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    photography when I am not doing DIY or too tired to even pick a camera up
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  1. Richard


    thats very sharp for hand held, wish i could hold the camera that still
  2. Richard


    nice little dog, not sure if the other legs add or subtract from the image
  3. last hurrah for the tulip, image looks just off of fully sharp but not blurry maybe thats the vintage lens
  4. nice shot, the poor thing does look a little soaked
  5. yes the supports are two separate pieces so it would probably hold a bigger sheet of paper, they could also be printed bigger. I used very thin a4 printer paper but a thicker paper could be used to add stiffness and reduce the light getting through. As for the idea it wasn't mine but the design is a free design with no commercial restrictions so I could print and sell but to create these in volume they would probably need to be injection moulded so there would be set up costs. If I print sets individually then I have two routes to go, I can use a simpler design that's easier and quicker to print or the more complex ones that will cost more. Maybe I could sell both designs the next big question would be how much would people pay for a pair of these?
  6. its just a sheet of A4 from my printer
  7. lovely capture of a ............bird, I have as much idea as you on what kind
  8. that looks just right in B&W
  9. missing the shot with the timer is sadly something I excel at
  10. you just have to look to the sky lol
  11. not sure these work for me, a bit too much black at the bottom of the images but I do like the mist in the first one
  12. something tells me you are not in Worcestshire
  13. that's a good shot of one of those, it can be hard to get the focus right as the patterning is blurry naturally so they often look like a blurry image when they are not
  14. I like the effect, number 3 works best I think because there is something interesting in the mirror
  15. lovely shot, I used to enjoy woodworking, still do a little bit like making cupboard doors etc. What you need to take a shot like this is 3 of you like this, A picture I took of me watching me take a picture of something lol
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