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  1. Korky

    Just One Cornetto

    I just love that one, David. The mess on the T-shirt and the little hint of the ice cream cone in the bottom corner finish off the portrait perfectly. Korky
  2. Korky

    Water Colours

    Excellent - both great images, but I think number two just about pips it for me. Korky
  3. Korky

    POTW - w/e 9/12/2018

    Excellent. Well done, John. Korky
  4. Here we go again - snap it, twiddle it, post it. Easy! Korky
  5. Korky

    the 52 Project 2018 - Week 28 - Theme

    Here I am, back from my Cypriot sojourn and all ready to edit a few pics and jump back into TIPF. Love the Pacman idea, Rye, very clever. Have a dollop of kudos! Korky
  6. Korky

    the 52 Project 2018 - Week 28 - Theme

    It's been rushed and it's nothing like I envisaged when I started, but at least I've done it on time! Korky
  7. Korky

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 27

    We drove through the very run-down Cypriot village of Kannaviou this afternoon - the place looked like it may have done rather nicely from the tourist trade at one time, but the few places that were managing to stay open looked more than a bit dismal and had no customers, just grubby-looking proprietors twiddling their thumbs and hoping for a bit of trade. Korky The Restaurant Eleni - Kannaviou, Cyprus.
  8. Korky

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 26

    Old Shutters
  9. Korky

    The 52 Project 2018 - Week 25

    Yet more Autumn leaves - taken on today's walk,\
  10. Korky


    Fully agree with Rye - shots three and four are excellent for exactly the reasons he stated. Number two is also very good, I love the lady's expression of sheer frustration at struggling with the umbrella and the bags and the trolley and that lovely British rain. Korky
  11. Yes, it was. Had a very enjoyable visit just about a year ago. Korky
  12. Korky

    POTW - w/e 4/11/2018

    Excellent! Well done, Craig. Korky
  13. That one isn't twangin' my braces, Rye. Sorry! Your abstract work is usually much better - I should know, I'm your greatest fan. Korky BTW - I had a really long gawp last night after two bottles of Buckfast. I didn't see an ape's eye, but I did start to hallucinate in monochrome. Try it if you're up for summat different. I thought it was fourteen quid well spent!