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  1. I am facing West. Redruth is visible directly to the East. Camborn is in fact directly in front of me in this shot. Just a luck of geography that it's tucked behind the hill you see in the distance. Loads of history on this hilltop with it being occupied since around 3700BC with stone roundhouses still visible in places.
  2. Took another trip to Carn Brea....less windy this time so we were able to walk the full length of its spine. This is view from the opposite end of the castle.
  3. I've never actually photographed the viaduct itself for the reason you stated. There's next to no places you can photograph it from that can do it justice. But next time I'm down there I'll try and grab a couple of shots.
  4. Taken today ( on mobile phone ) as I went for a walk with the kids. These woods are at the end of my road. The concrete structure you see is the original support for the Penryn Viaduct. This used to be topped with wooden supports holding the railway before the newer all concrete and brick viaduct was built beside it.
  5. Went for my daily lockdown exercise up at Carn Brea yesterday, nr Redruth, Cornwall. It's a very high and exposed location, sitting at the summit of a 740ft hill overlooking Camborne and Redruth. It was VERY windy so left the dSLR in the car and just took my mobile since I was struggling to stand in the wind! Quite impressed with my mobile camera. This was a JPEG shot, may have to experiment more with it in RAW.
  6. I think that's the problem. It's open to interpretation and isn't clear. I could claim to be a freelancer...so could just about anyone with a camera. So are we all allowed out? Very poor wording.
  7. This article came out just before the answer was announced by the government. I'm just curious about the use of the word 'private'. If they said 'professional' it would make more sense and I am guessing that's who they were referring too, but why use a word that is open to interpretation, unless it has a specific meaning in the industry that I'm not familiar with.
  8. Today the secretary of state for Culture was asked... "whether private photographers who operate with social distancing measures can continue working during the 2021 covid-19 lockdown." And gave the response... "Private photographers are able to continue working, including leaving home for work purposes, where it is unreasonable for them to do their job from home. All relevant Covid-secure guidance developed with the Government should continue to be followed." https://questions-statements.parliament.uk/written-questions/detail/2021-01-11/135902 Does anybody know what a
  9. hmmmm...hadn't considered the 5dii. I was planning at 17-40 F4L with the 6dii...But going with the 5dii I can still do the 17-40 and perhaps a 70-200 F4L.....and still be under budget....Thankyou....giving me something to think about now! I had a quick peek at the 5diii as I wrote this, didn't seem to warrant the extra cash over the 5dii. A few more bells and whistles that I could do without.
  10. Video isn't a necessity. But it's handy to have I guess. My only concern is the number of pixels packed into an apsc sensor and how it would handle long exposures. I think its about 3 times the pixel density of the 6dii. I'll need to look into it more. My worries are based off the 50d and how noisy it is....perhaps my worries are out of date with how far sensors have progressed.
  11. 90d is currently second choice if I don't go full frame.
  12. I'm pretty set on full frame. Looking to get less noise on longer exposures. Would also need weather sealing so I think any EOS xxxD bodies are out.
  13. I 'may' be in the market for a new camera shortly. I'm still using my EOS 50d from 2008 with a single lens, the ef-s 15-85mm. I want to go full frame. I shoot landscapes only. My budget would be £1200 and so looking at the used market. I'm leaning towards a 6dii with 17-40 F4L, which I could just do within that budget. Looking at everything I have shot in the last few years I am almost always at 15 to 20mm on a crop body. But, I am open to suggestions. My current lens wouldn't work full frame so I not invested in Canon. Thanks all.
  14. Digging through the last couple of sets to see if there are any shots I could use. Pretty sure I've exhausted these now until after lockdown....think these are the last two.
  15. I feel chilly just looking at those!
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