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    photography when I am not doing DIY or too tired to even pick a camera up
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  2. Hopefully at some point in the future we will be heading off to the US for up to 10 weeks. This will hopefully lead to many photographs and so we will need to back up our SD cards. Does anyone use a portable sd card back up device that you can back up cards to without the need for a pc?
  3. Canon 100mm f2.8L USM Macro

    Heather has the non L version and bought me the L version. The L version has stabilisation, other than that I can't offer much help as all the camera gear is currently behind all the new parts for the bathroom so I cant get to them
  4. yes i know. another King fisher

    some lovely shots there
  5. My dogs

    oh those are some beautiful dogs
  6. Maldives

    some very nice fish too, the manta ray was taken by Heather, not a great shot but not bad considering it suddenly appeared and was about 8ft long. Heather did really well not to panic and actually get a shot
  7. Maldives

    they do lots of green to Fuji and the transport is fun
  8. Maldives

    Thanks all. Had a fabulous time but its back to diy again we will get this place finished one day
  9. Maldives

    A few images from our trip to the Maldives × Past
  10. I've been to Y*rkshire!

    thats the Yorkshire anti lancy defence system powering up lol lovely pic
  11. PS915 - Spitfire

    thanks, the beauty of these shots is they were taken from my back garden lol
  12. PS915 - Spitfire

    Had a spitfire fly past today as its carnival day
  13. 600 TONS plus ........Flying

    went on one of those to the Maldives in March nice but cargo class seats are close together