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  1. A whine from Das Korkenmeister!

    wishing you a speedy recovery from me and er inddors
  2. Random California

    I can only hope
  3. Random California

    not planning on going until either July 18 or July 19 depending on finances and how long our old doggie is with us. The fires look terrible, looked like a nuclear bomb had exploded
  4. The view from Moro Rock

    the second image is beautiful the scale of that view is breathtaking
  5. Random California

    Thats why my route planner software wont go all the way down that road, thats for that its been driving me mad trying to get the app to follow the road
  6. Random California

    fantastic shots, did you travel down the big Sur coastal highway to get to Morro Bay? looking to do that as part of our trip
  7. Yosemite

    £300 for two weeks was that a small car?
  8. Yosemite

    been looking at booking one way hire from san francisco to augusta maine its not cheap ( £3k) but not seen any repatriation charges yet but haven't looked in detail so thanks for the tip
  9. Yosemite

    wont have two days there I doubt. We are currently planning the trip which we hope will be 10 weeks long and will span the US we hope to spend a few days in various places like, san francisco, las vegas, new orleans, nashville, new york and some others. The current route is over 15,000 miles so we may have to trim that a little lol and invest in a bucket load of sd cards
  10. Yosemite again

    thats one hell of an image
  11. Yosemite

    stunning views, just planning a US trip and the sequoia national park is on the list.
  12. Portable SD Card Back up

    cheers found a few on ebay to give me some ideas
  13. Hopefully at some point in the future we will be heading off to the US for up to 10 weeks. This will hopefully lead to many photographs and so we will need to back up our SD cards. Does anyone use a portable sd card back up device that you can back up cards to without the need for a pc?