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  1. And here it is. Click. Twiddle. Post. Korky
  2. And that's about it for Week 12. However........ I'm pretty sure I can see Week 13 coming down the road. It'll be here in a minute. Korky
  3. A complete whitewash! First time as far as I know. Well done, Cheryl - a superb image. Korky
  4. Had a few problems over the last week - Computer problems, transport problems and not feeling at my best problems. Hence the late (but in time) entry and the fact that it's not on theme. Sorry, best I can do this week! Could be argued that they were once part of a landscape I suppose, but the truth is I found them in the gutter in our street and gave 'em a quick wash, a click and a twiddle just so's I wouldn't miss out on a photograph this week. Regard it as my Joker! Korky Oak Leaves - First Signs of Autumn
  5. Korky


    And me! It has a lovely timeless look about it. Korky
  6. Korky

    Some of my Latest Birds

    Great stuff all round, Roger, but that first image really spun my cap around. An absolutely superb image! Welcome back, btw. Korky
  7. Korky

    This seems like Deja Vu....

    I missed this thread for some reason, but all the same......... Welcome back, Craig - glad you're back to health and glad you're back to TIPF. Korky
  8. Another super set of images. I like the lonely, respectful feel of shot 1(that sky is superb), but I absolutely love the shot taken inside the spire - very original and creative. Korky
  9. Korky

    A BIT OF A DO (1940'S STYLE)

    A super set, Colin - they really do give a great flavour of the day's events. Numbers 2 & 8 are the top shots for me - both excellent! Korky
  10. Mornin' chums, here we go again and this weeks theme is......... LANDSCAPE or SEASCAPE Photographs to be taken, processed and posted between now and next Sunday. Korky
  11. Korky

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 11

    Another week draws to a close and on we move to more of the same for Week 12. In case you were wondering, my bottle of Big Bill's Blend slipped down nicely with a pizza and an ep of Designated Survivor on Netflix. Luverly! Korky
  12. Korky

    POTW - Week ending 12:08:2018

    Great stuff, Denis - Well done! Korky
  13. Korky

    Wild Things...

    Geoff - Craig - Leon Thank you for the kind comments - Very much appreciated. The reactions to this image have made my day! Korky
  14. Korky

    Wild Things...

    Thanks for the comments everyone - always nice to get the praise, but you've given me a few things to think about as well. Good stuff! I find myself drawn to this kind of work more and more - even to the level where, before pressing the shutter, I'm thinking of how the photograph might be manipulated. Thanks again! Korky