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    Neck deep in DIY, renovating a bungalow
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    photography when I am not doing DIY or too tired to even pick a camera up
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  1. Richard


    good show by all the variations of land rover as for the heating engineer he got what he deserved
  2. Richard


    flew on one of these to Dubai from Manchester when we went to the Maldives bit cramped inside (can't afford 1st Class) massive planes and very comfy
  3. spent a week in Rhodes and visited this place among others
  4. Richard

    Susie the model

    nice shot would be nicer with a little more light on the eye on the right as you look at the shot but that may be because I'm a doggie person and think the eyes are important
  5. Richard


    yep the crop and tone down works for me like that a lot
  6. Richard


    i like the effect but (you knew there would be one lol) for me theres too much space at the top of the image and the yellow and red look too bright for the ageing effect that has been added, Overall a nice image but for me those things niggle.
  7. Richard


    great capture, love the way you have managed to freeze everything
  8. Richard

    A thank you and a bit more besides...

    I suppose the forum comes across as a clique because some people have been here a long time and find a lot of time to post on here. I on the other hand have been here a long time and have no time to post most of the time due to work, diy, other business interests, planning a US trip etc etc etc. I have work on online sites and forums for over 20 years and sites that have a small dedicated group of users always look like a clique to the newbie and I don't think there is anyway to stop that. However this site has the lowest argument rate of any site I have ever belonged to and users do try their best to make newbies feel welcome. As has been said more tips about how you got an image might be good, There was a tutorial section at one point where people could do a this is how I did it post and others could chip in with other ways of doing it, I must check if that is still here. Mostly I think that winter is the quiet time for photography as the days are short and its too cold to go out for long or just too wet. i'll see if I can pop in a bit more
  9. Richard


    lovely shot. Last time I saw a mink was at the local reservoir it had a coot in its mouth
  10. Richard


    grrrrrrr that makes me so angry. anyone could steal that dog and it could end up as a bait dog for a dog fighter.