterday. As always, some excellent work and it's not been easy to choose - however, here's my top three in no particular order. Well done to the winners - no prizes, but an intense dollop of platinum kudos to each of ya! Korky JohnP - I just love the curve and reflection of the viaduct, the composition is just about perfect. Hatter - The letterbox format works perfectly here. And I like the fact that we see the what's an obvious tourist honeypot on a typically British day. Ryewolf - Steam, smoke, a great POV, bleak moorland and a cheeky peek from the driver . This is how a steam train image should look.
  12. That's got to be the best steam image to be posted for some time. All round bloody good an' then some. Korky
  13. That last image really is the winner for me. Great processing and loads of little details to feast the eyeballs on. Lovely! The Belfast sink by the window......... in Lancashire, a kitchen sink like this was often referred to as a 'slopstone'. Anyone else heard this? Korky
  14. Korky


    Hell's bells, John, that must've been some holiday. I love the photos of the the markets - I'd be more than happy wandering around there with a camera. Korky
  15. Korky


    Fully agree - great action, great processing. Good stuff! Korky
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