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  1. I took this yesterday when walking around a lake at Ashperton about 4 miles from home.
  2. Lovely capture Polly! I haven't been to Mortimer Forest for a few years, when I was younger and fitter I often used to go there, it's a beautiful place. I walked about 4 miles in Haugh Wood near Hereford yesterday hoping to get a few late butterfly shots, I didn't get any any worth showing, it seems everything is finishing early this year (not just butterflies) as I've always seen butterflies in September in this wood in previous years. I used to walk 10 miles but my darn bunions are stopping me now and having an ulcer on my shin for 3 months doesn't help either but that is very slowing g
  3. Well done Denis! ... A bit late... Sorry!
  4. Blimey! I never expect this... Thanks Polly!
  5. I took this at 5.45am this morning, it's the best I could do with just my camera and no special equipment. Venus is in partial shadow. As soon as I put the shot on the computer I realised I had used too much zoom, on the other hand the partial shadow of Venus probably would not show.
  6. This is really pushing it to the limit now... 😃
  7. Paul... I thought I would try a crop and a little sharpening, the full size images are obviously even better than these reduced shots.
  8. Every now and again I see something on which to test the zoom of my Panasonic DMC-FZ2000, I love this camera, I know when I pick it up I don't have to worry about having the wrong lens on the camera which was always happening when I used DSLR, I wish I could have had a camera like this when I did holidays abroad. The only editing was to reduce to 1024 pixels for posting and I never moved when taking both shots.
  9. JohnP


    I wonder how much better it would have been had I been able to go outside, there was absolutely no chance of opening the door, I had to move very slowly and try and use the curtain to hide myself by leaning a bit.
  10. JohnP


    I hardly ever do video but yesterday an opportunity presented itself, about two weeks ago I got a new bird bath but I had not seen any birds using it ( I have not had any birds in my garden for weeks), I glanced out of the window and a Wood Pigeon was taking a bath. I grabbed my camera which is usually on my desk, no time for tripods hence the video is a bit wobbly, I am 74 and holding a camera to my eye for four minutes is not easy. The video was taken through a triple glazed patio door plus a sealed unit of my conservatory... five sheets of glass in total so I was not expecting a great resul
  11. Brilliant capture Cheryl... 👍
  12. Nice capture! You are correct it's a female Common Darter.
  13. Good luck Dee! The sky was absolutely magnificent at 4am this morning, I've not seen it so clear in ages. Venus was low in the North East and as bright as a car headlight in the distance. Orion was low in the South East and looking amazing. Both the Moon and Mars were high above me, I stood out on my patio and stared at all this in awe for a while before returning to my bed. As well as all this at midnight I had been outside looking at a very bright Mars low in the North East and Saturn and Jupiter to the South West.... Who needs telly...
  14. Nice set! Denis is correct... the Dragonfly is a male Ruddy Darter.
  15. Dee...Your view of the moon would look upside down to us... I would like to see a photograph!
  16. Ringlets are even quicker off the mark if you use flash, I have almost given up using flash to photograph butterflies. They are mostly seen when the sun is out so I don't find much need, Speckled Woods are a butterfly that are not often seen in the open in bright sunlight so flash might be needed on odd occasions... no flash was used in this shot!
  17. Great find and capture Paul...
  18. I tried to get a decent shot of the Moon & Mars.... it's hard with just a camera and no special equipment. It's just possible to see why Mars is called the red planet. Jupiter and three moons. The Moon.
  19. I had a disappointment last night, it was lovely and clear at 9pm so I fixed the camera onto the tripod and sorted the settings. I was going to try and photograph the Moon and Mars in a single shot but a blanket of cloud came over at midnight, that was the time to start photographing. If it is clear this evening there could be another chance as I think they might be even closer together... fingers crossed!
  20. David... I'm pretty sure you saw Venus!
  21. Three planets and the Moon are visible this evening, as much as I would like to photograph them all without the correct equipment I am always disappointed. The Moon is easy to get good results, Mars, Saturn & Jupiter are the planets that are visible. Panasonic DMC-FZ2000.
  22. Well captured! All the birds have been missing from my garden for weeks, I have no idea where they have all gone, it's the same all over the small estate where Ilive...no bird noises is really strange!
  23. JohnP


    Thank you Polly & FUJI. FUJI... you might be surprised to know that a great many of the things you used to do... I did too! My favourite home made toys were catapults ( the local hardware store sold square elastic which was very strong), bows and arrows and whip darts. I reckon if I had been born a few thousand years ago I would have been a hunter...
  24. Well done Paul... good capture!
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